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Melancholy Mechanics

Today I went to a triple baby shower of three co-workers, two of whom I am especially close to. They are all due in December, weeks apart from one another. 460 more words

Blog Therapy

What Did You Learn From This Relationship?

Today my therapist asked me this question. My response:

Level 20 Elf and I met on OKCupid. I know what you are thinking–Girl, that’s your problem right there, you meeting men on OKCupid. 686 more words


Psychotherapy Assessment.

So found out that I am more than likely have Borderline Personality Disorder.  It makes so much sense for me.  I will go into detail when I am not collapsing from exhaustion.

Blog Therapy

The Art of Allowing

I am rewriting my stories. Rewiring my brain. It’s how we make sense of this experience we find ourselves in, us humans, this intricate pulsating web of energy we perceive as the material world. 1,020 more words

Art Of Allowing

Job Talk: Karen Kelsky's Advice for the First Year on the Tenure Track

I adore Dr. Karen Kelsky over at The Professor is In.  I met her at an MLA conference a few years ago and geeked out on her and she was very gracious.  318 more words

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Sex- part 2

It’s not like this has only just occurred to me, the idea that sex is the missing ingredient in my life and adding a little to the mix might be just the thing I need to create the balanced diet I’m looking for. 1,091 more words

Art Of Allowing

We likes a challenge... don't we!

It’s all good.

I was all showered up and dressed and walking in the bright Derbyshire sunshine towards my appointment with the GP so that he could resume my repeat prescription of Propranolol or whatever (it still feels like a joke name for me, I have to look it up everytime). 1,486 more words