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Waves of Ideas

Hello! This is a question to fellow bloggers and writers.  Does your content/ideas come in waves? I ask because mine seems to which is a bit strange given that I’m reading and attempting to write all the time. 298 more words

Did You Blog Harry and Meghan’s Wedding?

If not, you may have missed a Royal opportunity!

Seriously, it is sort of like being a sports writer and ignoring the World Series or the Stanley Cup. 461 more words


Episode #400 - Can You Share What You Believe?

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it.” ~Margaret Fuller

WOW!  400 episodes… I’m so excited, I set out to blog every day… however, after episode 365… I just kept going.  1,057 more words


Content Ideas: Important issues

Throughout my digital marketing career, my job has been to come up with relevant content for blogs with the aim of build following and making the content a little more interesting to draw the consumer in as well as encourage them to build a real connection with the brand (and in the long run, loyalty). 406 more words

Content Marketing

Episode #396 - What On Earth Are You Attracting?

“Today is a New Beginning”

Hate your customers.  Find new ones.

Is it really that easy?  YES.

But you have to be willing to decide to do this… now this seems like an odd conversation right from the get go! 587 more words


Episode #395 - You Look Amazing On Your Horse

“It’s hard to lead a cavalry charge if you think you look funny on a horse” Adlai Stevenson

Print up this quote and put it on your wall.  311 more words