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SoCS - I guess you should take this with a grain of salt. Or the 890 milligrams you'd find in the McRib.

I used to enjoy a good plate of ribs. Not every week or anything, but for a treat? A special night out? I was a big fan of tender, juicy, saucy ribs. 380 more words

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conversations - #1linerWeds

“Conversations on racism should never be about winning.”

– Ijeoma Oluo, So You Want to Talk About Race

Linda hosts One-Liner Wednesday. Visit her blog…

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Share Your World 4/16/19

Guns? Are you pro or con? Explain your point of view.

This is tricky to answer as is. I’m not inherently against guns so it feels weird answering “con,” but I suspect answering the spirit of the question means I lean more con than pro. 466 more words

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SoCS - Breathe in, breathe out, reset.

Not to sound flippant but am I the only one who thinks –

and that’s where that thought ends. Seriously. I started out strong, rolled right on in, then stared blankly at the wall for ten minutes. 303 more words

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finding your way - #1linerWeds

“I did not tell you that it would be okay, because I have never believed it would be okay. What I told you is what your grandparents tried to tell me: that this is your country, that this is your world, that this is your body, and you must find some way to live within the all of it.” 24 more words
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Share Your World 4/9/19

What does a successful relationship look like to you?

Trust. Commitment. Love. Being your best self when you’re with that person. Plus the occasional pizza with Ben & Jerry’s nights because pizza and Ben & Jerry’s. 278 more words

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SoCS - fabergé eggs and other kinda fancy stuff

FABERGÉ! Anyone else coming up with fabergé eggs? No? WOO HOO, I WIN SOCS.

Except for the fact that there’s no way I can write a post about fabergé eggs unless I find a way to drop a lot of words about how I know next to nothing about fabergé eggs other than they’re kinda fancy. 315 more words