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Political Geography Blog post #4

As your final blog post I would like you to do a short (500-1,000 word) essay analysis of the demographics of the 2016 presidential election using the data sources below. 47 more words

Political Geography Blog Assignment #5 - 2016

4For this one I’d like to you specifically discuss voter suppression under Jim Crow and current attempts to limit voting through voter ID laws – yes you will have to do some external research…reputable sources only please…

Political Geography Blog - Assignment #3 - 2016

Sorry, this one is a little late – due midnight, October 31st…

Week 3 - Magical Realism

Magical Realism is a genre that is difficult to be distinguished from the others, as it is not obviously stated or showed publicly. It consists of two conflicting perspectives such as, the rational and the irrational view of reality, the natural and the supernatural. 112 more words

Narrative Concepts And Storytelling