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Blog Swap! Transitioning to Your Big Girl Job

Hello there!

It’s that time of the month again. OMG. No, not that time ladies! I’m talking Blog Swapping day with the lovely miss Kaitlyn! She’s hanging out at my blog today, and I’m here! 677 more words


#EggcerptExchange - Adam Mann

Eggcerpt Exchange: This is our last Egg-crept… then everything will calm down… :P or maybe just go back to my normal insanity… lol…


this reminds me of my pug Moe-moe… he used to steal anything he could get in his mouth… pillows, underware, shoes…. 764 more words


#EggcerptExchange - Kryssie Forturn

the Eggcerpt Exchange is almost over, but there are still a few more authors coming your way…

soon we will be back to just my insanity… but for now, check you Kryssie’s novel while I head back to my edits.. 1,221 more words


#EggcerptExchange - Brenda Baker

here’s a book to make you think… some of our greatest movies are based on novels steeped in feeling and life choices…

okay… this was just the cutest animal pic I could find… something simple, something that makes me smile… words and pics, novels and movies…. 569 more words


Blog Swap--Morning Routine

Hey y’all! As you can see from title, I’ve swapped blogs with Brittany from Kingdom of Sequins. Brittany blogs about fashion, beauty, and fitness. She is GORGEOUS and her makeup is always so on point. 676 more words


#EggcerptExchange - Kim Kasch

How many EGGcerpts have you guys got marked down on your TBR lists… I know I definitely found a few interesting finds over the past few weeks…and I swear, I will eventually get the time to read a few of them… just as soon as I get through a few more edits… lol… evil, evil edits… the month is flying by, and my edit-list is still pretty full… … 1,591 more words


#EggcerptExchange - Mary E. Thompson

I know I’ve already used this GIF, but come on… lol.. this is great… poor kid… WATCH OUT FOR SWINGING HIPS… :P

we have hit the midway point on our second month of excerpts… the bookish egg hunt is almost at a close… I have had a lot of fun getting to see all the ideas and responses from my fellow authors… a nice diversion from all the edits… but soon I will have my first contemporary romance back from the beta reader…. 1,554 more words