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Pine Street Episode 25

Franny awoke the next morning with shreds of a nightmare still clinging to her mind. In the nightmare, she’d been visiting the house of a dear old friend, one she hadn’t seen in real life for too many months. 722 more words

Pine Street

Pine Street Episode 24

“I know, a dog named Precious – it’s pretty silly, isn’t it, dear.” Marilyn had come home from the hospital the day after the cowboy festival, and called Franny to thank her for walking the old dog. 513 more words

Pine Street Episode 22

Just about the time Franny tried to collect her wits about her on the sidewalk, Leo was setting up his own guitar on his own stool (plain, undecorated, and slightly rickety) at another venue. 441 more words

Pine Street

Pine Street Episode 21

One Saturday afternoon, strains of music reached up to Franny’s window, open an inch or so on the unseasonably warm late February day. The sound created a welcome distraction from the student papers she was trying to finish grading, forty-odd essays all grinding through the same assigned topic, and Franny closed her laptop to listen. 480 more words

Pine Street

Pine Street Episode 20

A clear Sunday morning as January prepared to turn itself into February lured Franny to the window. She opened it a crack and smelled spring in the air. 638 more words

Pine Street

Pine Street Episode 19

A college town has its share of bars and taverns. Leo found himself at the door of the one that sat at the crossroads of the older highway that formed the entrance to the town before the interstate bullied its way through. 603 more words

Pine Street

Pine Street Episode 18

Kassandra was glad to see the art professor, Marilyn, in the coffee shop with a new friend. The professor had seemed a bit different lately, to Kassandra’s practiced barista eye. 449 more words

Pine Street