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Today my grandma said her final Aloha and took her last breath. I can’t seem to grasp that it’s real. I mean all my life, she’s been there. 535 more words

For Mamas

T minus 6 days and counting

We’ve less than a week to go before Younger Brother’s head surgery, and people keep asking how I’m doing.  I never know how to answer questions like that.  630 more words

Breaking old habits...

Dear Diary…

You didn’t tell me it would be this hard, but you also failed to mention- the accomplishment feels great! Almost fell down the “black hole of hell!” 48 more words

#mm808 Dear Diary,


People who take stock in you as a person, and who value your place in their life, enjoy learning things about you, your background, your fears and weaknesses, and sharing the same with you- all in order to share in a communal exchange of comfort and encouragement, to provide support without incrimination, and to weather with you the blizzards and spring days of life, alike. 835 more words


New Year! New You! Reward with yourself by starting a yoga practice.

Recently my friend Kasia asked me to share a yoga practice with her readers on her blog The Savvy Dreamer I have been following her healthy lifestyle blog for a while now because she shares such delicious recipes, interesting travel stories, helpful fashion and beauty tips.

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#mm808 Dear Diary,

A mixed bag

By the end of the month, I have gone through my blog and have scheduled selected previous posts on my Facebook page.  I meticulously (or randomly) go through each year since 2011 and choose which posts to re-share.   100 more words

Sad Days

Vodka&me “sitting in a tree!”

Dear Vodka,

I️ promised I️ would give you my answer. Do I️ miss you? & Why am I️ ignoring you?

My answer is, “No” (I️ don’t miss you!) 114 more words

#mm808 Dear Diary,