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Dear Readers, I NEED You!

I think it’s time for a makeover, but I can’t do it alone.

I’ve been thinking about breathing some new life into this blog but I need your thoughts on this. 77 more words


You need to stop critizing each other! 

Creating an even balance does not happen when you’re constantly going at each others throats! Since when was anybody perfect!? How are we going to work together if we are constantly working against each other? 82 more words


Teenage Tuesday: Feedback on new, 'dumb' mobile phone

Me: So how’s it going with your new, internet-free phone Honey? My blog readers loved it! They’re very proud of you; we have “Teenage Tuesday” now, so they’re all up to date on you. 62 more words


For old times sake.

So here we are, how many years has it been? Let’s try not to look, not to think about time passing.

Mostly that’s possible, even today, when every interaction begins, as it should with an exchange of ‘Happy New Year’ wishes.  166 more words


First blog post

T.T.F.N tata for now….This blog is gonna be fun and id like to touch on issues of the heart.And wemon issues we are facing here in Los Angeles. 217 more words

Wk 9: Reading blogs, and getting yours read

Happy almost-Thanksgiving, everyone! I notice only one person has completed any of my challenges from last week, as of Sunday night. You’re still welcome to participate. 282 more words

Weekly Assignments

Relax and Breathe!

You got busy days; people asking for stuff from you right and left. Where’s the time for you, right? You have to make time for you. 62 more words