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This week we borrowed a dog......

You’ve all seen it, lovely family photos on Facebook, kids cuddled up with the dog, such a perfect family image!  Yeah we want a bit of that, long summer afternoon walks, pop by the beer garden on the way back, kids will play on the play area and not fight……  A dog to diffuse meltdowns and cause a distraction, or provide some touch therapy when Alex is feeling low, or a best friend to Max for when his brother is not being nice – lovely !!!!!! 593 more words


South Bay Teams Dominate Memorial Weekend Tournament

Four South Bay Matrix FC soccer teams reached the finals of the Memorial Weekend Super Cup Tournament, and all four won championships.

South Bay’s Boys 2002, Girls 2002, Boys 2004 and Girls 2004 teams each won their respective brackets in impressive fashion. 483 more words

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My first Mother's Day.

If we are going to get technical. This really was my second Mother’s Day. This time last year, I knew Baby H was baking away but my lips were indeed sealed. 403 more words

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THE LORD'S PRAYER: Forgiveness, by Evelyn Underhill

It is part of the economy of mercy, the redemptive and transforming work of God, that the Divine Charity already present within the soul should overflow to make good its shortcomings and blot out its sins.  3,239 more words


Devoted is Available for Pre-order

Some choices are easy. Some choices are hard. And some choices will break our hearts…

When jaded movie director, Tyler Wentworth meets Mallory Hughes on the set of his latest movie, he immediately notices two things: she’s too sweet and she’s somehow familiar. 179 more words

Post #68: A Second Look

A friend and I were catching up over lunch one day. And just like any girl talk, we found a way to touch on the subject of our love lives. 532 more words


Creation and Evolution: The Two Stages of Character Development

Based on that heading, you might have thought this was going to be about an entirely different topic but fear not! Religion and politics are the two discussion subjects to avoid for an easier life and since I’ve already ventured into politics (in a very small way), I won’t push my luck with religion. 963 more words

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