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Transmogs: For the Alliance!

As well as seeing Hamilton (which was amazing oh my god!) over my pseudo-weekend in the middle of the week, I decided to double up on making a new transmog for my human paladin, who for all intents and purposes in RP is just a warrior (for now), but I prefer playing a paladin in PvE. 319 more words

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Just got back from Hamilton!

Seriously, that musical is amazing.

I took a trip up to London to meet up with a friend and go for some ramen, before heading off to the theatre to see Hamilton, the musical about the founding father of the USA, Alexander Hamilton. 681 more words

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Just one more kiss!!

Tried so hard to stay awake long enough to write this blog but my words were the ramblings of jet lagged batshit crazy woman and they did not make a lick of sense so I deleted all that random bullshit and decided to try again!! 755 more words

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Why is it so scary?

Today I’m feeling scared, and I’m not sure what’s causing it. Is it because I’m blogging and putting my shit out there in the universe for all to see?   302 more words

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I Can't Blog

Defining the content of the photo I took and video I shoot was really hard for me. I can’t seem to find words that really matches the feelings in a particular thing. 95 more words


Prewrite: 9th Dec 2017

It’s not yet a quarter through December and I’m already getting ready for the challenges of 2018. My own personal challenges, that is. I’m going to try and write at least one hundred words a day. 394 more words

2018 Goals

Once in a lifetime... again! As told by Mon Capitaine!!

I hope y’all had the opportunity to read my last blog post, if not shame on you!! Go back and read it!
It seems Mon Capitaine was way ahead of me and already had a blog in his drafts just waiting for the day he could post it. 1,100 more words
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