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Reality Television Show Focuses On Blacktip Island

Gossiping, shown on a fresco at the Our Lady of Blacktip cathedral, has been a popular Blacktip Island pastime for centuries. A televised reality series will focus on the island’s gossip mongers this spring. 420 more words

Divers Scared By Blacktip Island Scuba Mafia

Scuba divers on Blacktip Island say they’ve been forced to pay extra to safely look at the Caribbean Island’s underwater creatures, such as these reef squid. 421 more words

Locals Protests Pay-For-Junk Plan At Blacktip Island Dump

Blacktip Island residents may soon have to pay for items they remove from the island’s landfill if proposed legislation is passed.

A government proposal to charge for items taken from Blacktip Island’s garbage dump sparked a protest Friday in the small Caribbean community. 383 more words


Mountain Sound | One

Mist wraps around the mountains like a thick cloak, stained grey-pink with early morning light. There’s an unnatural stillness in the air, the heavy silence that comes from the sudden absence of human life. 1,233 more words

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Stream of Consciousness Sunday: The wrong stuff, part eight...

So here we are, a day late again for Stream of Consciousness Saturday, due to Audrey and I getting sidetracked by gifs.
Today’s prompt, for the eighth chapter in the story of… 1,426 more words

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Blacktip Island Fisherman Militia Seizes Marine Park

Blacktip Island fisherman militia members set out Thursday morning to reinforce their Blacktip Underwater Marine Park blockade.

An anti-government fisherman militia Wednesday seized Blacktip Island’s world-renowned Blacktip Underwater Marine Park, demanding scuba diving there be banned and the mooring sites returned to local fishermen. 433 more words


Mountain Sound | About

Starting (northern hemisphere) Friday next week, I’ll be releasing my FIRST serial fiction story: Mountain Sound, with a new chapter every third Friday from then on. 203 more words

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