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Calling All Blogs!

It’s that time again! Comment below and let us know what you write about. Reblog this where you can. MOST IMPORTANTLY, get on and read some blogs that are new to you. Share the blog love…..


My Experience with Cataract Surgery

Two years ago my retinal specialist noted on a regular checkup that I had developed cataracts on both eyes. The cataracts were sitting right in the center of my only remaining window of vision. 1,035 more words

Blog Topics

Nothing Important to Say

It seems odd to me that during the four years I blogged every day, I seldom found myself with nothing to say, but now that I blog only when circumstances allow, I have a hard time finding anything to say. 526 more words


How to Create Better Blog Content That Will Bring You an Enormous Audience

Do you know your own mind?

I’m sure your immediate answer is, “Of course, I do.”

Well, that’s great.  Then, maybe your blog has a niche. 1,386 more words


I'm back! (I hope!)

I haven’t had the patience to write recently. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of stuff on my head, but I just can’t seem to sit down and write them out. 251 more words

Evolve or Die

Evolve or die. Simple concept to understand, but have you implemented it? I mean really looked at your business segments/processes and evolved?

While embracing my morning “what to write about” moment, I came across a 23 inspirations for blog topics. 462 more words



When site first arrived, it was happily embraced by teens and after by grownups to write about their everyday lives. Subsequently writers and journalists entered the combination, writing about novels and fact-finding reports on their websites. 312 more words

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