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Why I've started a Facebook Page

I’ve been blogging semi-regularly since I came to Canberra 13 years ago. To me, it has always been about keeping in touch with family and friends in Singapore and around the globe – an extension of my Facebook profile, really. 671 more words


So yes! New blog name. New domain name. Slightly new categories (I’m still working out the long game on that one.) New website template. New blogging resolutions.

Same me. :-)


New layout, (slightly) new attitude

I decided to spring-clean the blog which made me start thinking… I feel like everything has been pretty CFS-based on here recently and given I decided that wouldn’t define me, it seems a little counter-‘how-I-want-to-live-life’. 48 more words

Blog Housekeeping

Quit trying to look for the perfect post

So… it’s been forever. On the plus side, I’ve definitely been working on my genealogy. But outside of answering your very encouraging and informative comments–thank you all for those!!—I’ve mostly been trying to figure out what to write next. 73 more words

Blog Housekeeping

Coming Up On Habeas Quaestus

Hello comrades, friends, and readers!

With over 2000 views, this blog has gotten bigger than I anticipated and that is largely from many of you sharing it on Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter so thank you for that! 303 more words

Blog Housekeeping

Thanks Wordpress....

Apparently, I haven’t been paying attention since I didn’t renew my CSS custom design option. But it also looks like I can’t buy that a la carte anymore. 126 more words

General Announcements

test post

test post

where are my categories and tags why aren’t they showing up on the page

Blog Housekeeping