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Do you fear pain?

Do you fear pain? Why, what’s the point? It’s going to happen whether you fear it or not so why go through life fearing something that is going happen? 320 more words


Risk Vs. Responsibility: Wrestling with God

When I began my blog I entitled it “FaithinFlipFlops” because I wanted to write about how I daily walk out my faith in Jesus Christ. I wanted to write about the successes and the challenges, the triumphs and the losses. 654 more words

Top 5 Informative Writing Tips for Bloggers

Blog articles, short reports, reviews, tutorials, newsletters, are all examples of informative writing. Informative writing delivers a brief education on a topic by explaining how to do something, describing a process, a timeline or a sequence of events. 690 more words

Blogging Tips

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I really enjoyed reading this. It delves into an explanation of five blogging tips for writing informative posts. The author, timethief, uses the very tips he's explaining in fun, easy-to-read, web content.

Applying What School Taught Us About Writing To Blogs

As a college writing tutor I am acutely aware of skills the professional/academic world finds valuable. In my 3 years of work I have read well over a hundred papers ranging from english close readings, résumés, mathematical proofs, art critiques, lab reports, cover letters, and job applications. 1,973 more words


Day Fourteen - Friendships that become the travelling Family

Meeting at 10:00am we decided it was going to start off all together with breakfast. The breakfast would be a lovely sat down start to the day in an extremely posh restaurant on the pedestrian area of Alice Springs. 912 more words


How to Blog Consistently—Even While Running a Business

The biggest impediment to regular content creation isn’t a lack of ideas or even a dearth of writing talent. It’s not a lack of understanding about how content marketing works or why it is beneficial. 450 more words

Professional Writing Services

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I’m having a bit of a problem with this blog. There is probably an easy solution to this, but I have neither the time nor the patience to try and figure it out. 313 more words