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I Am a Grown Ass Man but am Afraid to Talk to you on the Phone

Either I am the most patient person, a person who has too much time on her hands or someone who goes the distance for a story… 443 more words

Somebody watching me?

Until about 6 weeks ago, this blog tended to dip into double figure daily views on days when I posted a new blog, and be lucky to reach more than a handful on days when I didnt. 429 more words

80's Pop

Writer's Block - Help!

A friend of mine who reads my blog regularly upon my request, told me that I have to up my game when it comes to this blog. 178 more words

Journey- Life is real, Trust me

I am not going to lie or fake it anymore. I need love and you too but how can we all get there. It all begins right here now. 112 more words

International Stripper Notes Readers!

When I look at my home page I am so shocked to see readers from so many countries! I love this! I can’t believe you guys take the time t read my blog I absolutely love it. 71 more words

Adult Entertainment

Why you?

Suicide. A permanent solution to a temporary problem. I know this because I almost did it. And my cousin, he succeeded.

I remember giving up. I remember feeling as though the world was coming down on top of me. 477 more words