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I'm not like you, but I can pretend...

I am not like you, but I can pretend…..That’s the problem isn’t it? I no longer look up to you. I don’t try to be like you. 611 more words


Shut Down

Self-destructive behavior. Maybe. Maybe not. It is what it is.

I woke up depressed today, my last post took a lot out of me. It did not help that smack dab in the middle of writing it, my mother started texting me about my brother. 403 more words


Hang me out to dry

When I was young, I looked up to my older bother. We are four years apart. I constantly wanted his attention. I think I was seeking a bond that I did not get from my parents. 714 more words


Troubled People

I am still on my Kurt Cobain kick. I have been reading a lot and exploring a lot. I have gone through this process time and time before. 386 more words


The Artist's Way

So, Sunday I watched the new Kurt Cobain documentary. For the next two days I was a wreck. See, I loved Mr. Cobain. As a fellow HSP, I relate to him a great deal. 789 more words


Come As You Are

Hello, I am you’re average everyday human being… Just Kidding..

I am a “Highly Sensitive Person”. This does not mean I am a crybaby (I am though), it means that I have a higher sensitivity to EVERYTHING than most, being hsp is widely misunderstood. 211 more words


Daily Positive;Day 11

Monday 11th May

Its become a bit of a routine that on a Monday at approximately 7.30 I take the dog for a walk, I follow the same route every week and leave at about the same time, a stalkers dream are my Monday Walks. 63 more words

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