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How do you measure progress?

I write two blogs, this one where I tend to write about things that are on my mind, and another that charts the journey I am on to improve my health and fitness ( 459 more words

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How do you measure progress on your journey?

When I first started on my fitness journey I had one simple goal, to increase my health and fitness. So I figured it was easy to measure progress as I would feel healthier and be able to do things that I couldn’t start. 389 more words

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When Black Women Fall ~ The Unwashed Cover

The Unwashed Cover by L Penelope

I recently read this story about how bestselling middle-grade author Rick Riordan (of Percy Jackson fame) had no recourse when several of his international publishers whitewashed the covers of his books and portrayed a black character as white. 405 more words


work/life balance

Work has taken over my life. Officially. But today I’m on a quest to reinvigorate myself, re-balance things. Here’s how it’s going:

  1. I met a friend yesterday¬†evening; I’m meeting another today.
  2. 110 more words
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A shoutout to my friends

Good evening beautiful people :)

So it’s Friday, and I really don’t have anything to look forward to, except my 21st birthday in 2 weeks… 365 more words

Lazy Life

Is Social Media making us lazy? If you ask my mother you will get a long drawn out response. It may consist of my favorite most repeated story of hers, bashing a bit on Facebook (because my mother only knows of about 3 social media platforms and only has “THE” Facebook), and finally lead into her saying teens today are lazy. 185 more words

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When 4th graders have social media...

Just recently, my mom told me a story about her fourth grade students having Instagrams. These are 9 and 10 year olds…if you’re under 12 years old, Instagram does not even have the birth year of those to choose from. 180 more words

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