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Blacktip Island Fishermen, Environmentalists Create Fish-Kill Zones

If the planned fish-kill zones are approved, large stretches of Blacktip Island’s coast such as Spider Bight will be off-limits to scuba divers.

Blacktip Island’s fishermen and environmentalists this week formed an unlikely coalition aimed at safeguarding the Caribbean island’s critically-threatened Tiperon skunk bass population. 414 more words


Put another dime in the jukepop, baby!

I’m Back! I’m sure you may have noticed that I haven’t posted a new blog post for awhile, 6 weeks to be precise. I haven’t lost interest or motivation in this endeavour. 429 more words

Serial Novel

Labor Dispute Threatens Blacktip Times

Blacktip Island’s latest union-related strife is poised to silence Blacktip Island’s sole media outlet.

“The French pressroom workers are pushing for $15 an hour and a 25-hour work week,” Blacktip Times publisher Samson Post said. 70 more words


Blacktip Island’s Sea Slug Roundup Sparks Controversy

A Blacktip Island fall tradition came under fire Wednesday when protestors occupied the beach where the two-day Blacktip Island Sea Slug Roundup is slated to launch this weekend. 424 more words


Blacktip Island Divemasters Launch Underwater Clogging Course

Inspired by underwater acrobatics at a recent heritage festival, Blacktip Island divemasters Gage Hoase and Alison Diesel have developed an underwater clog-dancing course they began teaching this week on the Caribbean island. 475 more words


Mutant Pumpkin Mishaps Mar Halloween Carving Contest

A series of carving mishaps at Blacktip Island’s 31st Annual Jack-Off pumpkin carving contest left 11 people injured at the island’s Heritage House Thursday evening. Event organizers blame genetically-modified pumpkins donated by Tiperon-University Blacktip. 444 more words


Blacktip Island Players To Perform “Waiting For Cousteau”

Absurdist scuba drama comes to Blacktip Island’s underwater theater Saturday with the Blacktip Community Players’ Fall Extravaganza “Waiting For Cousteau,” commemorating marine explorer Jacques Cousteau’s famous 1971 expedition to Truk Lagoon. 437 more words