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New Year, New Look: My Quest for the Ideal Website

To celebrate the new year and Dutch Girl in London’s 5th anniversary this autumn, I decided to give the website a complete makeover. After postponing it for months, I decided to dedicate this whole weekend to finally do it. 616 more words

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New year, new décor

I apologise if you’ve heard most of this before. I’ll make it mercifully brief this year.

It has become an annual, (some might say anal) tradition of mine to change up the décor of this blog on New Year’s Day every year and today is no exception. 437 more words


Recovering and Restoring Blog Content and Websites

There are lots of reasons as to why you may need to restore your blog websites or even blog. You could have forgotten to pay your hosting or you may have been hacked, losing all data in the process. 493 more words

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Who Do You Outsource?

Who Do You Outsource?

Who Do You Outsource? 

Today I tackle this question, as I find that I am asked this question several times. The answer will surprise you. 206 more words


How I Make My Graphics

You may have noticed a recent change in my blog, in particular, my blog design! Yes, after a few weeks planning to change it, I finally have. 346 more words


Best blog website design?

If you’ve noticed, our blog is completely changed. From the change of fonts to the new interface, we have updated the blog design to make it more convenient for users. 167 more words

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New Themes

I’ve been so focused on writing my blogs that its only now that I have reviewed how it actually looks. I have used EDIN as my blog template, which I initially selected as I liked its clean lines and text. 360 more words