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Timing is Everything

Ain’t that the truth with so many things. In this case it worked out well for me.

I was going to sell my FN size TN to get a larger TN that would fit 5X8.2 size insert. 118 more words

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New Obsession

I have a new fascination, let’s call it obsession.

Traveler’s Notebooks

The most commonly known is the Midori Traveler’s Notebook from Japan.  They have two sizes, regular (11cm x 21cm) and passport (8.9cm x 12.4cm) size. 460 more words

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I used this when I had my interview with Delia Rusu. Recently a friend of mine just did one and posted it on his Facebook page so I figured I’d do another for this year/season. 6 more words

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WTH? Wordpress!!

They’ve done it again… up and changed crap on us.  Getting a little sick of it.  Just about once a year around this time some sort of change happens with how a blogger interfaces with their blogs.  9 more words

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My venture into lifelong learning club.

I seemed to be getting more serious about reclaiming my life, as I realized that I left a lot of my desire to know myself and its purpose here, was overlooked for survival of the family and friends! 458 more words

New Venture