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There are so many whispers left unsaid in this world. They’re more like ignored thoughts. Thoughts that sometimes have the power to grow. But once lost, they’re lost forever. 106 more words

What is a She???

Some of you may have noticed a change, instead of FindingFaiza I changed my title to Looking for She.

Why? Because I noticed that finding myself is to find my power, my womanhood, my strength, my sensitivity, and my love for myself. 249 more words


Greetings and Salutations!

Welcome to the first, and likely most generic, post of Let’s Talk Rhetoric! The scope of this project is large since the topic of Rhetoric vast in nature. 75 more words


One day I looked up from my phone and turned to my boyfriend, asking one of the simplest and most difficult questions of all; how would you describe me in one word? 248 more words


#1. Blog Title.

Pieces and Breathing.

(just a series of how to live in a mind like mine)

Since I have started blogging, I have changed my blogs title for at least three time until I have settled with this title. 146 more words


The Chitter Chatter Box

So I had been trying to think of a title for my new blog, and along comes my 5-year-old. We were discussing the reasons for our tardiness to my mother’s house when Eva says, “because I was playing, and you were chitter chattering or whatever you say.” It hit me only a few moments later that those cute little words would be my title. 79 more words