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My First Post

Hello Everyone, I am Vikas Singh Patel this is my first blog post.

Here on this site i will share the information which is of your interest so please give me a chance to provide you the information of your need, so please follow me as stay tuned to get the latest updates. 20 more words

Vikas Singh Patel

What Does my Blog Title mean?

What does my title mean?

Brilliant: adj. meaning:

* 1 : very bright : glittering

* 2 a : striking, distinctive 
b : distinguished by unusual mental keenness or alertness… 333 more words

The Brilliance In Growing Up

With my grandma’s knitting needles

I have no idea on how to start a blog and even less on where this journey may lead me. But then the last three months have shown me that a life journey might be full of detours and planning ahead sometimes seems pretty useless. 319 more words

Blog Title

Why the strange blog title?

This is written on my “about the author page”, but I wanted to make it a blog post to make it clear to my readers. I received the inspiration for the title from Stranger Things, where the science teacher was using the flea and the acrobat to explain how to walk between dimensions. 64 more words

Love Is Not Over: Why I Chose My Blog Title

In my “About Me” section, I mentioned that I love Korean Pop music. I got into kpop somewhere around 2009. Over the years, I have loved many groups and many songs. 380 more words

Life In General

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your post is ready, your formatting is done and you have added a few pictures as well but are still wondering if you have missed something before clicking the publish button? 1,042 more words