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Weight Loss Victory!

So I’ve decided I need to celebrate Weight Loss Victories or as I will call it from now on, WLV!

You see I’ve been keeping a list and checking it twice… no not really but I do have a list and I do tick things off it as I move through this journey. 250 more words


Do journalists need to get serious?

On Monday, I had the pleasure of being one of the few people to Skype with Aaron Edwards, the mobile editor of Buzzfeed News. When speaking with him, he brought up a topic that has become very controversial in the careers of up-and-coming journalists: Do journalists have to maintain their professional reputation on all of their social media platforms? 289 more words


Supporting Sanders in New Hampshire

This is a post from Detric Cook, an organizer of Banger for Bernie on Feb 19th, that was originally posted on the official Banger For Bernie… 309 more words


Boozy Books: Ella Enchanted

Hello, readers! Happy Friday and welcome back to Nerd Cactus HQ. Since C picked a nostalgia book last week I decided to follow suit. We had a discussion about how certain books molded us as readers, paving the way for our reading patterns and shaping our love of literature. 364 more words

Valentines Day Gift DIY!

Put your photos onto wood with this easy tutorial! I learned from Pinterest! I definitely took my own approach to this and am very happy with how it turned out :) 238 more words


LynLynSays' Love Songs: Stolen - Dashboard Confessional

I picked another Dashboard Confessional song because they are so good.

I watch you spin around in your highest heels
You are the best one, of the best ones…

12 more words

Give Life A Chance To Prove Itself

Things might not be working out right now.
But everything will fall in place at the – right time.

Not everything falls in place as you want. 522 more words