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How I Became a Writer

As an introvert I find relief in expressing how I feel by writing it all down. Sure I have a few friends I talk to and blab on about my problems, but I still find myself “editing” what I’m saying for fear of what they will think of me. 579 more words

What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting is a word all too often confused with copyrighting. We see inquiries where a potential client would like more information about our copywriting services… 891 more words


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Do You Need to Hire a Content Writer?

Almost every aspect of life, from shopping to working from home, revolves around the Internet. For modern day businesses, the Internet has tangible benefits of attracting new customers and beating the competition. 240 more words

The Importance of a Well-Written Blog *Mounts Applebox*

There are so many advantages to where the world is right now in terms of communication. One Google search can let us know how to render kidney fat, how to write Terms and Conditions for our website, how to crochet a hat small enough for a premature baby…(just some of my recent searches). 621 more words


Identify Your Blog's Purpose

You’re the owner of a start-up business and recognize the importance of having a blog on the company’s website to attract potential customers. What should you write about? 221 more words

New Post Idea


I’ve had an idea for a post idea.

I am a make up fan, and i was going through my make up collection today and was thinking of doing a MAC collection. 79 more words




I’m Rachael and i am starting up this new blog to post lots of new posts about beauty reviews, lifestyle and photos from my day today life. 40 more words