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Blog Writing-The Problem Child

Two of the hardest jobs of being a blogger is finding the time to blog when your schedule is free, and figuring out what to write. 258 more words

Gabbie's Corner

8 Years on WordPress

Today marks 8 years of blogging on WordPress. The last couple of years have been light but it’s been fun. Here’s to 8 more!


Blog Stuff

I'm here for...

Honestly? Motivating myself. Before I became an instructor I had my weightloss/workout blog which was a huge motivation for myself. I documented every workout, the changes, the mistakes. 267 more words

A Quick Blog Pondering

I’m pondering a massive deletion of posts from my blog…not everything…just a bunch of old stuff.

If you’ve done this before, did it make you sad or did it work out just fine?

Any words of wisdom?


The rules

I am going to try to post often, but sometimes I do not know what to post.  Today is one of those days, so I will share with you, my readers, what the basic rules of this blog are. 134 more words

Basic Information

Work It Like a Boss / Fabric 101


It’s time for another Work it Like A Boss! Lately I’ve been doing a bit of sewing every Friday (expect some summer-y clothing photo shoots soon), and with all of that sewing comes trips to the local fabric store. 581 more words

Blog Stuff