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Winter’s log, earthdate 201508.03

Seventeen days to go…

Here I am, a little later than usual – I seem to have been having a bit of a problem with my eyes – it’s only been noticeable for about a day, but the reflections on my screen from our “strip lighting” under the bookshelves has been driving me insane! 1,467 more words

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Happy Esther Day!

Hello readers!

For those of you who do not know, today is Esther Day!

“What is Esther Day?” you may ask.

Well, Esther Day is a holiday that takes place every year on August 3, commemorating Esther Earl’s birthday. 235 more words

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Winter’s log, earthdate 201508.02

Eighteen days to go…

Well, as usual we spent a very pleasant day on the Tarken Glacier – it would have been even more pleasant if it hadn’t been snowing so heavily, though! 1,542 more words

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Forks Can Cause Anger

Hello readers! I hope your day is going well so far, or will go well if you live in the United States and you happen to read this at around the same time that I’m posting this. 1,226 more words

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I am NOT a hipster

Nobody hates hipsters more than hipsters. – Tim Heidecker

LOL @ hipsters, am I right??? I stumbled across this quote at work today, while trying to find a website to illegally stream Juno, and I instantly stopped what I was doing (which was SO important) to write about this.

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My Life is Not Together

Nor do I think it should be. I’m barely out of the womb, but that won’t stop me from freaking out about how I have no idea what I want to do with my life! 236 more words

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Winter’s log, earthdate 201508.01

Nineteen days to go…

Well, we didn’t go off looking at mirrors or floor lamps this morning – we both chickened out because the weather was so vile – so we both more or less frittered the time away… actually, … 1,411 more words

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