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Planning a Post

While running a blog seems all fun, games and pretty photos – there’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes that you don’t often get to see. 791 more words


5 Free Blogging Tools I Love

I still find it funny that I never wanted to start a blog three years ago.  Nope, not me.  I didn’t want to be like my big sister who had a blog, and who would even want to read 500 words about my Wednesday afternoon?  787 more words


How To Approach Brands

Depending on why you blog, working with brands may or may not be on your agenda for the near future. I know it is for me personally as it’s a way to develop professional relationships within a field of my interest. 527 more words


What to do Before & After Hitting Publish

When you’re caught up in the blogging universe, you become blind to all of the effort you’re putting into every single post; from the writing to the photos, to the promotion afterwards. 610 more words


10 of the Best Sites for Free Stock Photos

Stock photos are the best when it comes to blogging. Although it’s not as easy as going on Google Images anymore. Different people and companies own certain content, so without knowing it you could be breaking various regulations or even laws. 322 more words


Blog Photography Tips

Photography is a big part of blogging, no matter how eloquent your words are, they need some good pictures to go along with them. Taking photos for your blog can be intimidating, especially when you flick through some of the amazing examples on Instagram from other bloggers – how do they style the images perfectly, get the right angle,  499 more words


How to Start Your Own Blog

So you want to start your own blog, who doesn’t? It’s a great opportunity to release some creative energy and share it with other people in the process. 524 more words