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Back Breaker Integrated Weight Tourney Comes to Blacktip Island

One of the Back Breaker competitor’s gear, rigged with a 30-year-old brass regulator to add extra weight to his rig. (photo courtesy of Catalina Luxfer) 423 more words

Blacktip Islanders To Choose, Punish Community Scapegoat Saturday

Blacktip Island’s annual scapegoat will be buried chest deep on the Eagle Ray Cove beach Saturday to atone for the collective misdeeds of the island’s residents. 481 more words

Mountain Sound | Five

The morning begins with a scream. Piercing the still morning air, Harper’s voice echoes across the frosted landscape just as the sun’s soft light touches the mountains. 2,379 more words

Science Fiction

Psychoanalysts Hijack Blacktip Island Bird Watching Tournament

A Blacktip Island brown booby, diagnosed with bipolar disorder by visiting mental health professionals on island for the weekend’s pro-am bird watching tournament. (Photo courtesy of Sula Beakins) 445 more words

Blacktip Island Dive Op Installs Roller Coaster Bow Seats

A state-of-the-art RCS-5000 roller coaster seat at Blacktip Island’s  Club Scuba Doo prior to installation on a Scuba Doo Divers dive boat’s bow. (photo courtesy of Dusso Janladde) 425 more words


Nobody could explain where the lights had arrived from, it all passed so quickly, but those that had the opportunity to speculate, they said they were something deriving from some alien place, a type of counterfeit prophet sent in one final deception of mankind. 928 more words


Blacktip Island Resort Launches Virtual Reality Scuba Diving

A virtual hawksbill turtle swims across the virtual Blacktip Island hardpan during an Eagle Ray Divers virtual reality scuba dive on Thursday. (Photo courtesy Leah Shore) 447 more words