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5 front office firings ranked from most to least surprising

Turnover in NFL front offices isn’t new, but the general manager firings this year have come at some odd times. Now, Dave Gettleman, the architect of the Carolina Panthers, … 427 more words

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Beautify Your Blog with an Easy Makeover: Part 8

Hey everyone, check out this cool article series!  If you find this helpful be sure to subscribe so you’ll be notified whenever a new one is posted!   560 more words


Olympic hopeful is heating up the Australian track and field scene with more than just her skill

Tay Clark is doing double duty these days as both an Australian Olympic hopeful and one of the hottest chicks the sport of track and field has ever seen. 223 more words

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Apple iMessage Security Focus: Making Your Texts Safer

* Apple’s promising to add more security to its message service with iOS 11 update
* Every text you send and receive will be synced to your iPhone, Mac and iPad…
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How to Encrypt Your Android Phone (and Why You Might Want To)

* Help prevent security threats or malware on your phone
* Encryption scrambles data to make it unreadable to others
* Older Android phones particularly susceptible… 339 more words


Best of the Best: Yachts and Sports Cars Converge, and It’s Beautiful

One-off boats named after iconic sports cars are nothing new. They usually involve a hobbyist creating a boat that resembles a famous car, and they often vanish as fast as they appeared. 416 more words


Muszka pod szyją - czy zakładać i przy jakiej okazji?

Zacząć trzeba od informacji podstawowej, na noszenie muszki zdecydowałem się dopiero po radykalnym odchudzeniu się. W moim przypadku mowa nie o banalnych kilku kilogramach, lecz radykalnej przemianie figury, rysów twarzy i kroju koszul. 542 more words

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