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Getting More Blog Views

This is really more relevant to my other blog (www.gingernutssciencedunk.clapway.com) because I am seriously on the hunt for more readership, and due to the style of blog I can’t follow others to advertise like I can on here. 116 more words

General Nonsense

Eat Lots of Cake and Still Lose Weight!

I have to go to the dentist this morning and I have no idea what will happen to me there. So I thought I’d better post something now, in case I’m not able to, later. 47 more words


I have to thank all the viewers who have read my blog. For some time I was thinking that almost nobody pays attention, but I was wrong. 150 more words

Engagement is Off - Who's Reading Anyway?

I knew months back that the direction of this blog would change. In fact, I wrote to you about my dilemma here.

I asked: What will I write about now that I’m in a relationship and no longer telling one off, funny dating stories about random men? 328 more words


I am baaack!

It’s been close to six months since my last post. It was not a time of inactivity, just opposite. I was working on my first novel. 140 more words

Immigration in Plain English: Gone Global

Readers from around the world have come to Immigration in Plain English for our immigration posts. While U.S. readers represent the largest viewing base, other countries representation grows.

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Survey results: the vital statistics of cricket blogging

This second post in the series on the blogger survey results, draws out some of the significant numbers that give shape to the pursuit of cricket blogging in 2014. 1,309 more words