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A ‘Weighty’ Matter: When Appearance is Not Everything

Every summer I come home from college, I get an LA Fitness membership. If you’ve ever gotten a membership here, you’ll know it comes with a complementary fitness assessment with a trainer. 849 more words

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4 Essential WordPress Features You Can Use in Your Blog

  1. Use categories.
    It’s a standard practice to organise the topics you write about on your blog into categories. Then do your readers a favour and show a list of those categories.
  2. 254 more words
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Green Light

It’s come to that point in my life where instead of the words of a 1D song serving as some sort of shameless stress relief, I now get minor anxiety from hearing that first line of the chorus in “Night Changes”: “We’re only getting older, baby…” 898 more words

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ID-entification Crisis

(Consider this a more descriptive commentary to accompany the previous post, “Maturation.”)

At the risk of sounding cliché, my mind’s going a million miles a minute, and has been accelerating faster more recently. 400 more words

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Maturation (ENGL 304 Creative Nonfiction Writing Blog #6 “Blogger’s Choice”)

“What’s your zip code?”

I’d given the man my driver’s license, but must not have looked much like I had at sixteen.

It struck me odd; I had never before had to prove that my face was indeed the same one on the identification I’d provided. 166 more words

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Impromptu Patron (ENGL 304 Creative Nonfiction Writing Blog #5: "Show Me" Activity)

I had been quietly observing the man as he dragged his paintbrush in fluid movements, moving the purple paint in a circular motion on one corner of the page. 212 more words

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Making the Mundane Original (ENGL 304 Creative Nonfiction Writing Blog #4)

In class, I mentioned how turning the topic of “making a sandwich” into an engaging narrative piece was difficult without making the writing come off as a high school freshman’s expository/demonstration speech. 173 more words

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