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Social commentary and vegetables

I wanted him to eat more brocolli. He did not want to.

We discussed the relevant  pros and cons of both of our positions and then we came to a compromise. 233 more words

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Two Things I Learned About Writing a Sequel

When it came to writing Wolf’s Bane, the sequel to The Purple Morrow, I was at a loss. Thrilled with the accomplishment of completing one book, I was eager to get cracking on the sequel. 731 more words



My first post. Exciting times! I have trouble beginning things. It’s a problem. Not out of fear or anything, but it just has to be the perfect topic, perfectly worded after I have everything perfectly set up. 191 more words


Workin' It Out

I have a lot going on in my mind at the moment.

I want to work with adults who need help. Whether it be adult social working, or mentoring adults or working in mental health. 130 more words

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What A Pallaver!

Oh poor me!!! Oh poor injured me!!!

Deep scratch to arm, from barbed wire in the garden, and a bruised shin and twisted ankle… What have I been up to? 366 more words


Wattpad Try-out

Well, I felt like trying something new on my day off from work, so I went and joined Wattpad to see how it works and what it might do for me. 72 more words


Journal 15.3

(No poems. Just a random blog entry. Again another nonsense post. Sorry, you’ll see a lot of this for awhile…)

I tell you having a bleeding forehead is a lot better that having a bleeding heart! 374 more words