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I literally have no idea how this works....

First blog entry, just hold on a minute whilst I shout at some cats who are having a bit of a fight….

Right, now what? what do i write? 197 more words

Celtic Chair

Potty Talk from the Field in Norway

If I thought I was cold before, I was fooling myself. I’ve never been so cold that when I inhale, my nose hairs freeze. Well, I can’t say that’s never happened to me anymore! 843 more words


Don't forget about me!

There’s been some great feedback from the exit tickets at the staff meeting, but not a lot of visitors, app requests, or suggested apps.

Take some time to browse the site.  42 more words

Blog News

Support Indie Game Entity #753 On Patreon!

If you like horror games, specifically, horror games set in outer space, please visit patreon page for Entity #753! Looks like it’s going to be a decent horror game.

Entity #753 on Patreon

Blog News

As We Go Away

Hey all!

Just a quick post to let you all know I’m sorry! I was a little absent for the past week. I’ve been in Cuba! 57 more words


Switching Roles

Switching Roles;
The reason to write as a different gender

Okay, so I’ve started a new piece designed to go towards a new pile I’m starting, called the “To Be Published Pile”.

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Exciting Times Ahead!!

Introducing the new Coventry University movie club society, where fans of film and cinema can meet up and discuss their interests in the world of the silver screen. 147 more words