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Between the Shelves

Bookstores are like Disneyland to me – better even, because you don’t have to pay for entry, it’s nice and quiet and there’s no long lines (probably because no one reads anymore). 707 more words

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Who Am I: Rachel Dolezal

Hello everyone!

I have been torn about this unfolding story about Rachel Dolezal.  She is the white woman who has been identifying and living as a black woman.  450 more words


House of Grouse

It has come to my attention that in a time and place in which our society prides itself in individualism and acceptance of a variety of perspectives and lifestyles, we may actually not have come close to universal open-mindedness as we would like to think. 932 more words

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Chronic Ambition

I saw this Tweet the other day:

“My friends to me: I got my dream job & into the 6 grad schools I applied to! 538 more words

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A ‘Weighty’ Matter: When Appearance is Not Everything

Every summer I come home from college, I get an LA Fitness membership. If you’ve ever gotten a membership here, you’ll know it comes with a complementary fitness assessment with a trainer. 849 more words

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4 Essential WordPress Features You Can Use in Your Blog

  1. Use categories.
    It’s a standard practice to organise the topics you write about on your blog into categories. Then do your readers a favour and show a list of those categories.
  2. 254 more words
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Green Light

It’s come to that point in my life where instead of the words of a 1D song serving as some sort of shameless stress relief, I now get minor anxiety from hearing that first line of the chorus in “Night Changes”: “We’re only getting older, baby…” 898 more words

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