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Tensions High For Blacktip Island’s Coral Bonsai Show

Blacktip Island Coraliculture Society president Rupert Basslet’s staghorn coral bonsai is one of the favorites to win this year’s Coral Bonsai Show Saturday at Blacktip Island’s Pinnacle Reef. 447 more words

The Pale Horse - Chapter 2

A puddle of drying blood crept across the hallway’s wood flooring.

Meda was careful not to step in it as she approached Mr Jacobs and knelt at his side. 1,727 more words

Original Fiction

Blacktip Island Physicists Discover Blacktip Boson

Particle physicists Ginny Wrasse, left, and Leah Shore inspect the sensor housing at the Blacktip Island Gravitational Laser Interferometer Detection array outside the CrabbiLab laboratory Thursday. 489 more words

The Pale Horse - Chapter 1

The mass graves were all alight.

Meda Ahachik stared at them through a tear in the newspaper covering the windows. From her tenth-story apartment, she could see the ash dancing in the street lamps. 1,675 more words

Original Fiction

Volunteers Salvage Blacktip Island Continuing Education Program

The Blacktip Island Theosophy Hall, where most of the island’s adult continuing education classes are being conducted after a local businessman withdrew his financial support for the program. 449 more words

Blacktip Island Reef Preservation Rally Turns Violent

The Our Lady of Blacktip non-denominational cathedral was the site of a street brawl between scuba divers and music lovers Thursday afternoon. (photo courtesy of Dorris Blenny) 438 more words

Mountain Sound | Ten

Blinded by her anger, Harper fights to escape Efa’s tight hold on her. All she can feel is the burning desire to grab the soldier hurting the dog by their collar and— 3,644 more words

Mountain Sound