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In Love and Afraid

PART 27 – Joy awoke with the song of the birds and cooing of pigeons from outside Jonah’s bedroom window. An occasional motor scooter whirred down the alley below, and even at 6:30 in the morning, daylight was beginning to show its optimistic face. 1,991 more words


Update on Ascension Graveyard Blog Novel and Other Things

So I know it has been a while since I last posted a chapter to Ascension Graveyard. Okay its been like a week, but that seems like forever sometimes. 393 more words


A Bittersweet Return

PART 26 – It was with heavy luggage and a heavy heart that Joy stepped off the train at the Taipei Main Station. With one bag draped over her shoulder and another one in tow, she sauntered down the underground track platform at a snail’s pace, allowing others to shove by her to the left and right, hurrying to where they needed to go. 2,182 more words


Chapter 37: Ascension Graveyard

Chapter 37

Jørn took another drink from his ruby red grapefruit juice. Then he casually turned the page of the news paper, pretending to read the articles. 1,901 more words

Creative Writing

Springs of Passion

PART 25 – The crisp winter air in the south of Taiwan joined bright sunshine over the pools of natural mineral hot springs, steam rising from the bathing pool, as Joy closed her eyes and slipped into a world all her own. 2,332 more words


A Chinese New Year's Blessing

PART 23 – “There’s always a view,” Joy whispered to herself, smiling and recalling Jonah’s words on their walk together in Hualien. Out the window of the Shanghai Pavilion restaurant in Tainan, located on the top floor of the towering Shangri-La Palace Hotel, Joy watched the setting sun over An Ping Harbor paint the sky strawberry orange, while a bluish glow covered her home city below like the gentle feathers of a bluebird. 2,620 more words


Chapter 36: Ascension Graveyard

Chapter 36

The undertone was slightly off key. The rhythm distorted. The sequence had been disrupted for far too long via the Junction of Greenwich Pass, and now what had once been a pure tone humming from the face of the earth in a perfect sequence; a costly rhythm lusted after, one so hypnotic and addictive that it had called all of Their Kind to that side of the universe, was now sub-par. 1,984 more words