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What's My Point?

What’s my point. A statement I often make when I’ve criss-crossed a thousand loosely related tangents to frame my discussion and establish my point. Then I rhetorically ask aloud, “what’s my point.” It’s a focusing technique, a moment to let the contrail of thoughts and concepts settle, catch-up and then I execute a grand paraphrase. 279 more words

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I brain-stormed and eventually came up with 365 subjects.  I came up with these very quickly without trying to figure out what exactly I would write about.  240 more words


did you Read that?

When I invite folks to read anything I’ve written, it is not an invitation given with ease. It takes an awful lot for me to even suggest to anyone out there that I actually do write, but I do, and I write often and about topics that most people would cringe to even bring up. 519 more words

Just Thoughts

BSA Annual Conference 2017: Funded Places

Have you been a concessionary member of the BSA for more than 12 months?

Could you be eligible for a BSA Support Funded Place to the BSA Annual Conference 2017? 259 more words

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Visual Innovation: A Methods Workshop #Visual16


On 22nd November 2016, the BSA Postgraduate Forum and the BSA Visual Methods Study Group hosted a joint event at Staffordshire University: Visual Methods & Innovation. 1,651 more words

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