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Protein Power

There are many benefits to eating more protein and eating it on a regular basis. Protein keeps our metabolism running, keeps our energy up and our blood sugar levels stable. 501 more words


#73 Your Small Business Experience Merged with Social Media Makes You Unstoppable

Today’s Business Inspiration: “Examine the past, but don’t live there.”

Summary:  Your Small Business Experience Merged With Social Media Makes You Unstoppable – Small business owners are forgetting how much experience they have! 556 more words


Episode #66 - Worry About Missed Opportunities Instead of Failure

What motivates you? If you’re not afraid of failure, are you afraid of missed opportunities?  When you don’t start or don’t try, you miss a whole series of opportunities because you don’t put yourself in the “right place at the right time.” 300 more words


Episode #64 - Start Today, Move Forward, Especially if You're Over 35

Something strange happened around 2008.  The economy crashed and social media skyrocketed.  These two things have an interesting correlation which is leading to a huge gap today. 765 more words


Put The Lime In the Coconut!

Thanks to my hiking partner and fellow detoxer Kelly, my new post hike treat (and obsession) is a fresh, ice cold coconut water with lime. Drinking coconut water from the source is a wonderful… 132 more words


10 Clues You Might Be Dehydrated

Dehydration happens when your body does not have as much water and fluids as it needs to work properly. Water makes up 60-80% of our entire body mass, so it makes sense that when we don’t consume enough, all kinds of issues start to occur! 416 more words


“Comfort Zones” – Could introverts be depriving themselves of happiness? - Social Psychology Press Release

“Comfort Zones” – Could introverts be depriving themselves of happiness?

Personality and Affective Forecasting: Trait Introverts Underpredict the Hedonic Benefits of Acting Extraverted

Most people enjoy parties but for introverts, the idea of large social gatherings may be daunting. 541 more words

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