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Merancang blog title dengan Picsart

Sejak jaman digitalisasi kamera, software untuk mengedit foto juga berkembang pesat. Saya ingat, kamera digital saya yang pertama itu sekitar 11 tahun lalu, sebuah kamera saku merk X. 825 more words


the name game

First class at Blogging U.: homework on who I am. Second class at Blogging U.: “edit your title and tagline.”

My title is a darkened house… 287 more words

Blogging U. 101

My 2015 Year in Blogging

Yang paling menyenangkan di akhir tahun adalah berbagai kaledeiskop, year end review, dll untuk berbagai hal.

Salah satu favorit saya adalah menerima report Your 2015 year in blogging… 421 more words

Belajar Menulis

So much about friendships.

Back to the point where i started. Feeling like shit.

“I know you’re good with English so could you give me an advice of how to write this title for my blog.

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Personal Diary

New Blog Title and Header

I decided my blog has become more a journal of my sketches so I changed the name to ‘Teri’s Sketch Journal’ and I inserted a new header image.


What's in A Name?

When I decided to start blogging, I thought, “Okay, I need to come up with a clever name that makes sense and isn’t the title of 5,000 other blogs. 530 more words



There are so many whispers left unsaid in this world. They’re more like ignored thoughts. Thoughts that sometimes have the power to grow. But once lost, they’re lost forever. 106 more words