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Any of us who have gone through alcoholism and addiction, know all too well, the miserable hell of coming down from our drug of choice. With some drugs, alcohol included, coming down can be deadly. 646 more words


The Genesis of Addiction

Many of us have wondered “how the hell did this happen?” when it comes to our own addiction or alcoholism. How did we become an alcoholic or a drug addict? 752 more words


Day 480 - 498: Last Call Schengen

With Anne and Gary on their train back to Rome, we had exactly 19 days left within mainland Europe, in the Schengen Zone, and we were determined to make it count (and take advantage of our rail passes). 3,754 more words

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A New Appreciation for Statistics

How much work went into creating this graph? Looks can be misleading.

Though it seems simple, the creation of this graph and others like it has taken the better part of a week. 334 more words

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When Dreams Come True

After loads of hard work, editing, and preparation, the time has finally arrived.

I am officially a PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

*does happy dance*

It feels remarkable. Over 100 copies were taken in the first few days and from what I’ve heard so far, readers are enjoying it. 190 more words

S A Edwards


those double standards

while some people are two faced

i hope i am not


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