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Doing Currently.

Today is December 17 at 9:14 PM. I am sitting with my earphones on, currently composing and I really don’t have any certain subject to tell, nothing is popping out in my mind.  140 more words

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Blogmas Day 17: E-Books

As you can probably tell, I tend to read more e-books than physical books. Why? Because it’s just so much easier to carry around an e-reader with hundreds of books compared to one bulky hardcover. 222 more words

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The Way of Snowballs: A Five Point List

Wow, have I been inactive here for a while? (The answer is: Yup. Yes. Yeah. Definitely.)

I’ll make up for that, I promise.

As some of you might already know, I decided to do NaNoWriMo this November, on a crazy whim. 908 more words


So ...

Since yesterday’s blog post about not doing a blog post got more likes than most actual blog posts, I thought I’d follow the blog post about not doing a blog post with a blog post about a blog post about not doing a blog post … Which I will remind you all, also, still, counts as a blog post 😜👍🏻 S.H.


My 2017

I started this now almost over year engaged to a man whom I loved with all my heart. He will be referred to as Andrew. He was an Arse. 543 more words


Third Sunday of Advent 2017

God of heaven and earth, we turn toward you desiring the love you offer. We rejoice in your compassion toward us on earth even when we stumble in despair. 109 more words

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