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New Years Quotes and Resolutions!


It’s that time of year again to start making those New Years resolutions. Adam and I just went over ours last night with each other. 150 more words


An Ugly Sweater Greeting:Santa Clause Is Comin' (came) to Town

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!! Christmas is not over yet, it is 1 a.m. and technically the 26th, but to me it is not over!

This video is from when Adam and I went to an ugly sweater Christmas party. 189 more words


My Car

My car broke down. Add some spark plugs and we’re good to go. I’m sitting in the car waiting for Adam and feeling content because I know that success is ahead and I am assured because I know where I am going. 16 more words


Alberti our Model Friend.

Adam and I have an amazing friend Alberti. He has great style and a symmetrical face. So we like taking pictures of him!! He was here this weekend to celebrate Our friend Justin’s birthday.¬†Here he is in action.



Inspiration can come from so many different scenes, people, experiences, websites… Sometimes I feel myself inspired and then I’m lead to yet another place of awe, and before I know it I have spiraled into this world of excitement and hope!!!! 121 more words



I feel old. I know I shouldn’t say that at 25 years of age…but when I took photography in high school and college we still had only the dark room courses available. 642 more words


Miss Perfect Sandra Dee.

Truth is. I’m a perfectionist. I’ll probably read this post over and over 100 times. And I think perfectionism has kept me from doing some things I really want to do. ¬† 726 more words