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Daylight Saving

The sunlight has mostly faded away as I clock out for the evening. I lower myself into my driver’s seat, put the key in the ignition and pull out of the parking lot, heading straight towards the circle of black clouds hovering over my side of town. 161 more words

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Today I learned the concept called Crazy Making.  This concept can be applied to setting up a blog using free templates in WordPress.  In addition to that we are advised that WordPress will continue to up-date their site on a regular basis which will affect how you execute activity’s in your blog randomly.   98 more words

Always Go Back To The Dashboard

A Quixote Conundrum

After having read the Miguel Cervantes classic “Don Quixote” for one of my major classes last year, I didn’t think I’d ever dwell upon it again after that. 737 more words

Blog Categories

Difficult Matter re: Categorising my Posts

I have been spending a bit of time sorting out the categorisation of my existing posts. One thing that concerns me is that the category tag ‘satire’ is too vague. 191 more words

8 Things Reporters Want You to Know

  1. “On vs. Off the Record”

I have been asked many times outside my work hours what “on the record” means and when I’m allowed to wield that power. 663 more words

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I’m stealing this from a friend’s recent social media post:

“#YesAllWomen because ‘I have a boyfriend’ is the easiest way to get a man to leave you alone – because he respects another man more than you.” 720 more words

Blog Categories

Category and Tag Makeover Project Update

Roughly two months ago I wrote a post about my Category and Tag makeover project. The good news is I’ve reduced the number of categories  from an unknown number of more than three hundred but less than a thousand, to eight. 584 more words