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Welcome to HazelGold.net

Welcome! I started this blog to serve as a repository for cross-posting my media reviews, as well as for publishing updates regarding my original fiction, and my thoughts about writing in general.

Blog Matters

1 August 2015! Can’t believe that it is already August as it felt like it was only last month I started thinking my Year 2015 resolution *major guilt – since no resolution was achieved yet I supposed and long forgotten* 436 more words

August 2015 Goal

Taking the Plunge (Yet Again)

This is not my first blog.

I have had a number of blogs before – sometimes a WordPress one, sometimes a Blogger one, sometimes even a tumblr or a LiveJournal one. 492 more words



I’ve just come back from a family holiday in Europe (which was wonderful), and I had some time to think about how I want to take this blog project forward. 624 more words

Blog Matters

Four Year Anniversary

I started this blog four years ago today to talk about the issues in integrating a new lady cat into a pair of cats that got along well.   150 more words



Anna still shows no desire to leave her room.  She enjoys our play sessions…

This time she got the red devil!

She did get a little grumpy when she detected Davout in the room.   208 more words



I’ve just come off a pretty intense period at work, and so will be taking a 2-week break to rest and recharge. Back in April!

Blog Matters