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The One About the Rembrandts

I love “Friends” – both the long-running television series and my actual ones.

But I always thought the show “Friends” was unfair in some ways – it set some unrealistic expectations for the young adult on the brink of living out their personalized American Dream in some big-name city. 943 more words

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Last Questions


Returning here takes a toll on me.

It was a thousand times easier when I was younger – it was something I looked forward to each moment I had to spare a daydream. 1,317 more words

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In Passing

It comes and goes, doesn’t it? That impossibly quick, fleeting sense that there’s some sort of void you can’t quite put your finger on. It strikes at the oddest but not necessarily the most inconvenient times – it will come when you’re casually conversing with a friend, cashing a check, or stopped in the middle of morning traffic. 405 more words

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Safety Precautions

a braided narrative

I used to be afraid of matches. Not just the flame that would ensue from striking one, but the actual wooden sticks themselves. 1,708 more words

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Between the Shelves

Bookstores are like Disneyland to me – better even, because you don’t have to pay for entry, it’s nice and quiet and there’s no long lines (probably because no one reads anymore). 707 more words

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Who Am I: Rachel Dolezal

Hello everyone!

I have been torn about this unfolding story about Rachel Dolezal.  She is the white woman who has been identifying and living as a black woman.  450 more words


House of Grouse

It has come to my attention that in a time and place in which our society prides itself in individualism and acceptance of a variety of perspectives and lifestyles, we may actually not have come close to universal open-mindedness as we would like to think. 932 more words

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