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To my blog friends from the US and other places where today is mothers day

I know it is mothers day in america, and some other countries too. And I know many of you are not celebrating because many of you didnt have the best mothers, many of you had abuseive mothers and now suffer from ptsd because of them and many of you have had abusive childhoods which have scarred you for life. 80 more words


International Stripper Notes Readers!

When I look at my home page I am so shocked to see readers from so many countries! I love this! I can’t believe you guys take the time t read my blog I absolutely love it. 71 more words

Adult Entertainment

People of Other Doctrines - the new drunkards and gluttons

A friend sent me an email saying she’d started getting criticism from those in her blogging circles. The criticism? She was perceived as interacting too much with me on line. 800 more words

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My friend, TimFall does it again... Think what you will. Just don't tell me I can't hang out with him. Read more below...

Why you?

Suicide. A permanent solution to a temporary problem. I know this because I almost did it. And my cousin, he succeeded.

I remember giving up. I remember feeling as though the world was coming down on top of me. 477 more words


There's no Excuse!

Belittling a child is unacceptable! Where did your understanding go off to? Children are still in the learning stages from birth to 18 years old. Yes I agree that their behavior at times is inexcusable, but does that give you any right at all to make them feel as though they are less than human? 71 more words


It ain't nothing Aunt Jemima can't fix!

Pancakes cure everything and Aunt Jemima makes the best ones! All of us have stress and situations in our lives were we don’t know what to do. 50 more words


You're HUMAN, not a Race!

Skin is skin. All it does is hold in everything that’s in your body. Even if each skin color is different, doesn’t mean it serves any other purpose. 134 more words