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New Blog Theme - Take 3

Thanks to Sheena from Not a Punk Rocker for finding the answer to my post title font size problem – it seems that with the… 230 more words


New Blog Theme - Take 2...

Well that’s been a stressful couple of hours trying to find a blog theme I like that actually works the way I want it to – I was looking for something streamlined, but not too plain, and with the kind of navigation I find intuitive, but I’ve given up for now and have settled on… 163 more words


New Blog Theme...

Hmmm… I’ve revamped my blog theme today to Twenty Fifteen, and although most things seem to have migrated over correctly, I’m a bit confused about my post titles – some seem to be showing in the larger font (like this one) as expected, but quite a few seem to be showing in a smaller font, and I have no idea why? 58 more words


Sunday Morning Musing

Good morning everyone.  It’s really very early here, but I’m not a bit sleepy after my marathon sleep yesterday, so I’m doing some posts now, and after this one is published, will possibly save some for later, so I can catch up on other things.   685 more words

Breathing new Life into the Blog

It has only been two months since I started blogging and I must say the experience has been heart-warming. I’ve made new ‘friends’ and I am hoping that the journey will only get better and better. 190 more words

As i told in previous post that my theme Resoner was not enough confident so i’ve changed it. Yeah i’m feeling very busy in customisation of my life time blog. 7 more words


4 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Blogging

Do you wish your blog’s readership was greater?  Do you wish you had more blog followers?

Lately, readers have been writing asking how they can grow their blogs and expressing disappointment and frustration that their blogs are not growing quicker.  781 more words