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A peek into the ‘Make instant money online’ entrepreneur lifestyle

As an addition to my new blog, I’ve decided to post regular entries to give you an insight into my day-to-day life as an entrepreneur. 397 more words

My work in Art Reveal Magazine 33

Excellent news. An overview of my recent ceramic work has been included in the Art Reveal Magazine No 33 published in Finland.

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Goals of Logical Dreams: September Goals

It’s a new month, which means new goals.

Here’s what I hope to do in September:

  • Categorise my story by length
  • Create a patreon page…
  • 31 more words
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Finally, tomorrow is friday which means I’ll get to my original labor hours, so no more extras! No more 10hrs per day work! Yay! I got exhausted. 169 more words

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Heyo sunday

So, this is the last day of the week, tomorrow i’ll have to start working again and won’t have time for shit again. I literally didn’t have time to shower this week. 106 more words

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Goals of Logical Dreams: June recap + July goals

Last month, I wanted to focus more on another writing project. That… hahaha… didn’t work very well. I’ve left the project alone for so long I couldn’t remember where I was trying to go with it. 50 more words

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Follow the Signs

The sliding glass door opens.
They stop a few steps in the door.
Their eyes adjusting to the busy atmosphere.
I try to guess who is who, 148 more words