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DIYs: Are they better than the pre-made item?

Hey guys,

Recently, I came across an article that really caught my eye. It made me question why we enjoy making DIY projects so much and why we put so much value into them. 500 more words


DIY Watermelon Fruit Dish

Hey guys!

I found an awesome DIY called a watermelon fruit dish on this website called “love this pic”, Check it out here. You can use this creation at a party or any gathering in which you have guests. 67 more words


DIY Survey Results!

Hello all, after tabulating the results from my previously posted survey about DIYs, I wanted to share with you what I found! Now, I am a Marketing/PR major so survey distribution is right in my field, and in other words, I really enjoyed viewing all of your results. 815 more words


Word Cloud images

Hey guys! I made two awesome Word Clouds for my blog. Here they are, check them out!

Tune in for my next post <3


What to Blog About?

We all started a blog for something, right? Maybe you created yours as a fun space to write anything you want. Maybe some of you are like me, who created a blog with notion that this could be your profession. 818 more words


What Makes a Great Blog?

From wordpress prompts: What makes a great blog? What causes you to hit “like” or to make a comment? What causes you to follow a blog? 825 more words

Two Bloggers, One Topic

So, feeling all creative and stuff, I thought I’d give Mandy Collins​ a couple of topics for her weekly Wednesday blog, because I love her writing, and I am keen to see what she does with topics I had already selected for my own blog. 75 more words

Tandem Blogging