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The woes (and limits) of #metoo and social responsibility

This #metoo debate has everyone up in arms, and rightfully so. Taking the nation (world?) by storm, the #metoo hashtag sustained a sense of solidarity that rape/sexual abuse victims often lack. 776 more words

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Georgia & California: Different States, Different Energy Strategies

Georgia and California:
Different States, Different Energy Strategies

The states of Georgia and California are headed in opposite directions on nuclear power. On December 21, 2017, the… 933 more words

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POETRY: Revelation by Christos Victor

Father breathes with us;
true maiden bears a son
census in a tribal village

hosts herald good tidings
acquit sleeping shepherd’s quake
to visit scant inn’s trough… 73 more words

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My Stop Motion History

Take A Picture, Move The Puppet

I became interested in stop-motion animation at a pretty young age, after watching films like King Kong and Jason and the Argonauts… 38 more words

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Book Recommendations: Retellings

I decided that once a month, I am going to recommend some books from my favorite genres. Hopefully I can keep this going for all of 2018, but we’ll see LOL… 233 more words

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Hot Chocolate to Get You Through the Winter

Living in Maine, I know what essentials you need to make it through the winter. A down jacket. A wood stove. And a really freaking delicious hot chocolate recipe. 130 more words

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The Weird, Wonderful World of PES

Guacamole Spaghetti Sandwich

One of the most visually inventive animators I know of is PES, an American animator whose stop-motion films often incorporate everyday objects in clever, unexpected ways.   29 more words

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