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My crap job

I’m thankful to have a job, but I would be lying if I told you that I love it. This job sucks so bad that I’m doing everything possible to get find another job, and now that my supervisor is gone, it really sucks because a large number of people came to the store to hang with him. 135 more words


Naming your blog

I really do wish I hadn’t named this blog I am the one in eight.

At the time I thought it sounded clever. Now I just think it sounds self-pitying and, … 43 more words


What's in a Name

Given that this blog’s name is “teresagreen” and my history blog is called “Evergreen Histories” (see what I did there; subtle huh. It gets better, here’s the link to the latest entry- … 400 more words

What Is "Straddle the Pigeon" Anyway??

So I’ve decided to start a blog. When you sign up to start a blog, you have to create a name associated with your blog. There are all kinds of catchy blog names and I really struggled with what to call mine. 232 more words

Mom Blog

Hello World!

So I finally started a blog… Still not sure about this but so many people have asked me to start one that I decided to take the plunge. 300 more words

The Princess and the Blog

Sprinkles. Everywhere! might sound super weird to you. I can’t blame you, it is a bit odd. It took me thousands of minutes to think of a name that was cool and a name that was still available on WordPress. 308 more words

Be Random.