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Tips for writing blog entries

I’ve been blogging for several years and writing reviews for almost as long.  I’ve read some really amazing review and blog posts and have also read some extremely atrocious ones.   586 more words

Weight Loss

7 Tips to Overcome Blogging Writer's Block

If you are a blogger or writer of any kind then you undoubtedly have had your fair share of frustrating moments in front of your computer or notebook. 977 more words


SUNNY SIDE UP | the best speeches to help get you motivated & find your passions

Sometimes when I need to get some things done, when I can’t really focus, when my mind feels a bit fuzzy, I have to take a break from my work. 674 more words


How to best-practice a travel blog

When it comes to travel blogging, the best ones are well researched, have well written content and are presented in a professional style. That may be a little different to a small write up on Instagram, which most of us consider being a good way to document our travels. 510 more words

Dear Diary...

My older sister used to lock herself in her room and write in her diary every single day. The secret crushes and the hated rivals of her teenage years were detailed within the pages of a small leather book, secured in a secret hiding spot and locked with a tiny key. 214 more words

Writing Tips

Finding Balance In Your Writing Life

When you are in flow, writing is so satisfying and rewarding an experience that finding the right balance in your writing life may be the last thing on your mind.   962 more words

A Word From The Editor

So it starts again.

So I’m back. After my time away from writing and inspiration from this blog by Abdullahi, I’m going to give another crack. One helpful piece of advice I want to put out there is one from a meme I saw earlier today. 49 more words