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Goal Statement

So, for the people that have been following me for a while know that I often post a goal statement.  I tend to do one at the beginning of the year and then another one sometime midway through.   857 more words


Osheaga and RTX Part 1: The Calm Before the Storm

I’ll keep this short as I still have to finish packing, but I’m about to embark on probably one of the craziest vacations I’ve ever been on. 241 more words


Hey, check it out!

Don’t wanna brag…okay maybe I do, but go check out my Reviewed Index page!  I added a cool page jump so people don’t have to scroll through all the authors names.   76 more words

Blog Stuff

My Blog is a Preschooler!

That’s right! I actually made it to three years somewhat active! Alright!

I totally dropped the ball on a giveaway last year, but I would like to try to do one this year. 13 more words


I think I'm going to like it here.

And by here I mean WordPress.

Just to let you know, I promise, once I get everything set up and grounded, my posts will be more meaningful and more focused. 114 more words


Let's all be "SMART"

Well, here I am again!

Today, I’m going to create a ‘Goal Achievement Program’. I got inspired from the book that I will be referencing (in the upcoming days) at the end and I decided to let it support my methods of achieving goals. 679 more words


So, a decision has been made...

So, after doing a lot of research and debating, I have come to the decision to move my blog to WordPress.   This hasn’t been easy but I think for the long term, it will be the best for all involved.   202 more words