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FUBAR all over again!!

This blog has always been a complete and total honest record of my journey… BUT not JUST a record of my journey, it has contained my inner most thoughts and feelings, crap and shit that people usually keep to themselves and while I have found it very cathartic on what has been a ┬ásometimes tumultuous and adverse, often embarrassing but mostly thrilling and exciting ride there have been times where my “over sharing” has fucked me in the arse. 1,502 more words

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Awesome & Adorable - Au Revoir Mon Capitaine!!

Au revoir Mon Capitaine, goodbye until we meet again!! Until we meet again? Those words did not make saying goodbye any easier.

Our last night together was simple and easy, we watched TV, drank beer and ate hot dogs. 512 more words

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Sensuality, Sex and Boneless!!!

Finally, I know, really!! It took me long enough to get back to write this blog post but ya see I have so little time left with “The Captain” that every spare second that we are not working is spent together and honestly if I had to choose between writing about being fucked or actually getting fucked, I am pretty sure you know which one I am going to choose!! 768 more words

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Preorder! Ghost Hunting Critters

Now available for Preorder in ebook from Amazon.

Due out September 1st.

I have to say, I’m really proud of this collection. All of the stories the various authors contributed are above and beyond fantastic. 127 more words

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Ghost Hunting Critters cover reveal

At long last, Ghost Hunting Critters has a cover, and will soon be up for preorder. Due out September 1st, don’t miss this fantastic addition to the Ghost Hunting Dog universe.

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Monkey sex and rubber tubes!!

The suck arse bitch universe decided that since “The Captain” was going to be moving to the middle of bumfuck and nowhere we would at least have opportunity for one last weekend filled with monkey sex, folly and fun!!.. 1,300 more words

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