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Blogging Days: Commenting, the Win-Win of Blogging

Without readers/subscribers a blog would basically be an online journal of sorts. Though there is nothing wrong with that I have yet to meet anyone who has started a blog that didn’t want traffic on their site. 578 more words


The Simplest Blog Guide (even if you're nervous)

When the world (myself included) is rattling on about blogging it’s easy to think that everyone knows what they’re talking about and to feel left behind if you don’t. 530 more words


Blogging Tuesdays: Mix it Up a Little

Oh the frustration! You finally started gaining a following, you had at least two or three page views a day which was always nice to see consistency. 502 more words

The Good Wife's Blog

Re-designing 'Closet Readers' the how and why.

If you’re a blogger you know what I mean when I say blogging is a constant work in progress.

Blogging takes continuous effort, time and drive. 884 more words

Find an Accountability Partner

Okay so you’re blogging and it is going okay. You have a few followers, you get at least a couple of views almost everyday. But you are struggling to stay motivated because you feel like everyone else’s blogs are just taking off and have so many followers and you are just struggling to come up with something to say. 360 more words

The Good Wife's Blog

I have an AdSense approved account. Can anyone help me in understanding why I am unable to make money, despite of all the views?

I have an AdSense approved account. Can anyone help me in understanding why I am unable to make m… by Hicham Ouchane

Answer by Hicham Ouchane: 174 more words

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