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How to Build a Blog Readership

Nowadays, if you’re starting a small business or building a brand, you need to create a company blog. Blogging generates so much value and evergreen, content-driven advertising that you’d be insane to ignore or neglect it. 1,384 more words

Content Marketing

How to Utilize Keywords in Your Blog Posts

Keywords and key phrases are trickier than you think. There really is an art to working them into blog articles. And remember, it’s not just the wording in the article that will make an impact. 435 more words

Business Blogging

Day 1544: If ...

If I were to choose a wonderful book for questions to ask during group therapy sessions, what would it be?

If I were to share one question that was asked in a group therapy session last night, what would it be? 237 more words

Personal Growth

Seeking Followers

Hi dear Readers,

I just need two more followers to reach the next power of 10!

I’ve got lofty goals for our 2017 readership, so keep up the good reading!


Sweet Home

So Where Is Everybody?

I don’t know how these things work, or why: so I’m thoroughly puzzled by a recent decrease in this blog’s readership–down by about 50% from where it was all summer. 159 more words