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The Good and the Bad

This week I’ve been really thinking about my future heavily. Seeing myself finally receiving my Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, getting offered a full-time job, getting out of debt, and building my own wealth by investing and building my own business has been really getting me through the week. 966 more words

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Buying Snowboard Tips and Tricks

I hope everybody is having a great day and is living life to the fullest. I know that in my last post I said that I was going to talk about another extreme sport that I am going to be covering on this page, but earlier today I was scrolling through my email and I had gotten about 10 emails talking about snowboard companies that had released their products for the 2019 season and that they were available for purchase. 974 more words

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Week 4 & 5: I Swear I'll Get Back To This Some Day

In hindsight, I probably could have kept this updated a bit more regularly these past couple of weeks, but this blog was not really on my mind for a good bit, and for a pretty unfortunate reason if I must say. 433 more words


Blog Prompt 7

Dialogue Prompt:

“I never stood a chance, did I?”

“That’s the sad part, you did once.”

Dialogue prompts mean you use the dialogue lines given somewhere in your short story (at least 6 sentences). 22 more words

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Shine Walk London 2018 - We Did It! #ShineWalk

So, on Saturday the 22nd of September, my Tootie Frootie ladies and I shone!

We attempted the Cancer Research UK Shine Walk through London, a Half Marathon, to raise funds for further cancer-related research and to help sufferers and survivors. 755 more words


Blog Post 3: Prototyping

The board game that I created is a 5×5 area control game where players start with 15 tokens located at opposing corners of the board and the main objective is to defeat all of the opposing player’s tokens or control majority of the grid that requires the enemy to surrender. 1,298 more words

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How to Be More Positive

A positive outlook is a choice you can always make, even if you are having a bad day or going through a hard time. 

Train Yourself to Be More Positive in 7 Steps: 571 more words

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