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Pine Street Episode 15

The next day, Franny’s head yelled her awake with lectures about mixing beer and wine, no matter how good either of them were. “I am way too old for this,” she muttered to herself, sipping some weak tea with lemon, trying to rebalance her internal systems. 517 more words

Pine Street Serial

Pine Street, Episode 14

By the time the music was over and the party was winding down, Franny felt as drunk as she could remember since her college days. No, wait, she prompted her memory. 444 more words

Pine Street Episode 13

Penelope’s “vicious” sense of humor displayed itself that evening as she mocked anyone who tried to dance. Even though the band played some eminently danceable tunes, music from the last era in which Franny remembered really loving music, no one danced more than one song’s worth. 293 more words

Pine Street Serial

Pine Street Episode 12

The music thing turned out to be a birthday party for a friend of the art professor’s, held in the large banquet room of a local hotel. 638 more words

Pine Street Serial

Pine Street Episode 11

That evening, after successfully avoiding most of the apartment cleaning and all of the writing she’d used as cover with Alison, Franny met Leo at a tavern that served legendary burgers along with beer ranging from cheap Coors Light for the college students to expensive craft beers for the professors and property owners. 408 more words

Pine Street Serial

Pine Street Episode 10

Several days after the dinner party, Franny ran into Alison at the coffee shop across the street from their building. Franny’s initial reaction to encountering anyone she knew, but did not really know, was to duck her head and gaze into the middle distance, giving the other person the choice of recognizing her or not, as that person saw fit. 533 more words

Pine Street Serial

Pine Street Episode 9

After putting on her pajamas and turning off her light, Alison twisted the blinds open so she could see out her bedroom window. It faced east, and she loved waking to the morning light streaming in. 354 more words

Pine Street Serial