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TLT: Pace Perception

Like a flowing river, time goes by.

Occasionally, like raging waters, moments flash hurriedly before our eyes.

But why is it that each painful instance slowly unfolds, seemingly everlasting? 7 more words

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Day 7

Boy 1: “Mum what is for breakfast” (every single morning, he asks this question.)

Me: “toast, muesli, weetbix”

Boy 1: “mmm can you please cook me poached eggs on toast?” 314 more words

Mum Blog

Letters to Euturpe: 23

I’m sick. Cough. Cough.

Your new challenge is a wildcard. Pick your favourite song. Try a new type of writing. If you normally do flash fiction, write a poem.
Surprise me.

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7 Sticky Pounds

That’s all I have left of my baby weight from Kobi… 7 sticky won’t leave pounds! I’m trying not to be so hard on myself but I’m just not happy about how I look… Maybe because all of those seven pounds are in my gut… And there’s not enough time or budget at this moment that would let me compensate my new sillouhette with new clothes. 223 more words


Day 10

I know I’ve slipped up and missed a couple of days on this blog challenge, but I always caught up within the next morning of doing so. 177 more words

Day 05: Something in life that gives you balance.

So I’m a day late on this but – I was sick. But I’m back at it.

So this question was difficult for me. Balance can be a difficult concept for me to understand. 198 more words


30 Day Blog Challenge ~Day 5~ 

What’s in my bag?

This week’s challenge is a bit more fun and less serious than previous week’s thank goodness. As part of my art foundation year I did a short project on what people carry in their bags so this is quite interesting for me! 239 more words