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Of Crumbling Moons And Wayward Creeks (formerly Finding My Opti in This Mist {Geddit?})

Hi there. Hello. ‘Sup homeslice? Hola.  How goes it fellow keyboard-tappin’, bubblegum-poppin’, featured-image-croppin’ (what?) creatures of the written word?

(I don’t even have bubblegum)

This is your Captain speaking. 375 more words

Coming up With a Blog Name

Choosing a blog name is one of the hardest tasks I’ve ever tried to accomplish. I’ve always struggled with picking a username, title, url, or anything related to those three things. 511 more words


The Complicated Business of New Blogger Identity

The Daily Word Prompt is ‘Confused‘.  This epitomises my blogger beginnings.

At a week old my blog is a newborn, but the run-up to the birth was more confusing than my actual baby pregnancy. 510 more words

Google Search: How to come up with a great blog name.

If any of you fellow bloggers out there can relate to me with this but it is super difficult to come up with a blog name. 468 more words


New blog ideas

This will stay personal,but i want to make a separate blog for my opinions and such about being an archivist.

Trying to think of sassy names. 25 more words


Looking for names for this blog!

CP Diaries was the initial name I had thought of for my blog.

But (there is always a but!), when I informed a close friend of mine about the blog, she said to change it immediately, and that I could come up with something much better. 271 more words


Sharing Haiku Camera

These images have been shared on my Instagram @haikucamera, which is my other WordPress site. Unfortunately due to a glitch this site was not made public until recently. 140 more words

Black And White