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Winter’s log, earthdate 201508.31

Well, we didn’t go waltzing off to Ikea this morning – or this afternoon, either! Partly due to procrastination on my part, and partly due to the rather large work-load that Julian has at the moment. 1,594 more words

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Week 3 Blog Entires

Lisa Bellear in her poem “Urbanised Reebocks” describes a moment in which she finds a moment of freedom from the shackles of her past. Can you identify a similar moment in your own life? 185 more words

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Winter’s log, earthdate 201508.30

(Winter smiles, and takes a big, deep breath…) Ahhh! :) There’s almost nothing better, on an almost-spring Sunday morning in Stillwater, than the smell of fresh, clean snow from the Tarken Glacier! 1,601 more words

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Winter’s log, earthdate 201508.29

Our first weekend at Stillwater! :) Today’s been a fairly relaxed sort of day – Julian went off to “Bunny’s” (Bunnings) to get some steel shelving for the garage, so that he can move his tools out there instead of storing them on the top shelf in the Walk In Wardrobe, like he did in the apartment. 1,653 more words

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Winter’s log, earthdate 201508.28

Well, almost our first weekend here in Stillwater! We’ve been here for four days, and there’s still boxes uncountable to sift through! This morning Julian taxied over to Doncaster to pick up our second car, and to do some shopping. 1,466 more words

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the Elephant (from a previous blog entry dated September 28, 2004)

As I save up for a new tattoo, I think of the old ones that I’ve adorned my body with and the stories each one reminds me to never forget. 846 more words


The Sun and The Moon Counting Down to Spring.

Yesterday, the day here started nice but then it clouded over and got cold shortly after breakfast. I didn’t expect much of a day, even though the weather report had said it would be good. 504 more words

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