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Never again will I...PMSL!!

Seriously, never going to happen!!
I am never!!…in this lifetime, ever again, going to piss myself laughing!!
No no….You have it all wrong, I will LOL, LMFAO and ROTFLMOA but I will never PMSL….See I have a little secret that I didn’t tell Y’all….I went and done it! 590 more words

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Black and White Photography...before and after.

Black and white images have a certain appeal to me.  They portray drama, emotions, and keep the focus on the subject’s expression.  My photography style generally includes bright, crisp colors but sometimes images just pop in b/w or sepia tone.   456 more words


First Day of School... again

After making it all the way through grade school and an undergraduate degree, I thought I was done with this “first day of school” stuff. Then I decided to get another degree- cause why not, right? 171 more words


Leading Through Inspiration

In moments of peril, leaders are expected to rally their fellow countrymen and set a common goal. Throughout history numerous leaders has succeeded in uniting and inspiring people. 213 more words

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Despite the Persian Wars taking place nearly two and a half thousand years ago, many of the themes and lessons from Herodotus’ Histories many centuries ago can transcend time. 193 more words

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Winter’s log, earthdate 201701.16

04.44 pm

Back again – and for once, everything’s been fairly normal around here – or what passes for normal in this establishment, anyway ;) The kittens are growing so fast! 1,699 more words

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Blog Prompt #6: Ted Talk Reaction

I chose Larry Smith’s talk, “Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career.” I chose this talk because I found the title interesting and I thought it might help me with my future plans. 302 more words

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