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bloggus apatheticus

Once again I seem to have come down with a bad case of bloggus apatheticus. It’s not quite the same as regular bloggers’ block — in the time away from blogging I always come up with plenty of ideas, but I find myself lacking the inclination and energy to actually post about them. 246 more words

Blog Housekeeping

Update: A Facebook page

TL;DR:  I will still be updating here daily, but there’s a Facebook page now too for sharing prettier versions of what you see here.  Like it… 766 more words

Breaking Bad Clothing Auction

Want to own a piece of Breaking Bad costume history?

Click here.

Blog Housekeeping


I am frustrated.  I cannot find a single resource out there for pre-Christian prayers from Polytheist traditions.

Oh, sure, I can find repertoires of modern prayers.   195 more words

Reviving the Corpse

I’m giving serious consideration to reviving my blog over here instead of the Tumblr page. I have the desire to write again. Although with school coming up, my writing time will be limited. 66 more words

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A general housekeeping posts. Please don’t comment on old posts. Seriously. It just makes you look like you are trolling for something. I barely remember what I had for lunch today let alone what I wrote 3 years ago. 15 more words

It all makes sense ... ultimately

OK! After attacking all the bad smelling stains in my studio I have reassembled it and moved back in. It’s a much more pleasant space to work in now. 129 more words

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