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Do You Need Help Building Your Christian Based Blog?

I am new to this world we call blogging! It is so overwhelming at times to me. How about you? I have a desire, I have a message, but where do I go and how do I get what is in my heart to someone else. 485 more words

Post Formats in WordPress

Since I finally seem to have managed to settle on a theme (for now..), I’ve started to use different post format when I am writing. Earlier I didn’t bother about post formats and would use the “standard” post format in the theme. 137 more words

General Blog Posts

Blogging101-Switching the author name displayed on your WordPress posts

The displayed author name for each blog post you create can be changed to something different from your WordPress username. This can be helpful if you are looking to blog under a pseudonym, nickname, or are attempting to stay anonymous. 139 more words


Beginners Beware: Five Basic Blogging Blunders

These Blogging Blunders Can Strike Us All

When it comes to websites and blogging, I’m a novice: I only set up my website in June of this year, and began blogging on this site shortly thereafter. 1,953 more words


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This post lists some very good information about errors bloggers make. Here are a few reasons that deter me from following a blog: 1. too lengthy, 2. too mundane, 3. too prideful, 4. always trying to sell something. Any surprise all of my reasons are all listed on Feed the Monkey's post? Don't do these things or you will not find followers. Consider this a public service announcement!

Blog Design Update

Hello all,

As you can see my blog design has gone back to real basics.

I am just thinking as to what design direction I want go with my blog at the moment. 52 more words


Helping Small Businesses

Small business owners:

Need expert feedback about your current marketing plans?
Starting a new venture and want to make an impact?  Interested in learning how to blog and post on social media outlets? 37 more words

What's Wrong with my Wordpress?

I know, I know. Suzy had another lapse, but I wanted to write a couple of new posts and see what my WordPress buddies were up to and suddenly everything has gone awry! 87 more words