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One Lovely Blog Award

It’s another blogging game/challenge/award thingy! I do think these are a great way to get to know bloggers – we so often write on a specific subject or about experiences but we can forget to share things about ourselves. 391 more words


The Spotlight Movie Tag

Ok, get this. B.G. at Getting Through Anxiety is so brilliant she has ideas in her sleep. When she’s not even conscious. When she wakes up, not only can she actually remember them, but they turn out to be  765 more words


Would You Rather? : Beauty Blog Edition

Today is both a work holiday and a snowy grey day, so I thought in honor of lazy Monday, it would be a great to play a little game! 661 more words


One Lovely Blog Award

I actually have a cute award for my blog! Lots of thanks to ~~ emzlee :) for nominating me!

  • Thank the person/people who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • 311 more words

The Sweater Weather Tag!

SO I’ve been tagged to play along in the sweater weather Tag! This is fun and I’m really happy to get involved in such a great game! 928 more words

Kaboodle Ramblings

The 3 Sentence Challenge

A while ago, the lovely Karen challenged Gabbie, Fiona and Yanicke to a fun challenge – post 3 sentences from the first 3 chapters of a work in progress. 631 more words