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BH 3: Trick Out Your Blog Part 1

Make your blog more unique, visually appealing and connected to your graphic novel by adding a Header Picture.

Step A:

1.  Find an image on the internet that connects to a theme from your graphic novel. 80 more words

Blog Housekeeping

BH 2: Important Setting Change

Right now, your blog is set up so that you must approve a comment, reply or post to your blog before it appears on screen. 47 more words

Blog Housekeeping

BH1: Add These Blog Addies


Follow the blogs of the students who are reading your novel by completing the following steps:

A.  Log into your wordpress blog.   (you should already be logged in) 238 more words

Blog Housekeeping

Bear With Me

Hey folks!

I woke up yesterday to find that my first post had 2 views and 2 likes within 24 hours (or maybe 36 hours?) of posting it which, honestly, is more than I expected. 162 more words

Blog Housekeeping

Schedule Shift!

Hi Readers!

I’ll be working a lot of overtime at my day job for most of October, so while that’s going on (and cutting into my reading time!) I’m shifting from my usual M-W-F posting schedule to T-Th. 13 more words

Blog Housekeeping

Why Read Science Fiction or Fantasy?

I keep coming across this question in book groups and it’s one of those questions that just knocks around my head. “Why do you read about things that aren’t real? 410 more words


Finally Fall and Looking Forward to October Reading

It’s finally fall here in the Seattle area, and typically the weather can’t make up its’ mind. Last week I was wearing fleece lined tights and last night we ran the air conditioner at bedtime. 266 more words