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The Troubled Knight Cover Art is Here!

Life has changed so much since The Second Sons was released in August. Geographically, we live hundreds of miles from where we did. We’re closer to family, Mr. 251 more words

Misbegotten Misses

Broken Blog Posts

The earliest posts on this blog were drafted way back in 2008 and published on Myspace. When the blogging aspect of Myspace was discontinued in the fall of 2010, I ported more than 150 posts over to this WordPress hosted blog. 436 more words

20 Days OfChill

Year in Review: 2015

I wasn’t entirely sure that I was going to write a 2015 year-in-review post, but now it comes down to the end of the line and here we are and it’s time for some reflection, maybe. 837 more words


Removed from the Podcasts Worth A Listen page:

  • Videogame Outsiders
  • Outlandish Podcast

Added to the Podcasts Worth A Listen page:

  • Banter Bros. Podcast
Blog Maintenance

End-of-Year Tips: 19 Ways To Speed Up Your Computer

This week, I’m providing tips for end-of-year technology maintenance. These are activities that could (or should) be done once a month if you’re active on your computer, but AT LEAST do them yearly. 1,186 more words

Writers Resources

Blog Maintenance: Then, Meditations on Susan Sontag

I’m nearly recovered from my cold. So I wasn’t able to keep as well to the scheduling plan I talked about recently, because that plan was designed to compartmentalise blog & Twitter time to further prioritise my main writing work (non-blog, non-Twitter). 568 more words

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