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Blacktip Island To Get Traffic Signals

A motorcycle speeds past one of Blacktip Island’s intersections at rush hour Thursday.
The Blacktip Times offices are closed this week in honor of The Battle of Blacktip Remembrance Week. 379 more words

Blacktip Community Players Unveil “The Whaling Ship Essex” Operetta

The Last Ballyhoo bar’s foyer will become the whaling town of Nantucket in the Blacktip Island Community Opera’s production of “The Whaling Ship Essex” Saturday night. 430 more words

A Warning?

Here is a stranger than usual conversation I had with my mom today:

MagicMama: Hi honey, is everything alright? I had a strange dream about you. 292 more words

Creative Writing

Sue has informed me that is an absolute necessity that I attend the community BBQ this weekend. I guess it will be a good chance to meet more of the neighbors, if there are any more neighbors. 24 more words

Creative Writing

Super Sleuthin'

I may have tried to give up this week. I may have broached the subject of moving out to my parents. I figured we would at least have a discussion about it, but they kind of… brushed me off. 1,949 more words

Creative Writing

Management, Labor Unite For Divemaster Rehab Center

The Blacktip Association for Re-envisioned Futures divemaster rehabilitation center will be built on landfill wetland on the Caribbean island’s east coast. The center will provide counseling and job training for injured dive staff. 503 more words

Introducing Steeped and Creeped

Many of you may wonder what I write when I am not writing for this blog. Many more of you are my friends on Facebook and probably don’t actually wonder, but I’m going to talk about my new project anyway. 258 more words

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