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IWSG Day- What Are You Doing to Drive Traffic to Your Blog?

It’s that time again. It’s Insecure Writer’s Support Group day. A day where I and other IWSGers post every first Wednesday of the month. To share and encourage, and talk about our doubts and fears. 456 more words


Can We Talk? Are You Really Interested in...?

Can we talk? Are you really interested in a loudmouth YouTuber named BDoubleO100? Are you really interested in YouTube related stories? How I would love for BDoubleO to show his face and read this blog. 928 more words

Who is my Audience?

An interesting challenge! I have been asked to identify and write a post targeting my targeted audience.

so ……. Who is my audience? ……. Easy! 540 more words


This makes my day, every time I see it

Readers find this blog in a number of ways and for a number of reasons but, every time I check the stats, the number one reason is because they searched for… 29 more words


Bridge - less river 2: website data

When I open my  Word Press blog, the recent statistics has been shown directly. Knowing what exactly happened this day and how many people visit my blog.   290 more words


The best tip I have to get Blog Traffic.

Thought I would give the biggest and best tip I have about blogging views and traffic today. But you’ll have to wait a moment for it. 500 more words