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The Boy Illinois- Dancing Like Diddy (Video)

The Boy Illinois- Dancing Like Diddy (Video)

I don’t think anyone has put in as much work as The Boy Illinois over the course of the past few years. 109 more words

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If I have a daughter...

If I have a daughter
I hope she understands that –
Caring too much and feeling too much is not a problem
But when it begins to give pain I hope she will stop… 492 more words

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Why Wonder Woman?

She’s the beautiful, strong woman who has become symbolically, the woman we all want to be…

Many women consider themselves wonder woman because they balance the job, children, higher education, the second job, and the bills without the aid of a man. 86 more words

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Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time

CLICK HERE for parish bulletin

Dear Believers in Christ Jesus,

I recently sat at the bedside of an elderly couple married for 66 years. They were almost paralyzed by fear, the deep fear of one spouse losing the other. 490 more words

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Fuck Off Summer...

​Its the weekend which means the darling kids are at home…and I couldn’t be in any more of a “can’t be arsed” mood if I tried 😣 1,231 more words

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did you not know the house is tidy,

when you criticise the hedges?. did

you not know my garden is neater

than yours?.


you came from the north adding racial… 52 more words

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Organising The Chaos

Hi all,

I’ve had a lovely nerdy Sunday afternoon fiddling about with my collection. Most of my collection is on display (you can see photos of my bookshelves under the “My Collection (so far)” menu option above) but there certainly does accumulate a LOT of random bits and pieces that don’t really go anywhere right now. 143 more words

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