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Quest to Blog-topia: Help! I'm Drowning in Blog-sand.

There are good days blogging where you’re just on fire. You pump out five posts, make a new header, create a new logo, write some guest posts, re-pin a bunch of Pinterest-y things, promote your posts, and even… COMMENT ON 50 THREADS. 830 more words


Blog Promotion

This will quite possibly be the only non-related post I will make on this blog, but I am trying to promote it, plus it’s like I’m paying it forward to other bloggers that may want to do the same thing. 76 more words


Why I Blog + What It Has to do With YOU

Hey heyyy friends! I hope you all had the most fabulous week, and welcome back to Absolutely Olivia ;) Although I’ve shared on here blog posts about the Story Behind Its Name, Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared of Standing Out, and Why AND How You Can Pull Off Anything, I’ve never shared my mission/purpose behind my blogging. 1,057 more words


Quick question

Hi guys! So I’ve been trying to switch over to a self-hosted blog, but it’s like each step I take generates new problems, so I’m going crazy. 72 more words


How I Write + Set Up My Blog Posts

I realized recently that although I’ve talked about how I blog during school, I’ve never explicitly discussed how I write and put my posts together on this site. 727 more words


How To Unapologetically Run Your Blog

First and foremost, you need to know that your content is just as good as anyone else’s. Everyone is different, everyone writes differently, and that is okay. 694 more words


How to Stop Stressing and Start Blogging

Starting a new blog is not as easy as many expect it to be. As many blog pieces as I’ve read explaining this, I still found myself struggling to get started. 856 more words

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