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Chapter 11: First time back home

Did I mention that I lived most of my life in the colony? Well the colony was in Indonesia. We were expats, meaning not originally from Indonesia. 1,050 more words


Chapter 9: Sisters

Did I mention our hostel was in an apartment building in the city? Well, you see, other families lived in the building too. Lots of these families had children our age. 830 more words


Chapter 8: A whole new world

I had changed schools after graduating from 10th grade and this new school was in a different city. I lived there in a hostel that was in an apartment building. 1,102 more words


The Wisdom of Taking Your Own Advice: More on Ascension Graveyard

Just a few short hours ago, I took the time to shed some light on my recent struggle (because there have been many) with my blog novel, Ascension Graveyard. 330 more words


Chapter 7: Someone close

There was this one person who was a friend to me in school. He was one of those rare constants during the ‘reform period’. When everyone else would take sides and get involved in the ‘cat fights’, he would stand his ground neutrally, or just avoid the matter. 889 more words


Chapter 6: The perfect mask

During my middle school years, a lot of things changed. People I’ve known for a long time left school, and others joined in. It was almost like over the course of about 2 years, I was there, standing still, and the world around me had changed, like, just when I was trying to cope with all the losses and trying to live a normal life, the stage was being set with… 1,444 more words


The Persuasion of Intimidation

PART 33 – Beneath Chinese neon signs and gold-colored paper lanterns, the lights of the night market glimmered and cast a brilliant glow throughout the long, crowded street in Taipei City. 2,593 more words