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Thinking of a New Blog Theme.

I have had this theme since the last summer, I remember designing it in Riyadh when I was there for my summer hospital practice course. Sadly, I’m starting to hate it, and it’s all because I have watched it too much. 119 more words

My Life

Under Construction

You may notice that my blog’s theme changed, it may keep changing as I play around. I did see a theme I really like, but at £56 I am not sure if its worth it


Poll: Do You Find My Blog Posts Easy to Read?

Since I am constantly worried about the theme I am using on my blog, I guess the best way to kill this concern is by asking my readers. 48 more words

General Blog Posts

Choose your Theme

Creating main page blog is only the first step.
Now you have to chose a Theme. A Theme is how your blog will look like when readers will see it. 264 more words

Day 2 - Think I have a Theme

Well today, only day two and I was already stuck in a rut thinking “what should I write on Christmas Day!?” Well tell you the truth, my Christmas always hits a sensitive spot on my heart, because the old cheer I felt when I was little is rarely there on Christmas Day since I hit puberty.  517 more words

And we've moved to Cocoa...

Time for a new theme… Cocoa by elma studio. Way better aesthetics, and minimalist design!

Seemed appropriate for a food blog.

Hello December.

I’m well aware it’s half-past December now. But still, I just got around to making my blog all Christmassy, and oh! I love it <3

Be Merry Everyone! :)