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Small Business Web Design: Why Your Business Needs a Website

Small business web design can build credibility.

Small business website design to showcase business personality.

Your small business website design could be the focal point of your business online. 438 more words

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Quality Web Content Will Make or Break Your Business

Would it surprise you to know that web designers and web content writers view quality web content differently? The designer is more interested in the structure of the site, its navigation, and optimizing it so search engines will index it quickly. 570 more words

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Importance of Brand Identity When Building a Customer Base

Even though everything is more convenient today than ever, people seem to have less time to do the things that need doing. As a result, it is often the outward visual brand identity that catches the eyes of consumers. 614 more words

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10 Basic Tips to Design a More Usable Website [Infographic]

This infographic contains more text that some designers would allow. I feel that creative and informative infographics are much more than a string of charts and bar graphs scattered on the page. 184 more words

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Creating Infographics With Pizzazz [Infographic]

Charts and bar graphs certainly have their place in certain types of infographics, but proper infographic design is far more than that. Infographics must be tailored for a specific audience and they must present a visual interpretation of useful and relevant information. 133 more words

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Create a Separate WordPress Page for Blog Posts

Learn to create a separate WordPress page for blog posts.

If you’re like a lot of people, you may think that WordPress is only a platform for personal and business blogs. 487 more words

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