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Frenchart und alternative geschmackvolle Tricks

Frenchnails sind für gewöhnlich die geachteteste Form im Nagelart. Sie kennzeichnen sich nagel tips durch die weißen Tips, die maximal mit Klarlack im Anschluss veredelt werden. 320 more words

Thanks Giving.

Ms. Geri Walton has a post on her blog, 18th and 19th Century, that I think is well worth the read and very appropriate for this week as we celebrate a time of Thanks Giving. 150 more words


Maybelline Nudes Eyeshadow Pallete Review + a little insight of my life at the moment.💖

Helloooooo everyoneeeee…I know I am sooooo excittedddd for my new post.. *yeayy*.. Well, guess who have been keeping the promise of blogging every week..*sighs*.. I am so sorry I haven’t been upto blogging lately cuz I was so busy with exams and when I was finally done with them I had this whole formal pressure against me..you know the usuals finding the right dress and shoes and makeup and all that jazz..haha! 436 more words


Retro Party: Blog Share Style

Remember the FRIST blogger you read and felt a connection. You read one of their paragraphs and wished you had written it yourself. How you ‘squeeed!’ when they delivered a gentle throat-punch with their words. 538 more words


Rounding up for collaboration

Back to real world with writing101’s day 19 assignment. Although not clear my previous day’s post relates to the day 18 task to pull something from an archive (my admin dashboard yields nothing of interest but I chose to finxionalise it and feature it as the ‘dashborgd’…). 504 more words