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All About The Money

Interview with Eda Gunaydin
Jessica Pethick

As we’re all well aware, choosing an arts career in Australia rarely leads to a lucrative income. Lack of funding, a culture of free labour and insecure working conditions mean that writing can become a pursuit for the privileged, or for those whose lifestyle allows them to adopt the ‘starving artist’ persona. 308 more words

My Best Friend (f) hates Metaphors

I could have been
a flower bulging away at the darkness
growing out of the pavement into a drunkard’s legs
or a quiet painting hung on the white walls… 135 more words

"Freedom is Calling, and I Must Go": Pride Story Spotlight on MJ Wallace

The closet is dark and suffocating, brightened only by tiny beams of light fighting through against all odds. A space cluttered with shame and the opinions of others, with bible verses and snapshots of youth group events and crying in pews. 712 more words

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Ignorance is Misery

So this past weekend I logged into my Facebook account and a video popped up on my feed titled Say “No” to Fat Acceptance. I watched the entire video, looking for the “punch line,” but there never was one. 596 more words

Blog Post

Yes, This is another Trump post. No, I won’t stop. But I will promise to keep this one short and to to the point.

242 more words

Current Planner System

Lately I’ve been trying to find the best planner system to use. I’ve always struggled finding the best pre-made planner set up and with being out of school I don’t need everything that I would put into a ring bound planner that I use. 271 more words

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Waiting for Dateline

I need a little murder and mayhem.

My first thought today was to take a blogger’s sick day.  I shan’t explain why, because I am not sure I understand my own malaise.  144 more words