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Change It Up

This week I have been thinking about my header. I have been using it since I pushed myself of building an empire of posts in this part of the blogosphere. 299 more words


What's in a Name

As a ‘Blogging 101′ student, I’ve been asked to reconsider the title of my blog, along with my tagline. The tagline is coming into focus as I write, and I’m hopeful it will be clear enough for me to see it by the end of this post. 559 more words

30-Day Blogging Challenge: The meaning behind "Monkey Mind Yoga"

Most people who meditate are familiar with “the monkey mind”.

When I participated in a five-day meditation retreat in Thailand, the Buddhist monk would say, “Your mind is like a monkey. 119 more words


Rear View

There she goes

There she goes again

Racing through my brain

And I just can’t contain

This feeling that remains

My sister used to have the song on her playlist that I managed to copy before she deleted it. 193 more words


Why “Renaissance Musings”

Blogging 101 – Day Two

“Today’s Assignment: edit your title and tagline.”

When I began thinking about a blog more than a year ago, the only thing I knew for sure was that the title was going to be “Renaissance Musings.” … 354 more words

Blogging 101

Read, Write, Live

Reading has been something as essential as breathing. Always. It started from comics at a young age. Comics were frowned upon in those times. They did not have the acceptance they have today; now, they are crucibles of creativity and it can be imagined that the kids reading them today would graduate to reading and perhaps writing the graphic novels so popular in this age. 286 more words


All about you

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you. Well the blog that you’re reading right now isn’t my main blog. I think it’s pretty clear what this sites title means and it’s also clear that it doesn’t mean more than that. 340 more words

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