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Blog Reader's Inspiration: Amber from Doha & Sally from Manila

My blog readers never fails to encourage and inspire me to blog. As I said, I blog because I enjoy doing it, and I also want to share my journey and all the things I learned and experienced in this life to anyone who is open to humbly learn from others. 360 more words

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please excuse my fluid format

I have just one little note for today.

I find each time I return to the blog, posts shift format. Paragraph breaks, justification, spacing… everything. Sometimes I go to change a post, and it all clumps together in one lump.  38 more words


3 Amazing Shortcuts for Writing Headlines in Record Time

Have you ever asked yourself how readers find your blog posts to read?  Many potentially new readers find your posts through search engines.  Then, many search your archives and hover over a title wondering if the post will be interesting and if the information will apply to them. 770 more words



For every author, there is a community.

Earlier this week in Writers and Marketing – What Makes Sense? I wrote about my attempts to figure out if (and how) my various marketing activities generate value. 332 more words

Need Encouragement???

How to Make an Infographic in 5 Minutes

Are you a visual learner?  Do you learn by looking at pictures?  According to educational publisher Prentice-Hall, 65% of all people are visual learners.

If you are a blogger, and your goal is to inform your readers, you need to accompany your text with pictures or 65% of your readers will be missing out.  644 more words


The Ultimate Guide to Blog Promotion

Do you feel like you work hard at researching and writing your content just to be discouraged by low readership?

There is more to blogging than researching and writing.  812 more words


4 Surefire Ways Never to Run Out of Blog Topics

Are you a blogger or a writer?  Are you building an online community of readers who rely on you for information?

In a recent blog post I recommended writing more than once a week.  813 more words