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Bookfair: Equality


Is there truly such an idea as equality and justice? What hinders the progress towards that ideal?

How is equality different from group to group? 1,063 more words

Albert Bandura

Albert Bandura created the Social Learning Theory, which states that all types of behaviors are learned by observation. He talks about how humans process the observational information and think on their behaviors and the consequences based on what they observe the groups around them doing. 467 more words

Brain Breaks

What is it?

Brain breaks are short kinesthetic activities that are done between academic activities within a classroom. They work best when they get the students up and moving, getting rid of their energy so that they can complete the rest of the class in relative peace. 515 more words

American Founding Fathers and Direct Democracy

Why did the Founders distrust direct democracy and prefer a representative or republican form of government? 

The Founders distrusted direct democracy, because majorities historically have taken advantage of minorities.   427 more words

Weekend Late-Night Thoughts: Anne.

“Don’t worry. Things happen for a reason, it’ll all be for the best.” 

There were occasional moments Anne found herself slipping back into the past. She wrapped her thoughts around the above sentence. 710 more words

Banned Books Week: Wrap-Up

So, here it is: the end of Banned Books Week. We’ve discussed a variety of topics and hope that our readers are inspired to join the conversation or check out some of the books we’ve recommended. 277 more words


Riding Pretty Review

Laegreid, Renee M. Riding Pretty: Rodeo Royalty in the American West. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, 2006.

University of Wyoming professor Renee M. Laegreid examines the history of women in rodeo and the creation of rodeo royalty in her book… 811 more words

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