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Unsettle the dust in your draft (A guide to get your writing done)

You wake up and realize your draft for that interesting novel is still sitting on your desktop. Yesterday, you open it ten times without adding a single sentence to it. 505 more words


Writer's block and how to deal with it?

Writer’s block is real but first, you must understand the reason for your failure to be creative. Writer’s block is like a disease that comes creeping when you least expected it. 545 more words


Why I put off reading flashy ‘Make Money Blogging’ blogs online?

One of the things that inspire me as a blogger is reading some of the most successful blogs online, and I have to tell you they can be downright brutal about their figures. 692 more words



As the headline indicates, YES, I’m trying not to lose my marbles whilst juggling my ‘two’ blogs and I wonder how those super bloggers with dozens of blogs do it. 195 more words


Useful Blogging Tips | The Single MOST Important Tip to keep your Blog Organized

It’s easy to be organised when you get started- just write and publish your post. It’s a no-brainer! But what happens after a few months of regular blogging, or even after a year? 931 more words

Life Made Easy

Why Grammar Fanatics Make Blogging A Drag

Simply put: there are actual professional bloggers. Since they make so much money, their blog is polished, affiliate link ridden, perfection. Their grammar is exceptional, their posts are worthy of every boring writer award you can find. 113 more words


I'd Hate to be the One to Tell You, but You've Gotten Boring.

I was speaking to my editor the other day, as we had a phone meeting regarding my new Zarah book… When we got on to the topic of social media and, in particular, the publishing company’s private Facebook page. 1,593 more words