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Single-Childless-Working Woman Problems

Single-Childless-Working Woman Problems. That’s what I like to call some of the challenges in my life these days. I don’t care who it offends, it’s reclaiming the challenges in my life that are often underplayed by society because I don’t have a family to take care of.   447 more words


Blog Therapy n°1: First Setback (mental health post)

What do you do when your next appointment with the doctor is 17 days from now?

You talk. More precisely, you talk to yourself. Then you think it is not enough. 1,035 more words

Life In General

How Not To Deal with Quarter Life Crisis

It hit me just before my 25th birthday.

My varsity sweetheart and I were out to lunch. I knew that I would have to break up with this lovely soul who I had spent close to seven years with. 1,535 more words

Blog Therapy

Time Stamp: Blog Writer's Block

As of late, I’ve ‘got nothing’.  Facebook has ruined my blogging.

Blog Therapy


When I was writing my previous post, I had not been feeling particularly down or unhappy. I was just exploring some of the difficult feelings that I had been experiencing from time to time since having Austin. 113 more words


Grandma's House

When I was a child I used to have this reoccurring nightmare.  I would wake terrified and disoriented, feeling a stress I could not understand and would not understand until 20 years later. 1,188 more words