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Pine Street Episode 33

“What’s that?” Leo asked, head cocked like a collie trying to hone in on the voice of his master calling him home. Franny listened and heard a deep buzz pulsing from the pocket of her coat, hung on the rack by the door. 446 more words

Pine Street

Hollandus Landing Chapter 11: Bolatito Moyoade part VI

I had to read this essay.

“…Housing discrimination was technically illegal at the time, but that didn’t stop the city officials from barring certain groups of people from buying or renting property in the more affluent areas in Hollandus Landing.” 144 more words

Cell Phone Novel

Pine Street Episode 32

Spring meant only one thing to Alison, Franny’s elfin neighbor: the deadline for finishing her master’s thesis was one quarter closer. This filled Alison with a sense of dread for which she had no rational explanation. 418 more words

Pine Street

Pine Street Episode 31

It surprised Franny, her newfound love of cooking. In her previous, busy life, her kitchen had been a place to heat food prepared by someone else. 363 more words

Pine Street

Pine Street Episode 30

“So how do people here deal with it? The wind, I mean,” Franny asked as she put her groceries away, leaving the bread out for slicing. 427 more words

Pine Street

Pine Street Episode 29

Spring brought sunshine, lilac blossoms, and wind.

Franny had anticipated the cold of winter, the snow and slush. She’d grown up in a place that had those kinds of winters and she knew to buy waterproof boots, she knew the feeling of the fine hairs inside her nose freezing when she stepped outside. 411 more words

Pine Street

Pine Street Episode 28

Douglas and Marilyn had been lovers long ago, when they were both newly-hired professors in the art department at the local university, Marilyn in painting and sculpture, Douglas in photography. 737 more words

Pine Street