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Pride and Prejudice

I’ve seen Pride and Prejudice more than most people in the world combined. It’s one of my favorite movies and books. Last weekend and this weekend, … 81 more words

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I feel really sassy. Well, more than usual. Today I got my hair cut and dyed. If I dye my hair, which is very rare, it is always simple. 114 more words

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Week 8 - Podcast Shmodcast

Despite the apparent derisive nature of my title, rest assured that it is only because I have finally realized that titles are hard work and I want no part of them. 486 more words

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I spoke a word today

I spoke a word today; actually a sentence of encouragement to someone.

Seemingly a minor thought I meant to convey- as it turned out, it was exactly what they needed to hear. 121 more words

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Yeah! Snow Burpees!

Obstacles are often just a state of mind – Learn to “Embrace the Suck” and anything is possible… Even enjoying Snow Burpees!

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Stir Fry with Tofu

A few weeks ago, my friend Michael and I made a trip to Trader Joe’s in Center City, Philadelphia… and I was completely unaware how challenging this journey would be! 735 more words

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Staying Focused When Everything Falls Apart

Sometimes, after a really stressful week or major change to my routine, I’ll lose control of some of the positive habits I’ve built up, and feel stuck. 894 more words

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