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7 Things You Need To Do Before Pressing Publish

You have completed your post and are eager to press “publish” but hold on! Have you done the following? 314 more words

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How To Get More Followers On Your Blog For Free

Every other Monday, I like to feature a blog article that I found useful to help my readers discover other great bloggers.  This article has been in my schedule list for a while but I loved how simple and feasible the ideas.  70 more words


Have some self-respect! – A blogger’s golden rule 

I was watching children’s TV show the other day, with my son, and the episode of the programme we were watching was entitled ‘self-respect’. First of all, I thought it sounded a little harsh telling kids to ‘have self-respect!’, but I soon realised that it was actually talking about teaching children to have ‘respect for themselves’ – to be proud of what they have achieved, the talents they have and their own characteristics. 788 more words


4 Steps to Creating a Great List Post

From 10 Things I Hate About You to “3 Bananas that Look Like Celebrities,” people LOVE lists.

Don’t believe me? Readers prefer headlines with numbers over all other types, according to this Conductor article titled, not surprisingly “ 430 more words

Computer System House Based Company - Freelance Blogging Tips

Blogging is among the most easy things that you might make use of to bring in visitors as well as enhance your websites SEO ranking. Here are 6 blogging tips to help you develop content easily and likewise guarantee that individuals find visiting your blog a satisfying experience. 503 more words

10 email newsletters that make me eager to check my inbox

Email. Is it the scourge of our modern world? When did ‘inbox zero’ become that longed for thing that’s as rare as a unicorn?  I spend a  few minutes of every day unsubscribing from lists, resentfully, that have added me without permission or deleting crap that won’t let me escape their self-promoting drivel. 1,449 more words

Blog Tips

Grey's Anatomy - Season 4


Season 4… CHECK!

Here we go:

  • Cristina and Meredith went on a honeymoon together. That’s goals.
  • Addison is gone :(
  • I love George being an intern.
  • 235 more words