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starting new school year

Well… I did not post anything on YouTube, because I had some other activities, mostly in connection with my work and new school year. I decided that this year I will be good student so I’ll finish everything in normal time, play and teach some badminton and work in a bar, but I will still try to do some other things like this blog for sure. 45 more words

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Well Mantic are at it again with their KS and my word is it still popular, blowing past their goal of 25000 they are already at 10x that which is scary. 291 more words



I had a very special experience with Ari. It was a beautiful Sunday morning and I felt I want to go for a run with her. 857 more words

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Mobile Technology in Society

Question for Paul:
What is your opinion on mobile technology as it relates to society and culture?

That’s a great question. Mobile technology, and tech broadly, has its good and bad sides. 428 more words

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The Story so far I

I trace the root of my desire to travel the world in a child memory I have. Being at my aunt’s place, hearing her counting backwards the days to vacations. 336 more words

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The History so far

Of course I am not the only one finding e-bikes appropriate for something more than daily commuting or in-the-city-rides. There are already some people who attempted long distance e-bike cruises, and actually, there is a couple riding right now on Europe to set a new e-bike long-distance World Record. 694 more words

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