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DIY felt ornaments

Hello!! ~ We’re getting closer and closer to Christmas!

Today we’re making DIY ornaments. These are perfect for decorating the house and even as stocking fillers or tree ornaments! 675 more words



Danh sách và link download các Báo cáo Khoa học tại  Hội Nghị Dược Bệnh Viện TP. Hồ Chí Minh mở rộng lần thứ VII – 2016. 751 more words


The Most Lucid Explanation of the Greatest MMA Fighter of All Time Part 3

Sports is like politics. People can twist the facts to fit whichever narrative they wish to be true. It is a branch of confirmation bias and general biases toward our favorite fighters and against those we dislike. 2,564 more words


The Top 3 Reasons Successful Indie Publishers Have A Business Plan

By Tonya D. Price

I ask every indie publisher I meet to tell me about their business plan. Most of the authors I talk to admit they don’t have one. 570 more words

The Business Of Writing

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Quote - "Running a business without a business plan remains one of the biggest mistakes an indie publisher can make. As the indie publishing industry matures, this crucial tool provides a tremendous advantage in a market flooded by self-publishers lacking business experience."

5 Unproductive Things Students Do During Exams (That Don't Involve Netflix)

By: Neya Abdi | @neyaabdi

Ah exam season. That time of year when students everywhere teach themselves a semester’s worth of material in two weeks. It’s a testament to laziness and resourcefulness all at the same time. 1,225 more words


Angel Number 000 And 11

After a long day and a tiring gym run I’m surprised to even see these numbers on our cars dash, while continuously dosing in the passenger seat we were pulling up to a shop and I gazed over and there o saw these angel numbers. 822 more words


Bbg start off. Staying on track through the holidays 

‪With the holidays it is especially difficult to stay on the fitness track. I took over 3 weeks off 😳only going maybe once a week but I’ve got to get back on track! 193 more words