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This blog has been inactive since November 2015. It isn’t because I didn’t enjoy updating it. Life got busy and hectic. I found myself less willing to update because this is a hobby and not a job for me. 78 more words

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A Backstory, A New Story

On the 12th of May, year 2016 C.E., I am making what may turn out to be a very, very stupid decision. I’m going to try a… 830 more words

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Post Update Notice

If anyone cares, I updated my previous blog post to include additional information that will, hopefully, clarify some bits of information I provided. If anything is still questionable, and you’d like to know more, please post a comment and I’ll reply back and/or update the blog post.


Blog Maintenance

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Podcasts Update!

Added several new podcasts that I’ve been listening to lately. Also dropped one down to the “occasionally” section.

Best of 2015

This is an insight to the best of posts for 2015

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Statment of Intent

For the first post of this blog, which I write merely to test out themes, I figure I should declare my intentions. After all I have the… 218 more words

Blog Maintenance

The Troubled Knight Cover Art is Here!

Life has changed so much since The Second Sons was released in August. Geographically, we live hundreds of miles from where we did. We’re closer to family, Mr. 251 more words

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