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Processing a conversation with my advisor

I did it.  I faced my fears, admitted my limitations, and had a serious conversation with my research advisor about my progress in graduate school.  987 more words

Devastating No Matter How Small

My entire household is distraught.  Our pet, Wiggles, died.  We loved her immensely.  I knew how much we care about our mice.  I knew we’d bonded.  143 more words

Blog Therapy

Decision roadblock #3: admitting it

This is the third in a series about the issues that have been preventing me from making a decision about what to do with my life.  877 more words

A navel-gazing free write

The context here is that I’ve signed up for WordPress’s “Writing 101.”  For the next four weeks, I’ll receive daily writing prompts (it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to find the time to post… 592 more words

Decision roadblock #2: what if I like it again?

This is the second in a series tackling my “decision roadblocks,” the obstacles standing in the way of resolving my paralyzing issues with graduate school and beyond… 1,242 more words

Amazon's April Fools Joke

Lame, Amazon.  I’m sure someone thought it was hilarious … What a funny, haha moment you had to have thought you were having!  Let’s play around with the landing page for the website!  157 more words


Ick Season

*whispers into the interwebz mic – Hi peeps!

There are germs in our house … I imagine them LIKE THIS.  They aren’t alone, either.  They are accompanied by allergens gallore.  93 more words