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Q&A What Does it Look Like to Love Others Well, But Still Put Your Needs First?

From Lisa: This is a great question.  We have probably all heard that you cannot withdraw money from an empty bank account, meaning that if you are exhausted and have nothing left, then you have nothing left to give.  531 more words

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Thoughtful Thursdays

Welcome to Thoughtful Thursday series.

Today embarks the beginning of Anew. My new, your new, our new. What is your new?

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Two Ink Minimun by MICHEL PRINCE / #Bookblast

Welcome back to Lamon Reviews. Today we are happy to have an opportunity to show you Two Ink Minimum by Michel Prince. There is a great excerpt to ‘ wet your whistle ‘ as it were. 1,066 more words

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Windows to the Mind

There is an old saying that goes: The eyes are the windows to the soul. Another saying is, seeing is believing. But not everything one sees is to be believed. 651 more words

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Blog #91: Probably gonna pull an all-nighter tonight lol

I woke up at 1pm today. I managed to get into 2 arguments today. Kaafi stressful experience tha. I can talk about one of them, I guess. 591 more words

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Unplug From City Life and Rediscover Nature

Since my last post was about things to do in the city, I figured I would write about things to do outside of Toronto!

There are many great hiking spots not far from the city and with the August weather starting to cool down, now is a perfect time to visit some outdoor sights. 306 more words

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