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According to one’s behavior, one can show class of belonging. – B Banu


The Calvin What?

Since I’m a bit new to this, and y’all are new to me, I figured a little backstory was appropriate. So here it is!

The Calvin Arms probably seems like a bit of a strange title for a personal/lifestyle blog. 1,079 more words


An account of names, their choosing, and explanations thereof.

It was decidedly not a dark and stormy night when I created this blog. It was a sunny, very humid, boring afternoon. Because even if, in the future, a blogger-hating serial killer marks me for death because of this blog, Mother Nature just does not give a flying fuck. 133 more words

First Post

I’ve toyed with the idea of making a real blog for a while now, and today was the day I bit the bullet and did it. 153 more words

Blog Title

Temporary hiatus/cop-out due to excessive GRE studying — updates will return after 16 May.

3 Great Tips for Creating an Attention-Grabbing Blog Post Title (and Why it is Crucial to Have One!)

By Alex Kolanowski

You’ve got the content written, the material is golden, and you know everyone is going to love it… But sometimes traffic just doesn’t flow to your post. 601 more words

Digital Marketing

Change It Up

This week I have been thinking about my header. I have been using it since I pushed myself of building an empire of posts in this part of the blogosphere. 299 more words