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#EggcerptExchange - Jacquie Biggar

Romantic Suspense isn’t my normal pick, but every once in a while I enjoy a little nail biting, heart racing romance… muhahaha

my usual picks for suspense involve something magical, but I do love a well written book with hidden hooks that pull me forward, until I can’t stand to put the book down… … 687 more words


#EggcerptExchange - Dawn Howard

Dawn is stopping by, and she even brought some of her reviews… omg… I am a little jealous guys… getting reviews is the holy grail of writing… always sought, but dang hard to acquire… lol… … 1,037 more words


Christmas Blog Swap 2015

This year I decided to join in on a fun little Christmas Blog Swap hosted by Leigh and Lindsey! I generally don’t do swaps because I think I’m a lame gift giver most of the time, but this year I thought I’d give it a go. 280 more words


Assessment, Part Three

This is the final post regarding my promotional activities for September and October. It helps me to write about it, and maybe it will improve my game in future efforts. 823 more words


Check out Author Colleen Myers

Take a look at Colleen Myers’s novel… I’m sure she would love to hear what everyone thinks. As an author, I know how important feedback and support is. 1,671 more words


Sharon Buchbinder

I want to thank Sharon Buchbinder for the guest post… I feel like I’ve told the world all there is to know about me, from the bad to the insane, to the deliriously happy… lol… I also mention facts about my life, even my daily trials with MS (multiple sclerosis)… One person suggested that I keep my health a secret, or at least keep it in the shadows… never pulling it into the light, expressing my issues… I say “That’s crap, people” … only by talking about things can we demystify them… society has a tendency to fear, or avoid, the unexplained… 92 more words


Giving Thanks Is a Choice

Linking up on this Thanksgiving week with friends over at Erika’s place: #WholeMama, where you’ll find an Overflow of great thinking on the subject of contentment.  606 more words

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