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Like many of you, I write out lists and goals for my life every year. Personally, my new year begins on my birthday presenting a deeper meaning and motivation for me. 326 more words


STATIONS OF THE CROSS: 11 Jesus Is Nailed To The Cross by Caryll Houselander

From The Way of the Cross 

There was an hour of terrible darkness at the beginning of his Passion, when Christ was overwhelmed by the anticipation of the suffering he was to go through, when the vision of the evil for which he was to bear the shame overwhelmed him, and the utter loneliness in which he must face and accept the anguish of spirit that seemed to be beyond human endurance crushed him to the ground.  1,853 more words

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Future News & Suspension in Spring - April 2018

The blossoms fall and the rains fall harder, and here we are suspended in the middle like a leaf in the mud – never sinking, never able to float free. 300 more words

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A Bad Week.

This week wasn’t the best. My confidence was knocked down a few levels and I wasn’t sure a job was right for me. As much as I try to stay positive it just isn’t always possible. 248 more words

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Because working out is fun, but it’s also hard work and I promise to never pretend to you that it is otherwise. These posts follow all the exercise I’ve done from the previous day. 102 more words


March Madness

We’re 3 months into the year already and I can’t believe how fast the time is going! I think I packed away my winter clothes a little too eagerly though. 1,335 more words

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Twenty-Three Weeks

written March 23rd

Before I get to the normal stuff, allow me to share two crazy pregnant lady stories.

Story #1: Today at work I couldn’t find my Reese’s. 708 more words

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