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Elba Emelin Juany

SHE-LOGY: “Poder” in Guatemala.

Another blog event within the SHE-LOGY series. This one is in participation to the blog event Pick the World. This week’s selected country is Guatemala. 302 more words

WP Advocacies

Cherry Kristine Jennifer

Tiny Expat’s Show Your World in Silver Lining Mama’s She-logy. A challenge within a challenge.

Bbshhh! (that was my “mind blown” sound fx). Brilliant, right?? 612 more words


Finish It! #4

Here is my new intro for your story. In the spirit of my Blog Event ‘Finish It!’

They were standing on top of the mountain, overlooking the valley and the ocean. 17 more words


Once Upon a Traditional-Fairy-Tale Takedown: Readers' Love Stories

The week before Valentine’s Day, I initiated the “Traditional Fairytale Takedown Challenge,” asking readers to eschew standard romantic narratives and write some alternative fairy tales, real-world love stories that reflect the rich and varied ways we fall and stay in love. 1,252 more words

Love Story

The Device (a short story)

He looked around. Where did she go? She was just standing next to him and now she was no longer there. Panic started to take over! 1,582 more words

Just For Fun

authorsbmazing reblogged this on Author S B Mazing and commented:

What an amazing story! I love what came out of my intro here! So much fun to see what you write about if given only a short sentence or paragraph. I am looking forward to read more from all of you. Tomorrow the new 'Finish It!' will be up. Looking forward to new amazing stories :-)

Sales Event at BH Cosmetics|With Free Gifts

Sales event happening NOW at BH Cosmetics online. If you are a big fan of BH makeup products, then here is your perfect stop sign to browse and add your favorite items in your shopping cart. 68 more words

Just For Fun