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New logo for Nerdy Bookahs

We’ve been around for 5.5 years now. According to our media gallery, we uploaded our “Nerdy Bookahs” logo about a year later. I think that was also about the time where we lost the “and their travel guide” subtitle and just went with “Nerdy Bookahs”. 253 more words


New Blog Layout!

I felt like a little change on my blog and make it more user friendly.

I think I need a more exciting logo though.

Let me know what you think of it!

General Thoughts

Navigating my blog space – A super easy guide to finding your way around kawaiikanae.com!

Hey guys! So this is going to be a really random (and possibly to some, unnecessary) blog post but as I was looking at my page, I wondered if people really knew how to navigate it since to me it looks mega simple, but then I designed it *hur hur*. 522 more words



(There may be a sprinkling of Mousekevocabulary, but trust me this only happens rarely since we don’t live in a world where there so much words prefixed with “mouseke” or “mouseka” like that MMC skit from the reunion episode in 1990.) 477 more words

My blog's new layout! ♥


So for quite a while now I’ve been wanting to change my blog’s layout but I’m no wizz when it comes to designing your own blog layout and stuff, so I had to look for an available template that had everything that I wanted. 740 more words


An Experiment

I’m trying something new today, after thinking about the questions raised by that workshop I attended on SEO. Today, I’ve installed a static front page on here on my site. 199 more words

Miscellaneous Musing

New Layout To The Blog

I’ve decided on a change of formation (well layout) for the blog. Just to freshen things up as I don’t think the old layout was quite getting the best out all the content that was being provided. 90 more words