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The Hill Bar



Cargo Chai

Fresh Paloma

Printhie Sparkling


Sugar Cured Kingfish Tiradito

Black-eyed Bean Fritters

Hay Valley Lamb Short Ribs

Pulled Beef Brisket Sliders… 726 more words


A Fighting Chance

A Fighters Chance.

I’m not perfect. Rarely do I ever get anything right the first time. It’s not a flaw, it’s a tool. It’s the most human thing about me. 772 more words


FBI Tracking A Minimum of 48 High-Risk ISIS Suspects on American Soil

Thanks Barack! And be sure to extend my thanks to your Democrat minions in congress and the Obamaphiles throughout the country. You guys were right and I was wrong. 284 more words


Not of sound mind

I got a tattoo when I was 18, “Non Compos Mentis.” It is Latin for “not of sound mind,” a phrase that was once used in court to describe people who were, well, crazy. 108 more words


megiapa is Back and We Are So Here For It! [SONG]

“We can get alone tonight, take a sip of wine. It’s been a long day” sings megiapa over lush production. The Ohio/Chicago songstress hasn’t released a song in over a year and after hearing “Lullaby” we’re hoping that she never makes us wait this long to hear her lovely vibes ever again!

Ohio Streets

Terrorism Deaths Up 426% Under Obama

The worldwide number of annual terrorist deaths has more than quadrupled since Barack Obama was inaugurated in January 2009.

Deaths from terrorism increased 80 percent last year to an all-time-record of 32,658 people killed, compared to 18,111 in 2013.

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Nano Chronicles: Last leg of the race

‘Nuff Said….35k and counting….#NaNoWriMo #coffee #doubleshot