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behind strategy: content structure

Behind Strategy is a space dedicated to inspire your inner strategist and aims to:

  • Deconstruct and demystify all types of strategies: from business to military, on-paper and on-line.
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Blog Writing

5 ways to find trending topics

Coming up with blog topic ideas can be the bane of any content marketer or copywriter’s existence. Coupled with the need to keep the subjects you write about up to date and relevant for your readers, you may feel that you’re repeating the same subjects all the time. 33 more words

4 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Blogging

Do you wish your blog’s readership was greater?  Do you wish you had more blog followers?

Lately, readers have been writing asking how they can grow their blogs and expressing disappointment and frustration that their blogs are not growing quicker.  781 more words


Content Feedback

So I’ve been trying to think of the things I could put on this blog. Possible Artwork, Tarot and Oracle interpretations, notes and things related to that… Obviously Druidry, but I’m not sure what parts of Druidry. 104 more words


The struggles of finding blog content

Coming up with blog content for this blog, or any blog, is not always easy. And to do it on a weekly basis just adds to the whole process of writing something people might actually want to read instead of just deleting it once it hits their email box. 307 more words


Vans: Content Marketing like a Champ

Content Marketing is nothing new to the marketing world, but the Vans company is making a great example for how to do it right. A cursory look at the company’s digital presence shows that they aren’t just about trendy “off the wall” styles and cool equipment. 270 more words

Online Presence

Warby Parker: The Future of Cause Marketing

Written onto the Warby Parker headquarters’ wall are 8 principles they do business by, beginning with “Inject fun and quirkiness into everything we do.” While it may seem silly, that quirkiness has been responsible for the serious rise of this leader of the e-commerce industry. 393 more words

Online Presence