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Pine Street Episode 45

Allison walked with her iced coffee up the street three blocks, then zigged and zagged until she stood in front of it.

The house she’d decided to buy. 363 more words

Pine Street

Pine Street Episode 44

If Allison, Franny’s elfin neighbor, had been aware of the wedding celebration going on with so many of her acquaintances in attendance, she would not have felt left out or envious. 380 more words

Pine Street

Pine Street Episode 43

On an impulse, Kassandra rose from the lawn chair she’d been sitting on in Marilyn’s garden and made her way through the crowd. She intended to hug the bride and leave, unsettled by feelings of sadness and anticipated grief on what should be a happy occasion. 454 more words

Pine Street

Pine Street Episode 42

Kassandra had wanted to clear her attention for the wedding celebration, so she made her weekly call to her mother before she left her apartment. She waited until she could legitimately tell her mother she only had a few minutes to talk. 350 more words

Pine Street

Pine Street Episode 41

Franny might have been surprised to realize that one of those guests at Marilyn and Douglas’s wedding felt the undertone of anxiety and ill health clearly, without knowing why. 585 more words

Pine Street

Pine Street Episode 40

Not for the first or last time, Franny marveled at Marilyn’s wisdom. Sure enough, the little house expanded effortlessly to hold the crowd of people who arrived to celebrate. 434 more words

Pine Street

Come out to play! — Thistledown

I am happily overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response to this post! You all are spectacular.  So — for now — I have as many fairy characters as I can write.   753 more words

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