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The Deeper 2016: A Little Bit of Due Clarity

6:37 on the toilet (yeah, I know, great setting)

Why ever forgo thought? Sometimes the weirdest of places create the best thought provoking situations. But I have a theory about my life and situation currently. 270 more words

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Dirk Gently on US TV

Whenever I hear about one of my favourite novels being adapted for the big screen, or the moderate screen that fits in my house, I’m wary. 663 more words

Tyson Adams

The Deeper 2016: Torrential Relativity

4:58 in a university cafe booth.

It is pouring like a typhoon outside, as God seems to be angry at somebody or something.  But in the midst of all the torrential downpour, it gives me a sense of security and safety.   580 more words

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The Deeper 2016: Destiny

8:31 pm, by the counter

If I could summarize part of myself to one word it would be searching.  My entire existence is a huge constant search for something that I can truly connect with.   647 more words


The Deeper 2016: Extinguishment

8:04 pm, by the counter

Addiction is a whirlwind and vortex of pain and hurt that is dependent upon a momentary high that must sustain itself in order for the host to survive.   590 more words


The Deeper 2016: The Purge

10:19 by the counter

A few nights ago I posted a quick summarization of how an addiction completely controls and dictates the flow of one’s life and direction, where little control and capabilities are left to an addict’s rationality, as his humanity is swept away in a violent forceful flood or despair and anger.   574 more words


The Deeper 2016: Attachment Styles

11:14 in bed

It has been awhile since I have written on my blog, and it reinforces my unfortunate tendency to get really excited about things in the beginning, and then when the time comes, something else catches my eye and I forgo the other things that use to give me pleasure. 508 more words