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Week 11 - Music of my Heart

Although I’m not sure exactly what this title is expecting, it definitely has something to do with music! :) 

Music is a huge part of my life – I listen to it at pretty much every opportunity, whether it is Spotify, the radio or my MP3 player.  173 more words


25. Blog challenge 

25. Something that you miss


I really really don’t know what I miss. I feel like I miss so many things but at the same time it feels like I’m on the right place in my life. 94 more words

Blog Challenge

24. Blog challenge 

24. What’s in your bag pack?


My bag pack is nothing exiting I have there mostly my school stuff. I usually don’t have school books because I don’t have much space and they are too heavy so I only bring notebooks with me. 57 more words


30 Days Blog Challenge | Day 08 - The Moment I Feel Most Satisfied With My Self

Jawabannya simple: yaitu ketika saya jadi diri sendiri. Tanpa ada paksaan dari siapapun, tanpa ada rasa khawatir, tanpa ada sesuatu yang mengganjal…

Monen itu banyak, dan itu kepuasan sendiri ya. 110 more words

30 Days

Busy Day

Day 19 of my Blog Challenge has been extremely busy.

Over the past few weeks I have been packing up my home in anticipation of our impending move. 374 more words


Letters to Euturpe: 43

I am in a mystery mood tonight. During my recent bouts of boredom, I’ve picked up watching Sherlock. I’m all caught up on various other fandoms – wait, I tell a lie, there is one that I’m halfway through and I’m a third of the way through another. 163 more words


Meaning Behind Blog Name...

Why hello!

Jus Tiffany! Why ‘Jus Tiffany’?

There is not much but then, so much behind my blog name. I was appointed the name Tiffany at birth. 271 more words