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Dr Dawn Mannay: Challenging perceptions: reimaging the lives of marginalised communities and being seen and heard

Dr Dawn Mannay will be speaking at our 2016 autumn event #Visual16: Visual Methods Day. She is a Senior Lecturer in Social Sciences (Psychology) at Cardiff University. 523 more words

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Blog Bytes - Stay True To Your Voice

Holding on to your voice

One great aspect of blogging that a good number of bloggers overlook is holding on to their voice in the huge world of blogging.The tendency is that in the bid to gain readership, they don’t take the time to understand that their voice is what drives their blog and in running helter-skelter one’s voice gets drowned out. 49 more words


Bonus 2: What's For Dinner

Find a recipe online for a dish that perfectly connects to or sums up your graphic novel or the main character in your graphic novel. 83 more words

Blog Post 8: Final Impressions

1.  Write a blog post in which you describe your thoughts about the graphic novel after you have finished reading it.

Some topics you could include: 75 more words

Blog Topics

Blog Post 7: Original Art

A.  Create a sketch or drawing that emphasizes, connects to or symbolizes some part of your graphic novel.

-do not simply recreate a scene

-instead aim to create a symbolic representation of a character, event or theme… 105 more words

Blog Post 6: Everybody Hurts...

Watch (feel free to sing- a-long):


Write a blog entry in which you describe the worst or most difficult problem or conflict that the main character must deal with. 61 more words