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Day 1544: If ...

If I were to choose a wonderful book for questions to ask during group therapy sessions, what would it be?

If I were to share one question that was asked in a group therapy session last night, what would it be? 237 more words

Personal Growth

Respect yourself, Miss Harlow

I seem to be fast becoming the Diversity Queen of the DWP, which has to be a good thing, and I’m proud of anything I can do to help with this matter, for sure. 485 more words


Think No One Will Read Your Blog?

Have you thought about starting a blog but keep telling yourself it isn’t worth it because no one will read what you write? I’ve heard this A LOT, from both strangers and friends. 90 more words


The Art of Writing: Satisfaction in the Blogosphere

By: Rebecca A. Schriner, Graduate December 2016

I’ll admit it: I was nervous when the big assignment for my Author Platform class was creating a blog. 467 more words

The Art

Your Numbers Might Change, But the Work Stays the Same

One fact about blogging that does not change-regardless of follower numbers-is the work.  I am still doing today what I did 2 1/2 years ago.  I’m still using the same basic tactics Jason over at… 405 more words


Do You Pay Attention to Your Alexa Rank?

Alexa Rank allows me to have a general sense of how my blog is performing compared to other websites.  Last year in June my global rank was 350,000 and my U.S. 48 more words


What Writing Does and Doesn't Do For Me

Writing. I write to express myself. Sometimes it brings a smile of recognition to those that have known me or shared a portion of the same paths I’ve traveled. 668 more words