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Blog Swap! How To Make Your Own Christmas Traditions in 5 Ways

What time is it?! Blog swap time! I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with these posts already but for those of you who aren’t, today Allison and I will be swapping places and giving you the scoop on our updated Christmas traditions now that we’re adults! 286 more words


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Happy Friday Babes! I'm so excited for this weekend!(Obviously!) Today I'm enjoying bagel Friday and waiting for the work day to be over!! This is a post I did over on Allison's blog and just had to share it over here! I'm talking all about my Adult Christmas traditions! :)

Blog Swap! My Top 5 Places to Travel to Next

It’s blog swapping day! The last month just flew by! Make sure you go visit miss Kaitlyn on my blog today! We’re sharing our travel bucket list! 391 more words


Blog Swap! Get Yourself Organized

Seriously though. Get organized. Like NOW. Drop what you’re doing (after you read this post) and hop to it! Wait, wait! Hang on a quick second though. 463 more words


Blog Swap! How To Cure A Hangover In 6 Ways 

It’s blog swap time and you know what that means! I’m taking over Allison’s blog and she’s over on mine chatting over there! Make sure to go check out what she’s up to! 442 more words


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Happy Wednesday love muffins! Today I wanted to share a blog swap I did with Allison last month! I shared my tips on curing a hangover and it was one of my favorites! What are some of your tips for curing hangovers?

Guest Blogger: Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Hey y’all!! I am Brittany from KingdomofSequins and today I am taking over Kaitlyn’s blog!! I will be sharing my passion for fashion and some tips on summer essentials. 752 more words


Blog Swap! Those Facepalm Moments

It’s BLOG SWAPPING DAY! I know how excited all of y’all are! Just be sure to pop over to my blog to see what Kaitlyn’s got goin’ on over there! 577 more words


Blog Swap! Do's & Don't's of Traveling With Groups!

It’s BLOG SWAP day! I know how excited you guys are. After you’re done reading here be sure to head over to my blog to see what Kaitlyn is talking about today!¬† 553 more words