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Real Friends A.K.A Bros For Life! 

These guys right here in this picture with me are like my real brothers for life! They have been there for me since we all met last year and one thing with them, they are REAL & NOT FAKE! 211 more words

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My Birthday Nail Art!

Hello friends!

Today i.e 29th, March, is a special day for the entire team of Creative Nails. A few years back, on this day, the nails behind Creative Nails were born! 43 more words

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The Daydreamer Challenge

The lovely Cailtin at The Teen Daydreamer Blog as come up with a new challenge…
The Daydreamer Challenge

I have no idea what to expect.. its all new, and involves prompts and posting within the days of 6th April to 12th April. 21 more words


Hockey Wives: Sexy, savvy...drama filled status quo

The W Network recently launched a “reality” series called, Hockey Wives. It’s like the wife version of 24/7…but not nearly as awesome.  I watched the season premiere, titled “Married to the Game,” and, well, there were tears, giggles, and diamonds. 1,114 more words

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What Would the Internet Look Like if Women Were Valued as Users?

Everyone in the tech world knows by now that women experience a different level of negativity online in comparison to men.  The question isn’t whether… 169 more words

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One Moment At A Time.

I don’t know about you, but more often than not I find myself wishing I was exactly where I want to be instead of in the position I am in now. 708 more words

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Good News!

Good news! Today is a saturday which means I will start adding speech balloons and text to the pages of Fightechian: the minicomic that I have finished drawing on. 165 more words

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