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Amateur Gardening Mistakes

So what happened was, my boyfriend was overseas working as an engineer in this cargo ship, so I was left alone on my free time an no one to spread my attention to. 357 more words

Feb 22, 2015

This shin splint is pissing me off. What else is pissing me off is that it’s currently 10 PM, which is too late for me to eat dinner, yet I still made it for the rest of the house and it’s currently been sitting on the oven UN TOUCHED for 45 friggin minutes!!!!!! 142 more words

Healthy And Fitness

February 16, 2015

Total weight loss was 4 lbs for the weekend!

I know it would’ve been more if I had done a more intense workout yesterday and cut back a little on the carbs, but I am very happy about that loss. 306 more words

Healthy And Fitness

February 15, 2015

I slept like crap. I had violent, emotional dreams from my head spinning and emotions running high.  I still had no appetite, was behind on my regular weekend work and needed to get going. 234 more words

Healthy And Fitness

January 25, 2015

YOGA DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I went to yoga bright and early and had my hour of relaxation and stretching.  This morning was all about the Moon Salutation. 277 more words

Healthy And Fitness

January 21, 2015

Ok, so I was determined to go to the gym this morning.  I grabbed a tsp of peanut butter and headed over.  I struggled to do 2 miles at 4.0 mph. 187 more words

Weight Loss

January 20, 2015

Still sick.


In addition to everything else, I’m about to bounce 2 checks since the mail was delayed due to the holiday.  But here’s the thing: Normally I mail my check to my bank on Friday or Saturday and it’s there Monday. 325 more words

Healthy And Fitness