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Misty, I used the word prompt, did a plot twist, and included swans in my story. Loren, I used 7 prompts. I don’t have time to add the pictures, but they were the monsters one, the hunting us one, the muddy forest one, the blue butterflies one, the Here Be Faeries one, the dragon-on-a-branch one, and the shattered glass one. 1,172 more words

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Blog Revamp: Identity Choices

The name Spawn of the Dread Master was entirely based on a running joke surrounding one of my characters, and because this character was completely disconnected from the Dread Masters otherwise (they aren’t even Force-Sensitive!), the identity has never really sat in a comfortable position. 903 more words

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Welcome to Capturing CraZy!!

Hello! I’m glad you’re here.  I’m CS, a 40something girl (/woman) who dreams big.  I’m not afraid of falling down, it’s falling up that  scares me. 47 more words



I think you’re going to like this part, guys! It’s getting really exciting because I finally added the plot twist I’ve been planning for a long time. 1,525 more words

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Tips to Travel Brilliantly

Hello! It has been a bit hasn’t it? I had finals, graduation and getting ready to travel to Ireland for my final course load of my undergrad. 807 more words

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CWWC #5/AAWC #7 + Some Exciting News

I’m back with “Beyond the Looking Glass” part 5, and some exciting news! (Hey, how did you know? XD ) This part got a tad long, so I didn’t get to put in the plot twist I was thinking of, but never fear, I’ll put it in the next part. 1,674 more words


Top Tech Companies Ranked By Engineering Retention

(TL;DR) Here’s the ranking going from top to bottom (so higher / longer the better):

How did you measure this?

By running advanced Linkedin searches and counting up the hits. 526 more words