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Top 10 blogging mistakes for newbies

I will not discuss broad topics about blogging mistakes because it could go on and on, but there are few things a newbie should understand in order to stay in the loop. 603 more words

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My personal Travel Blog tips that can help you gain more followers

Travel Blogs will never get out of style. As long as people travel and enjoy sharing them online, they will remain a likable trend. People will continue to patronize such blogs because being able to experience the world in just few clicks truly inspires. 606 more words

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Danny's World: I Know My Mission, Do You?

It is important to me to know why I do what I do.  I do not move through the life all willy-nilly.  I have to have a purpose and I must understand-to the best of my ability-what that purpose is and how I can best advance it. 158 more words


You Could Get a Reblog If You Leave a Link!

Here’s the idea:

I am going to recycle this post from day-to-day and allow readers to leave links to their post in the comments. I’ll be using this in 2 ways: 1. 100 more words


Grab Your Partner Spot Now: Only 1 Left!

Let me ask you a question…if more people knew about the quality of your content, that you are willing to engage and that you are interested in helping to support the blogging community, do you think they would be more inclined to follow you or read you page? 128 more words


Let's chat about where I've been, blogging slumps, and how to get out of them

I think all bloggers can agree that blogging slumps are awful, I mentioned in my April wrap up that I was in a one and I’m happy to say I that after two months I’m finally out of it! 517 more words

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Blog Networking: 5/24/17

Here’s how to network your blog. The work is done for you, all you have to do is LIKE, COMMENT and FOLLOW others. The more you network with other blogs, the more other blogs will network with you! 45 more words