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I've Got My Ambitious Boots On!

In case you didn’t know (which I am sure you didn’t, because I just decided this myself) I have put on my Ambitious Boots.

No, they are not the sexiest things, not to say that my goal is to be sexy, but I would also like to make it known that I am not fashion-challenged either. 374 more words


One Weekend to Change your Destiny

PART 31 – Joy’s heart stammered in her chest, the fear pounding fresh waves of emotion through her soul like rough seas upon a rocky shore. 2,493 more words


Chapter 5: Shades of grey

The first ‘girl friend’ I had was also from the colony. She was a year older than me and yet we go along quite well. We would play together in the evenings, sometimes at her place sometimes with our other friends around the colony. 1,078 more words


Chapter 4: I want a big brother too

Truth is, someone in the colony had (and still has) one. She was a year younger than us and her older brother was 4 years older than her. 870 more words


Chapter 3: I want to be a teacher

We spoke Bengali at home (courtesy of my mother), Hindi in the colony, and English at school. The first time we moved into the colony, I was quite literally blank. 866 more words


Chapter 2: People I want to be like when I grow up

Did I mention my aversion towards academics as a child? Well, in my defence, it wasn’t completely my fault. One thing lead to another and I simply lost interest. 1,220 more words


Chapter 1: Normal isn't all that normal

For the longest time of my life, I’ve lived in this peaceful colony in a small town away from the hustle of the big cities. My father is an engineer and an expat. 1,132 more words