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New Name for my Blog!

Hello lovely readers,

Welcome to my freshly updated blog, I Sing My Soul!

This space has been in a bit of limbo since I decided that I would not primarily be writing about my adventures in Izmir, Turkey (where I live). 250 more words


Compilation Essay: Week Three (Travel Blogging)

The time has finally come for the compilation essay in which I address the topic of travel blogging. In this post, I will look back on the notes I took on travel blogs over the week, and focus on interesting correlations, conclusions, and tendencies I’ve noticed in the sub-genre of travel blogging. 1,095 more words


Changes galore!

Since March of last year I have been writing on two blogs. I didn’t want to spam everyone with a ton of posts about books when they just wanted to hear about travel and I had the time to write two blogs. 119 more words

30 Days | Day 9

30 Days | Day 9 – The Meaning Behind My Blog’s Title

In 2014, Owl City released a song called ‘Beautiful Times’. I haven’t been a big fan of his most recent work, but this song just came at the perfect time for me and a few of my friends. 128 more words


Why the Title? Why the Tagline?

Today’s assignment on my “Blogging 101” course was called: “Take Control of Your Title and Tagline”. I thought I should take some time to try and explain how I chose the name and tagline for this blog. 293 more words


Merancang blog title dengan Picsart

Sejak jaman digitalisasi kamera, software untuk mengedit foto juga berkembang pesat. Saya ingat, kamera digital saya yang pertama itu sekitar 11 tahun lalu, sebuah kamera saku merk X. 825 more words

Daily Stories

the name game

First class at Blogging U.: homework on who I am. Second class at Blogging U.: “edit your title and tagline.”

My title is a darkened house… 287 more words

Blogging U. 101