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Stupidest Ideas to Break Writer's Block

Having exhausted my creative energies yesterday in posting a blog that basically said “Hey, this is my new blog”, I did what everyone do when they struggle with difficult spellings, obscure references and unsatisfactory erections. 337 more words

Blog Topics

How To Choose A Blog Topic That Speaks To You

By Nicole Tinkham

Something that has recently come up on our Facebook page is blogging. Many artists would love to start a blog but have no clue where to start. 915 more words

To be a thoughtful writer

What makes a good blog post? What gets lots of likes and shares? I have no idea. I’m just going to keep putting a bit of effort into each blog posts in the hope that someone somewhere finds it vaguely interesting, funny or informative. 889 more words


YouTube Ministry

Now that my presence in the blog world has been established, I should probably talk about the full extent of my ministry. This blog is just the start. 297 more words

Computer Games

Too many ideas with maybe enough time??

I know that I want this blog to be about my relationship with the Lord and my perspective on all the things I am learning but honestly I have so many ideas for posts I don’t really know where to start. 232 more words


Why Nancy Drew?

Some of my readers my be wondering, “Why base a ministry off of a computer game?” and also “Why the Nancy Drew games in particular?” Well the answer to that is simple, but it requires some explanation. 484 more words

Computer Games


At Kitt Peak, where I work, the 4-meter telescope is getting a new coat of paint. Also, I now have my first wave of galleys for… 375 more words