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Assessment, Part Three

This is the final post regarding my promotional activities for September and October. It helps me to write about it, and maybe it will improve my game in future efforts. 823 more words


Check out Author Colleen Myers

Take a look at Colleen Myers’s novel… I’m sure she would love to hear what everyone thinks. As an author, I know how important feedback and support is. 1,671 more words


Sharon Buchbinder

I want to thank Sharon Buchbinder for the guest post… I feel like I’ve told the world all there is to know about me, from the bad to the insane, to the deliriously happy… lol… I also mention facts about my life, even my daily trials with MS (multiple sclerosis)… One person suggested that I keep my health a secret, or at least keep it in the shadows… never pulling it into the light, expressing my issues… I say “That’s crap, people” … only by talking about things can we demystify them… society has a tendency to fear, or avoid, the unexplained… 92 more words


Giving Thanks Is a Choice

Linking up on this Thanksgiving week with friends over at Erika’s place: #WholeMama, where you’ll find an Overflow of great thinking on the subject of contentment.  606 more words

Bible Study

Radio or Podcast Interviews.. Gold dust for an author - Get prepared.

Wonderful news, your hard work in promoting your new book on social media and locally has paid off and you get the call or email. An invitation to do an interview on a radio station, television show or author promoting podcast. 1,728 more words

Book Marketing

tlclark reblogged this on Finder's Keepers and commented:

food for thought... we all hope to reach as many readers as possible... this is just part of that dream... and knowing beforehand what to say is an excellent idea... no one want to get an all important call from a radio or podcast, only to get on there and have that dream/nightmare... you know the one... you show up to class without your homework, or your clothes... and still the teacher wants an answer to a five part mathematical questions - all while your peers fall out of their seats laughing... sooo , my writer friends, lets all take a moment and dream big... and while we are at it, lets read through this post and prepare for that big call... happy wordage

Guest Blogger C. S. Boyack and a Special Guest

I’ve got a treat for your today. Actually a double one. Craig Boyack of Entertaining Stories and I are doing a blog swap. Craig and a “special guest” I asked him to bring along are taking over my blog, while I’m hanging out at his. 990 more words

Author Spotlight

You get a magic sword! You get a magic sword! Everyone gets a magic sword!

Charles Yallowitz and I are doing a blog swap today. I asked him to give us a brush up on writing magical items into our stories. 1,017 more words