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Moving on

Last Wednesday, I traveled to Bonne Terre for my step-mother’s funeral. I was deeply shaken by her sudden passing but I recovered myself enough to go. 46 more words

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Returning To Facebook

Facebook and I broke up two years ago, we’d had many a disagreement and I felt like I was wasting my time whenever we got together. 741 more words

Making Adjustments

I plan on making a few modifications to my site: new art styles and pictures posted onto my site, or experimenting with my search engine. In addition, I plan on adding additional pages regarding my bio. 18 more words

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Learning from Past Errors

Recently, my teacher has given the class an opportunity to present our work; though I was sadden my website was not entirely perfect, I was nevertheless happy of the honest criticism. 57 more words

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What am I doing?????

Wow! So this change to a self hosted site is a bit messy. Partly because of the timing and my ineptitude. Working through it though. Excited for the future of my blogs, website, and such. 124 more words

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UPDATE: I have done some research on moving to a self hosted site and it seems that the time is now. It is the most cost efficant option for me at this time. 316 more words

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Making Improvements

Had difficulties uploading some of my work because the site assumes I did not verify my e-mail. I am not attempting to redo my work and make better improvements.

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