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New Name

I need some opinions…
As the name ‘Dancing in the Sunshine‘ was inspired by living on a 93 acre farm with sun and grass and the like…. 95 more words

New Blog Name #2

Hey Guys,

So after doing some background research, I realized that some of the names on the poll have already been used in other websites. This means that I need to adapt the poll so this is the updated one. 48 more words


What do you think of my sexy new blog?

Isn’t this a cool looking blog? And what about the name?

Peace Out


Finding a Name for a New Blog - One Step Beyond the Door

There is a lot of thought that goes into settling on a name for a blog.  My other blog, “Queen of Ordinary,” did not bring so many search conflicts.  213 more words

Beyond The Door

I Name This Blog...

Reading cat’s blog earlier who is doing the Blogging 101 course, today it’s about how you chose your blog name.

Having previously had blogs on Blogger and AOL when I came to this platform I wasn’t entirely sure what it was going to be about let alone a name. 290 more words


Hello world!

I have always been an ardent fan of writing and blogging, but never really found the time and dedication for it. Hopefully this time I will have the will power to KEEP blogging. 352 more words

Blog Names

I am incredibly strange.

I spent such a long time deciding on a name for this and this is what I ended up with.  I think I have to be done wasting time on such trivial things because lots of other names would have done.   35 more words