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What I have learned by blogging.

Good morning everyone! It been a few rough days for me. I did go back to work and still healing from my last surgery. I know God had a plan for me and sometimes we do not see it till it hits us right in the face. 772 more words

Oh, Awesome!

Thank you everyone who follows, and those who regularly visit :-))) It’s a silly little blog, I know, but it’s my baby! ❤️


Journey- Life is real, Trust me

I am not going to lie or fake it anymore. I need love and you too but how can we all get there. It all begins right here now. 112 more words

To my blog friends from the US and other places where today is mothers day

I know it is mothers day in america, and some other countries too. And I know many of you are not celebrating because many of you didnt have the best mothers, many of you had abuseive mothers and now suffer from ptsd because of them and many of you have had abusive childhoods which have scarred you for life. 80 more words


Do You Have Any Questions For Me?

Hey, Everyone!

I was casually scheduling posts on WordPress when I noticed that I have 148 subscribers to this blog.

I blinked several times and looked again. 165 more words


Come Back Again ~ #poetry #humor

Where once you were, you’re no longer there

I bet you thought, I wouldn’t care

But I do, you see, it’s important to me

The reason you felt, you had to flee… 91 more words

Night Owl Poetry