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A Clawtropica Milestone: +10,000 Hits!

Heyyy Clawtropicans! It’s summer time! And that means I’ll now be able to post regularly! I’m sorry you had to wait so long, but I hope it was worth the wait, since a lot of posts are coming soon! 213 more words

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Recap: Clawtropica's 1st Birthday Party!

Hey everyone! As many of you might know, Clawtropica’s one year anniversary was yesterday! Since birthdays are rare events that happen only once a year, we hosted a party, and boy, we sure had fun! 618 more words

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One Year Ago...

Hey Poptropicans! I’m Purple Claw and I love Poptropica! On this blog, I’ll post things about this game! I joined this community a month ago and I decided to make my own Poptropica blog.

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You're Invited: Clawtropica's 1st Birthday Party!

Guess what? Our one year anniversary is this Saturday! We’re pretty excited to see this blog becoming one years old, so that’s why we’re having this party! 231 more words

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Poptropica Worlds Sneak Peeks - Oh, and I guess I'm back for good.

Trust me; I wasn’t pranking you – I seriously considered leaving, but I really love Poptropica to do that. And from the info I’ve gotten from someone who wants to remain anonymous for the new Poptropica, I’m pretty sure this ”Poptropica Worlds” is going to be pretty neat. 397 more words

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April Fools Prank: Did we fool you?

Probably not, but that was still fun. :P If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just read this post right here. We basically pretended to worship Sir Rebral, which isn’t actually true. 93 more words

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poptropica might be a cool game but nothing is as important as sir rebral. 126 more words

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