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FFfAW: Grandma's Garden

“Why is Grandpa digging up the garden again?”

“I told you dear, he just really misses Grandma.”

Little Ethan didn’t remember much about Grandma, but he did recall her hugs. 167 more words

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Blog Challenge Day 04: Earliest childhood memory

To be honest, I dont know what to say in here. I can’t remember much details of my childhood days. All I know is that it was really fun! 181 more words

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Harry Potter Month: Day 26

Day 26: If you could work one spell without a wand, what would it be?

I don’t know….maybe the Summoning Charm just because I feel like I wouldn’t really need anything else. 18 more words

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Word-High July: Pahimakas [Last farewell]

To bid farewell forever
For all our bonds to sever

This fear I live with everyday
As I see you fade away

But in my heart you’ll always be… 11 more words

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3 Day Quote Challenge #1

Thank you to Nikhil of Weirdly Wired¬†for challenging me – do drop by his blog…

I have come across a variety of these challenges with varying numbers, but I am going to stick to this set… And add a theme… 161 more words


Where I Wish I Was...

I wish I was laying in bed reading my book “Teenage Love Affair” By Ni-Ni Simone.

Day 25 of my 31 day challenge complete.

30 Day Challenge

31 Day Challenge - Day 22

Day 22 – Best Thing to Happen This Year

What’s the best thing that’s going to happen this year? Easy!

The birth of our baby boy, Giovanni Michael. 112 more words