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Hi, I'm back.

Like 10 months ago, it maybe sorta looked like I was making my blogging comeback. Welllll as has become evident in the past year… stuff doesn’t play out how you plan, expect, or want it. 335 more words


One Lovely Blog Award II

I gotta thank raistlin0903 for nominating me for this award. He’s a passionate blogger who talks about and reviews so many things (namely board games, books, movies, anime, and tv shows). 415 more words

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The Versatile Blogger Award II

Alrighty, I gotta thank demigod365, a blogger who is very busy with his internship yet still makes time to talk about anime and draw beautiful pictures for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. 226 more words

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The Blogger Recognition Award II

Shout-outs to:

Yahari Bento – a reviewer who writes really in-depth posts about anime, manga, and light novels! If you’re in the mood for long and analytical posts, then you’re in for a treat! 236 more words

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The Sunshine Blogger Award II

I have to thank these following amazing bloggers who nominated me:

Cauthan – a blogger who writes series review and explores a show’s positives and negatives. 2,337 more words

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This is what happens

when you try to load 3 days’ worth of blog posts on the WordPress reader. 72 more words

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Armageddon Out of Here by Derek Landy: A Review!

Now there’s only one way to start off the New Year and it’s with the book that I initially closed 2016 on. During my time at HarperCollins,  I had the pleasure of working with so many brilliant individuals from marketing, publicity, and even editorial. 295 more words