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Honors World Regional Blog Posts Africa 2

China is currently investing enormous amounts of money into Africa in the form of both foreign aid and foreign direct investment, discuss how this is a) beneficial to and b) problematic for the countries involved.

Honors World Regional Blog Posts - Africa 1

The Belgian Congo was the scene of the most brutal colonial oppression in European-controlled Africa. Discuss these images and speculate on their legacy re: the long-standing civil war in the Congo Basin.

Urban Geography Blog Post #2 2016

These images represent the old and new urban forms of the Middle East and North Africa. in what ways are the old cities preserved and modeled in the new ones?

Urban Geography Blog Post #1 2016

The Medieval City – discuss the form and function of the buildings and urban layout that is represented in these images. 500 words or more…

Political Geography Blog #5

Last blog of the semester, this one is due the Sunday AFTER Thanksgiving (Sunday the 29th)…discuss the significance of each of these pictures in the various civil rights movements of the 20th (and 21st) centuries.

Geography of Fiction Blog Assignment #7

As I mentioned in class, I want you to pick one of these images and use it as a short story prompt…500 words or more, but it must be an actual story (not just a setting description) and don’t freak out, we can work on it on Thursday in class if you’re not confident about story writing as opposed to just describing a place. 31 more words

Political Geography Blog Assignment #4

Discuss each of these political groups and why they would like to change the substate organization of the states in which they currently exist.