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My blog theme | Oh Ryu!

It took me a while till I found a theme which met the requirements of my blog. Through try and error, I finally found Ryu. Ryu was created specifially for the Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter generation of personal bloggers.  309 more words


On a Side Note

Some things are best left static.  I tried to change the theme of this blog yesterday, to put a physical mark on the changes taking place in content.  41 more words

Top 5 WordPress Premium blog and magazine theme

At to start with, it was used just to blog. In any case, with the movement of time, it transformed into the primary web dispersed stage. 403 more words

Best Wordpress Theme

Choosing the Blog Theme

Explanation for your choice of blog theme


Western Blue Bird Of Flagstaff

Under Construction: Forgive the look of the blog for a day or two, I am changing things up a bit.

Pictures: Here is a shot or two of a Western Blue Bird that came by for a bath.

Night folks


A Late-Blooming Author's Column

You may notice that each of the Scriblerians is developing a  distinct and focused column on this site, complete with a lovely meme expressing the theme of the column. 341 more words


Little Facelift

Just a short check in to tell you: check out the new header for the blog!

The old one was a picture of star trails taken from the observatory at Cornell (go Big Red!!) which was a subtle shout out to my alma mater, but you guys aren’t here for stars. 34 more words

Horse Talk