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Blog Entry 002: February 20,2017

Last week’s session was a bit more challenging than the one two weeks before. While performing the task, my student was clearly bored and his mind was elsewhere. 479 more words

'Batman v Superman,' 'Hillary's America' top 2017 Razzies

It was Batman v Superman versus Hillary’s America at the 2017 Golden Raspberry Awards, a.k.a. The Razzies. The winners, highlighting the “cinematic sludge” of the past year, were… 327 more words


22 Things.

When I go on a date with someone for some reason I always feel the need to ask them what they’re hopes and dreams are. … 473 more words


Winter’s log, earthdate 201702.25

04.18 pm

I’m going to have a grizzle today – I hope you don’t mind too much, but thingz have to be said! This time it’s about Flickr. 1,823 more words

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Dolls Update and News


It’s been a while, hey!
I’ve been pretty busy trying to juggle work, doll making and planning our wedding. All very exciting stuff but also very demanding and as usual, it’s the blog that takes the hit! 704 more words

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Butterfly and Sir.....The end!

After spending an entire night tossing and turning and going through my thoughts I think I am ready to talk about it….

Over the last year or so I have often questioned my choices particularly my choice to divorce Terry and his subsequent return to Illinois and his death 2 weeks later. 1,711 more words

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OMG!! How the fuck did I get back on this roller coaster??!!!

Seriously….I am back on this fucking roller coaster ride of emotions and I have no clue how the fuck it happened or even when it happened!! 880 more words

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