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What This Blog Is

Clearly, I don’t have a set pattern for what I post here. I just kind of post what’s on my mind. Whether it’s my grandfather or a boy that’s not mine, it’s all how I’m feeling. 90 more words


iPlay Task: Physical Activity Leadership (Due May 15th)

One of the prescribed learning outcomes for iPlay is, “leadership in a wide range of physical activity situations”

In this task, iPlayers can either:

1. Describe a time when you lead a physical activity… 150 more words


David Byrne, Durham University

Desert Islands differ and the resources available to castaways can be radically different. Crusoe had a full set of tools, cooking implements, guns and gunpowder. Most real castaways have next to nothing. 939 more words

Blog Topics

Building Better Blogs: Part 2, Developing Content

Entire books have been written on developing content, so don’t expect that I’m going to be able to give you a full run down in a fucking blog, ok?   737 more words


I'm Not Great at Goal Setting

Hey you,

Here we are at Day #2 already, and though I’m still feeling motivated the reality is setting in. How am I going to squeeze in time for 500 words a day, every day? 515 more words

My 500 Words

Pre-Blog and a Challenge

Hey you,

I want to blog.  I don’t even know what that means anymore. It’s not the way it used to be in 2003 when you just opened a… 576 more words

Writing Challenge

Blog Post 7: Original Art

A.  Create a sketch or drawing that emphasizes, connects to or symbolizes some part of your graphic novel.

-do not simply recreate a scene

-instead aim to create a symbolic representation of a character, event or theme… 105 more words

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