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We Made a "Top 10" List!

One of the companies for which All the Buzz writes blog posts is listed as one of the “Top 10” blogs in their industry. We’re excited by the listing and the client is thrilled. 217 more words

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Everyone Can Write. Why Should I Hire You to Do It?

I was at a business networking meeting today where the topic of discussion was: “What are the misperceptions about your business?”

As a writer, the most common one I hear us: “Everyone can write. 333 more words

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Improve Your English: Comprise vs. Compose

Over and over again you hear people mixing up the two words Comprise and Compose. They may sound similar, but have entirely different meanings, and are commonly confused for each other, most often with the word comprised being used where the word composed is correct. 217 more words

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Does Your Marketing Copy Tell Your Story?

Are you using plain, nondescriptive words on your website and marketing materials? Words that everyone else is using? If so, you might be falling into the copy dead zone. 335 more words

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Hurry! Limited Space Remains for Blog Writing Clients

If you want to hire a Clio award-winning writer to write your blog posts, you’d better hurry because we are filling up our schedule quickly. 340 more words

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Creative Blog Writing Tips

In case you are intent on making use of a blog to create a lot of spare traffic then you really must adhere to these few basic rules. 214 more words

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