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Pine Street Episode 38

Three weeks flew by. Franny met Marilyn or Douglas, or both of them, nearly every day. Most meetings were over strong espresso at the coffee shop. 423 more words

Pine Street

Pine Street Episode 37

As it turned out, Franny and Leo waited nearly twenty minutes for Marilyn to arrive. When she did, it was on Douglas’s arm. Their friend appeared nearly herself, unless they looked closely, in which case they would realize that her skin had a grayish cast, her step had an unusual hesitation, and her shoulders sagged just a millimeter lower than they should. 631 more words

Pine Street

Pine Street Episode 36

“Your wedding?” Franny tried not to sound shocked, but felt sure she hadn’t pulled it off. “I mean, congratulations!”

“Don’t worry, dear, I know it comes as a surprise to all and sundry.” Marilyn sighed. 340 more words

Pine Street

Pine Street Episode 35

Kassandra turned from the espresso machine at the sound of the bell that hung over the door, and saw Alison enter. Although they were in different departments at the university, the two had a nodding acquaintance on campus, and were friendly at the coffee shop. 361 more words

Pine Street

Hollandus Landing Chapter 60: Sylvester Wheeler part XV

I drove back home and slammed the door as I stormed right in. How could my now ex-boss not control his own emotions?

I should’ve fought back. 93 more words

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Hollandus Landing Chapter 59: Sylvester Wheeler part XIV

A few weeks later, I received my first royalty check and it was the biggest paycheck I have ever seen.

I went to work and the customer traffic was immense. 146 more words

Cell Phone Novel

Pine Street Episode 34

Bending into the brisk spring wind, nose running and eyes watering, Alison walked straight north on Pine Street, toward the university. Her mind played with the thought that she was heading for the library to continue her literature review, but at the intersection before campus, she turned right. 345 more words

Pine Street