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Font Choices

My chosen fonts, akin to the colour palette and them of my blog, were heavily influenced by professional legal websites of firms and organisations.

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Colour Palette Choices

My colour palette choices, much like the theme of my blog – stemmed from my monochromatic nature, as well as careful research into various legal sector websites. 290 more words

Blog Theme Choices

The tone and personality of my blog stem from careful consideration and research into my chosen future profession, as well as a reflection of my own personality. 107 more words

My Blog Design Resources + A Super Basic Tutorial!

Finally, what you’ve ALL* been waiting for – a post where I share all the places I go to seek out resources to prettify my blog! 1,246 more words

Blogging Advice

A Quick Update (about all sorts of random things)

Hello Internet (yeah i started watching dan and phil on youtube, there is a reference).

This is just a quick little post to update on all sorts of things, and because, well,  357 more words


My Blogging Design Tips

Hi everyone! So recently I became kind of obsessed with blog design and spent hours each day researching how to design headers and images and searching of Pinterest for freebies and stalking design blogs. 977 more words


How to Build a Better Blog

I visit countless numbers of blogs every week, and somehow, of the many I visit, few stick in my memory. The ones that do are a result of lots of time, effort, and inspiration. 372 more words