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Chapter One

How do you tell your whole life story? How do you make people understand all you’ve been through and accomplished? I’ve been here a long time, 275 years to be exact. 2,430 more words

Blog Novel

Chapter 7


I stood nervously. The wiry lady gave me a stern look from behind her glasses.

‘So,’ she said. ‘You are the new student.’

Duh, I thought.  3,712 more words

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My Starry Life (Chapter 5)


‘Soo-Yon sshi.’

I looked up from my book. It was our manager, Ahn Yang ahjusshi.

‘You’re up on stage in fifteen minutes,’ he informed me as he sat down on a chair. 2,940 more words

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My Starry Life (Chapter-4)


 I stood there, tapping my foot impatiently. Where the hell did Joonjae disappear off to? I swear that guy can get up on my nerves at times. 2,125 more words

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Novel; 兰Lán Bab 1

兰Lán Daftar Isi

‘Ran, tolong sekalian bawakan bread ke luar ya, Kishen bilang bread-nya habis,’ pinta Helen. Keduanya sedang menurunkan piring-piring kotor di meja… 138 more words


My Starry Life (Chapter-3)


‘Taewon sshi,’ Tae-mong said. ‘How do you feel now that your ex-members have been released from the military?’

Jan went still next to me. The audience quieted down. 2,481 more words

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