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The Satirical Stereotypes of a Writer

“Writing a novel is a terrible experience, during which the hair often falls out and the teeth decay.” ~ Flannery O’Connor

“Oh how glamorous,” People say. 733 more words


Spark A Viral Trend In Your Product Or Blog (2 min read)

1. Let sharing benefit everyone

What do your users and the people they know care about most when it comes to your product? Is pricing as big a concern as in the long-distance calling market or could, for example, access to premium features be more important? 269 more words


3 Reasons to Why Some People Aren't Getting Likes or Views on their Posts (3 min read)

1. Not knowing your audience

Every single piece of content that you create needs to be geared around your readers. Okay, maybe not every piece, but for them most part at least 50%, so keep the following points in mind: 554 more words



I am strong because I was weak.
I know what’s loyalty because I was betrayed.
I don’t care because once I had cared too much. …

297 more words

Talking with my Father… | open pleasures

I read this masterpiece by Fola on openpleasures.com and couldn’t help sharing it. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Some people believe prayer should be at a certain time or in a certain place or even in a certain position. 382 more words


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