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Tourist | Four

My alarm shocks me awake with fire in my chest, the echoes of a dream filled with anger lingering upon my eyelashes. I swipe a finger against my phone, sweeping the alarm away, and stare up at my ceiling with sleep-blurry vision. 3,581 more words

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Divers Scour Blacktip Island Reefs To Save Lead Weights

Some of the lead scuba diving weights retrieved Friday from Blacktip Island’s Pinnacle Reef by volunteer cleanup divers. (photo courtesy of Finn Kiick)

Blacktip Island environmentalists Friday launched a schedule for weekly volunteer reef cleanups aimed at ridding the Caribbean island’s dive sites of lead scuba weights. 431 more words


Shark Diver Specialty Lets Blacktip Island Guests Be Sharks

An Eagle Ray Divers Shark Diver student tries out the scuba resort’s new, life-like shark suit Thursday at Blacktip Island’s Confrontation Reef. (Photo courtesy of Albert Kok) 457 more words

Bonfire, Fireworks Highlight Blacktip Island Fire Department Fundraiser

The Blacktip Island Volunteer Fire Department tests fireworks Thursday night in preparation for Saturday’s fireworks show to raise money for new firefighting equipment.

A community bonfire and fireworks display will highlight the Blacktip Island Volunteer Fire Department’s Saturday fundraiser to pay for a new fire truck and firefighting equipment. 322 more words


Mud-Slinging Contest Winner Will Be Blacktip Island’s Mayor

A hastily-dug mud pit outside Blacktip Island’s Heritage House will be the site of today’s tie-breaking mayoral mud-slinging contest. (Photo courtesy of Led Waite/Blacktip Island Elections Office) 495 more words

Mazurkas Replace Conchs In Blacktip Island’s Fall Extravaganza

Marina DeLow and Clete Horn practice their Albanian mazurka while Mazurka Festival organizer Jay Valve looks on at the Blacktip Island Heritage House Friday morning. (Photo courtesy of Boris Orel) 436 more words

Tourist | Two

Humans are easy to read, and Lauren is an open book. She stares at me when I argue that “Something is wrong”, with that summer-storm smile, silent, warm, and threateningly unaware of the way my cheeks burn in response. 3,342 more words

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