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New blog theme!

Swagity! I haven’t felt ever so easily at home in a new blog theme, but I totally love the Nucleare theme here on WP!

I took the liberty of more fully moving in, and now you can find links to my… 189 more words


Ever-Changing Blog Theme.

For this, I apologize. I’ve had this blog for… a week? So I’m still trying out themes. Please bear with me. Now, if you happen to have an opinion, please share! 48 more words



The looks that got us to this day:






May 2015: Beauty On The Road

There is a theme to this coming month. And that theme is Beauty On The Road!

Sure you’ve got your beauty regime covered when you’re at home, but what about in a new climate? 70 more words


New Blog Theme - Take 3

Thanks to Sheena from Not a Punk Rocker for finding the answer to my post title font size problem – it seems that with the… 230 more words


New Blog Theme - Take 2...

Well that’s been a stressful couple of hours trying to find a blog theme I like that actually works the way I want it to – I was looking for something streamlined, but not too plain, and with the kind of navigation I find intuitive, but I’ve given up for now and have settled on… 163 more words


New Blog Theme...

Hmmm… I’ve revamped my blog theme today to Twenty Fifteen, and although most things seem to have migrated over correctly, I’m a bit confused about my post titles – some seem to be showing in the larger font (like this one) as expected, but quite a few seem to be showing in a smaller font, and I have no idea why? 58 more words