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Winter’s log, earthdate 201511.28

Weigh-in this morning. Today is a Red Letter Day! I got on the scales this morning, not expecting to see very much change in my weight, despite having walked the length and breadth of Doncaster Shoppingtown yesterday –  1,479 more words

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Winter’s log, earthdate 201511.27

Well, here I am – a lot later than usual, as the Podiatrist has only just left – and it’s almost five thirty! (I never realised that it took a whole hour to humanise my feet! 1,513 more words

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day ??: yearning

you gaze at her and wonder if she thinks of you.

In the distance, you can hear your heart thud once.

She speaks and your fingers itch to graze the soft skin of her palm. 50 more words

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day three: secret love song

you’re stuck on a song.

it plays in the back of your head, making you whisper the lyrics absent-mindedly. its melody, soft and heart-wrenching, sweeps you up in a tidal wave of memories you think you’d rather forget. 152 more words

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day two: lies

lies whisper in your ear like an old friend, making your walls crack and insecurity ooze out of every open wound. they are ugly and born out of hurt, and you wish you could easily discard them without another thought. 159 more words

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day one: reminisce

echoes of a pounding heart and daydreams bounce around your empty tin skull as you listen to someone sing about perfect matches and caught breaths. the upbeat melody continues merrily, reminding you of the night covering like a soft fleece blanket instead of an overbearing presence accompanied by the sharp tang of blood. 180 more words

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day zero: regret

It will hurt once she finds another, you think.

You once held her in your arms as soft words and darkness covered the two of you like a blanket. 165 more words

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