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My Day

It’s almost 2 in the morning and here I am writing about nothing important while watching The Princess Diaries. It’s funny how some days can be an absolute rollercoaster, and others can be as peaceful as today. 327 more words


A Flash Interview with New Lighthouse Instructor Angie Hodapp

I first met Angie Hodapp at her Query Letter Bootcamp workshop at Lighthouse last spring. I learned that she works at Nelson Literary Agency—and that I knew far less about the publication side of novel writing than I ever could have dreamed. 819 more words

Lighthouse Writers Workshop

Delicious Dreaming

I feel as if I have been indulging myself in a most delicious way. When in my life have I ever been able to just spend hours and hours and days and days just dreaming and dreaming in order to make up a story? 168 more words


Just a thought

I really do not understand my brain, how it can fixate on things for such a long time and then simply wash them away like yesterdays sand on the beach, it is a very odd design that’s for sure. 67 more words



I lie beside her and watch her back rise as her lungs fill with air. She breathes so carelessly in her slumber. She holds her breath deep in her lungs for the faintest of moments before she exhales and her body melts into the softness of the bed. 936 more words


Don't Forget the OIIL: Language

As I consider this last part of my “Don’t Forget the OIIL” series, a mental recording clicks in my brain. The voice is that of certain YouTuber that I know. 1,243 more words


2 Wonderful Cool Days: Second Day

I wrote the first cool day, now I want to tell you how was the second one.

Yesterday, I went with a friend at 10:30 in the morning to play a friendly game of handball against the girl’s team from San Martin. 214 more words