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"Survive" -- A Short Poem


Like the airplane.

Faster than a fighter jet.

You’re going insane.

Must collect supplies from your aircraft

To survive until help arrives.

It will come, somehow. 84 more words


"A Rocky Mountain" -- A Poem

Too lost.

Too cold.

Got to keep yourself calm.

The end is near.

Just make your way through the atmosphere.

Pay little attention to what you hear. 293 more words


Updates On Things: Themes, Blogs, and Novels

Its been a few days since I activated Libretto as my blog theme, and I love, Love, LOVE this layout! I mean I absolutely beam when I get ready to create a new post. 559 more words


"Music" -- A Poem

It lulls me to sleep

With its sweet melody.

I toss and turn all night.

What does it mean?

You have girls on the street… 81 more words


"Ghost: Volume II" -- A Poem (PREQUEL)

I remember the darkest nights.

I remember her hair.

Like the scent of autumn

Buried under there.

Oh yes.

I remember being depressed

When she was confirmed gone. 319 more words


"Dark Side" -- A Poem

It’s a reaction.

Don’t be scared to ask.

This is not a concoction.

No hard task.

Don’t worry.

Close your eyes.

Take a sip.

Don’t chose wrong. 419 more words


"Words" -- A Poem

It’s these bones

That make us feel.

It’s these broken bones

That let us heal.

It’s these trees

That make us walk.

It’s these chopped trees… 134 more words