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Jelly Fish

Recently, I visited the Vancouver Aquarium and got lost in the wonder which was the Jelly Fishes. I feel as though I could sit for hours and just watch them move about delicately. 7 more words


Big Bangin' August // Updates + More

Hello friends!If you might have noticed I have been MIA for about two weeks. The reason behind my “hiatus” is life happened. And I mean that in the most honest and sincere way. 311 more words



Do you think it is more attractive to add a photo to each post? Is it more inviting or eye catching if I post stock photos with my rants? Thanks :)

Years before Judgement Day

In dreams of the future I didn’t feel
So futile, nihilism was a mask
My words were always my revolution
After the wolves and before the elms… 122 more words


one hundred seventy two: dumps like a truck. truck, truck.

with this move has come a lot of…garbage. (that’s the kind word for sh*t. sooooooo mucchhhhhh shiiiiittttt.) i have purged and moved a lot in the last year. 238 more words

GOALS FOR AUGUST - One. Post. A Day.

Today I would like to simply create a goal that I can achieve by August 31st pertaining to my posting habits. Since my intention is to start blogging (simple enough?!) then what better way to begin than by making sure I create a post every single day. 530 more words