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Hipster Kindle

I’ve been pulling out my Kindle more often of late. So many advantages, especially when it comes to getting my hands on Advanced Review Copies to read.

Anyone else love their Kindle?

Tyson Adams

Book Review: Raw Wounds by Matt Hilton

Raw Wounds by Matt Hilton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Blood is thicker than water, unless you stab a relative, then it needs to be washed off with water. 168 more words

Tyson Adams

Happy Valentine's Day from the Neugebauer's

Our special way to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family was to go for our run! We were made for each other….that’s for sure! :) Got a nice warm up and cool down with our sweet puppy, Emma, and then got the workout in per our Ironman training plan. 24 more words


Fueling the Vegetarian Athlete

It’s all about planning! Athletes who choose a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle risk insufficient intake of calories and protein as well as certain vitamins and minerals. 303 more words


Interpreting Music Review Terminology

Last week I posted a handy guide to Book Review Terminology. Book reviews aren’t the only area that has incomprehensible jargon. Music reviews are often troubling, they use industry jargon that not everyone understands, especially not the people using the jargon. 362 more words

Tyson Adams

Interpreting Book Review Terminology

Have you ever read a book review and been baffled by the jargon the reviewer uses? Like any profession, book reviewers have their own jargon that is meaningless and annoying to anyone not steeped in the mire of that profession. 543 more words

Tyson Adams

How Audiobooks Are Recorded

This is an interesting short video featuring Suzy Jackson, voice artist, recording an audiobook at Audible Studios.

Joanna Penn has also interviewed a number of people on her podcast about audiobooks, which are worth listening to. 54 more words

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