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One of My Typical Therapy Session

Have you ever thought about having a therapy session and wondered what it’d be like? If you have then this is the post for you! If not…then this is still the post for you, as it will help you get to know me since my therapy sessions have helped me get my life back on track. 659 more words


My Story

I think I was born a little different than what is perceived as ‘normal’. I’ve always felt my brain is overactive and I feel emotion far too much. 612 more words


Hello, Nice to Meet You.

It certainly is a daunting prospect for me to start something new. I’ve written a few blogs over the years, but only on behalf of companies about travelling, fashion and even aerospace parts, but never a blog about myself. 328 more words


Done and dusted

So, all that blog restructuring I’d been talking about – it’s done now, and I feel so much better for it.

Things you might notice (but most of you probably won’t, which is totally fine): some posts have disappeared, and so has the Contact page. 352 more words


wow, what a fabulous feeling!

The blog restructuring I talked about earlier – I’m actually doing it very differently from my original plan. There was something that was weighing me down and it was only once I verbalised it to my husband that I could get at what was really going on there and finally, finally hear God about what I really should do about it. 97 more words


Impressed with WordPress

I’ve been doing a bit of work behind the scenes, trying to reorganise my blogs a bit (yes, again…) – I used the free WordPress tools to export some posts from this blog and import them to a different one. 156 more words


Blog Maintenance

I removed categories for Ghost Story and Fan Art. Both are now apart of Writing and Art respectively. I also removed the three subsets for Sociology and combined them into one. 16 more words

Shrug Of Ennui