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I’m a Liebster Award Nominee!

First and foremost I would like to thank Let it Go Disney Opinions for nominating me for the Liebster Award!

As a person who just started blogging less than a year ago and to be acknowledged for my efforts by another blogger is an award on its own! 452 more words

The Biz.

Blogging Tips- Quick Tip: Schedule A Post

You’re inspired, you’ve got this content that you want to jot down but you’re not quite ready to post it yet. You have two options. 206 more words


Blogging Tips- "Read More" Tag

You might be wondering what’s the “Read More” tag and why would you want to use it? I’m glad you clicked to find out! 747 more words


Importance of the Blog

Many companies overlook the importance of an active blog. First and foremost, this is the voice of the organization. It is the heart beat and a chance the people behind the scenes to talk directly to their current and potential customers or members. 219 more words


The symbol

If you write your posts in another place than wp app, wp admin or dashboard and then paste the text into the postmaking section you will find out that your spacing and paragraphing will not follow. 82 more words

What Ever

Why I'm Rebranding My Blog

Two years ago I decided to start blogging; I was blogging for myself with no real goal, purpose, or focus, had little engagement and was writing whatever came to mind without any specific direction. 776 more words


What does Healing connect with?

The Healing connection: mind-body-soul

Six months after my last Chemotherapy I was climbing the 197 steps ascending to the top of the Arc D’Triumph in Paris, marching up and down the metro stairs and hiking through the passages of mazes in the London Underground Tube while pulling my wheeled suitcase behind me. 285 more words