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Do You Have Blog Blur? Take This Quiz!

BLOG BLUR – noun. The insidious and dangerous blurring of the boundaries between your Blogging life and the real world. “My husband cited “Blog Blur” as his reason for divorcing me. 838 more words

Little Miss Menopause

Using Canva for Cover Design

If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” –Sir Ken Robinson

I’ve just started using Canva for designing book covers and Twitter posts and I think it is excellent!

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Social Media Blast – Twitter Week – How Tweet It Is!

Banding together is great Karma…

Bloggers are a unique bunch. We are so creative and it’s hard to slow down enough to think about blogging in a logical manner. 754 more words


Generating Traffic

This week I am discussing how I would go about generating traffic to this blog. After all, what is the purpose of having a blog containing pertinent and timely information if no one knows that it is there? 135 more words

How to Analyse Your Traffic and Get More Traffic to your Website?

It is Necessary to know from where the Traffic comes
To analyze from where your website traffic comes, will be a very important tool for a lot of reasons. 29 more words

State of the Blog: One Year Anniversary, Stats, Posts, and Updates

Wow, it now been just over a year since I officially started this blog.  I did not expect to be able to stick with it this long.  812 more words

August Blog Review

Good morning, friends, and happy September!

Yeah…that snuck up on me, too. But here it is, glowing down on us with that it’s-still-summer warmth as photos of everyone’s kids going back to school pepper my Facebook feed and all the back to school sales advertisements come up between those photos. 1,218 more words