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I need a playlist to get me through the day. I have like 20 different ones… for classes, for when I am sleepy, for working out, for dancing….you get the drift :D… 288 more words

A Blogging Break and Other B Words (What the Bauers have been up to)

I could not believe it when I looked at my last post and realized I had not posted since May 24th. Yikes. Two months. Then I began to write a post. 689 more words

Family Life

Early mornings and backpacks :P

Ah vacations are done and over, and here I am again,  getting up early in the morning, to drag myself through classes. Half asleep.  But thank God for my backpack, filled with things that are crazy, but things that I consider essential to survival. 407 more words

Tale 10

Once a slave of his wife’s smile,

He now lived, for his daughter’s,

Life had come a full circle.

Blog Pitch Party 3: The Blog Awakens

I realized this morning, Modern Philosophers, that I’m on vacation, need a distraction, and have The House on the Hill all to myself.

Let’s have a party! 511 more words


Doctor Strange and Chocolate Fountains 

Benedict Cumberatch. SHERLOCK. And now, Doctor Strange. Anyone who hasn’t seen the trailer, need to do so, right now. Here it is:

I think it’s going to be awesome. 138 more words

Once upon a time..

There are like three subjects I used to pay attention in class to. English, Chemistry and History. And historical fiction books combine two of these three. 358 more words