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3 Ways StumbleUpon Can Get YOU Noticed

We writer types need to be seen and read or we don’t really exist, right?

StumbleUpon is pretty simple to use and doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time, but done properly it’ll get you noticed. 1,704 more words

Why your blog isn't getting traffic

Content creation can be time-consuming. Nothing can take the wind out of your sails quicker than launching your blog only to find a handful of people have viewed new content. 547 more words

Content Marketing

Catching Up on The Walking Dead

I got so busy with work that I got behind with the TV series I follow. Anyway, I had time to download my missed episodes and I practically spent my day just catching up on The Walking Dead (I have The Big Bang Theory next). 121 more words

Blog Challenge

2016 In Review– My Top 10 Blog Posts

This year has been a big one for me. It has included a lot of self dedicated learning and research to improve what I do both in the classroom and in my little Teachers Pay Teachers store– Jooya Teaching Resources. 399 more words

How to prepare your blog for driving thousands of traffic

Owning a blog and writing from the core of your heart is one thing and driving a good traffic and engaging the audience is another thing. 1,180 more words


Why Blog Farms Can Bring Huge Traffic to Your Websites

After building a website for your business or service, you might find it necessary to create a blog for your website. Having a blog included in your company website can bring people coming to your site not only for the product and service that you offer but also to get insightful information on your website. 367 more words

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Behind the Scenes: A Shop Girl's Blog Success

I’ve achieved an astounding amount of traffic over the course of the past three or four days, and first and foremost I would love to off a warm Texan “Howdy,” to my new readers to whatever corner’s of the Globe you may Reside: 496 more words

Confessions Of A Shopgirl