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10 Blog Topics That Generate Tons of Traffic (and how to promote them!)

Whether you’re just starting out with your blog, or you’ve been blogging forever, everyone can use a few new ideas here and there. I write for a living… 914 more words


​Perfect Blogger tips

DO YOU. We always hear these magic words all the time but if you go through my blog posts like this one you’ll see these words from a whole new point of view. 205 more words


Dear Reader...

Dear Reader,

You & I, we haven’t met but you are more than a friend. We haven’t shared a talk but you are my secret keeper. 249 more words


How To Increase Blog Traffic: 11 Steps To The "So Called Elite Group."

You’ve been blogging for almost hundred days. All is going comparatively good but somewhere deep within, you have this nagging, you know. How do I get more views? 902 more words


Baby Blog Goals for November-Increasing Traffic

Hello Everyone!

Less than two weeks ago, I started this blog and every second has been such a positive experience for me. I’ve spent hours with my nose in the reader, taking notes and seeing everyone’s unique style while looking for my own. 560 more words


Top whisky blogs October 2017

Top whisky blogs October 2017

  1. thewhiskeywash.com
  2. whiskyfun.com
  3. scotchwhisky.com
  4. breakingbourbon.com
  5. thewhiskeyjug.com
  6. whisky.com
  7. whiskyadvocate.com
  8. whiskeyreviewer.com
  9. whiskynotes.be
  10. bourbonbanter.com
  11. forwhiskeylovers.com
  12. realmendrinkwhiskey.com
  13. scotchaddict.com
  14. bourbonr.com
  15. scotchnoob.com
  16. meleklerinpayi.com
  17. whiskyintelligence.com
  18. modernthirst.com
  19. distillerytrail.com
  20. malt-review.com…
  21. 793 more words