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ABC of Better Blogging - 1


In an effort to spruce up the “looks” of my blog, I ventured into the hitherto unknown world of ‘ customizing your blog theme’ 632 more words


Western Blue Bird Of Flagstaff

Under Construction: Forgive the look of the blog for a day or two, I am changing things up a bit.

Pictures: Here is a shot or two of a Western Blue Bird that came by for a bath.

Night folks


A Late-Blooming Author's Column

You may notice that each of the Scriblerians is developing a  distinct and focused column on this site, complete with a lovely meme expressing the theme of the column. 341 more words


Little Facelift

Just a short check in to tell you: check out the new header for the blog!

The old one was a picture of star trails taken from the observatory at Cornell (go Big Red!!) which was a subtle shout out to my alma mater, but you guys aren’t here for stars. 34 more words

Horse Talk

Canola and Sky #5

Here is another Canola and Sky photo taken last summer. The day was a perfect mixed of sunshine and clouds :)  I loved how the clouds moved along the horizon while the sun was shining. 42 more words


New Blog Look!

Hey, guys! I wasn’t totally happy with the appearance of my page, so I went ahead and tweaked it a bit. I would love it if you could take a look and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 18 more words

The elusive theme font & playing with CSS

I’m still looking for the title font in my new theme’s demo version. This particular font was not included in the theme files I downloaded and installed – nor, apparently, in the demo files, which I also downloaded and installed, in order to make my new blog look as much like the demo as possible. 579 more words