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Bethany's Dad Gives the Rest of the Story

Last week, I was given the privilege of sharing the turning point in Bethany’s story (see here).  Following a BBC exposé her dad was ‘allowed’ into a meeting about her and finally, experts on PDA were listened to.   4,404 more words

Blog: Reflections

Bethany's Dad Has Important News

Bethany’s story came to light a week or so ago.  Whilst many of us in the SEN world are sickened and shocked – at the same time, we are not surprised.   1,782 more words

Blog: Reflections

Personal Philosophy

What is your philosophy of learning?

My philosophy of learning is that students learn best when they are given direction and support in researching and practicing the material on their own. 889 more words

Your Students

Who are your students? What do you do to meet them in their world of technology?

My students are high school students coming from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds.  743 more words

Navigating the end of year: will children be intentionally​ excluded from school trips? Can more be done to prevent common difficulties?

So, it is soon school trip season.

It is a few years since I was introduced to ‘groups’ in social media and one thing I have noticed each year is a pattern whereby small children who were looking forward to their school trip are removed at the last minute.   791 more words

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When 'school' 'gets it right', what does it look like?

… and how does it feel?

Well, it feels effortless, though you know that hard work is being relentlessly applied, and it looks easy, though the skills of the staff are clearly evident.   1,231 more words

Blog: Reflections

When your child isn't 'fine' in school. Superb resources​ for families and for professionals.

A must read for all families that have children who struggle to attend school and all professionals that work to support these families.  See also the guide specifically for professionals/schools. 54 more words

Blog: Reflections