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I’ve been busy, you know the usual college stuff, assignments, projects, tests, exams,

with that the pertaining feeling of wanting to sleep as I get up at 5:30 every morning and travel in bus for 4 hours back and forth. 116 more words

New Beginnings (not new LOL)

Hi guys, my names B (I’m going to leave this blog completely anonymous). So welcome to my little world of craziness (it’s probably going to be really boring LOL). 197 more words


Through The Lens // Ireland MEGAPOST




Entry 3: Coping

Sorry that this is late. I’ve been so busy with everything (including listing all the things that help me cope). So, this week was a bit…Eh. 761 more words


Welcome New K4P Families!

by Dandan, Kids4Peace Intern

After several weeks of interviews and workshops, sixty-six families from over fifteen neighborhoods gathered on Wednesday, February 25, at the Ambassador Hotel in Jerusalem to celebrate their acceptance into the K4P Pathway to Peace program. 638 more words


The attractions of Jaipur

We have left Jaipur now for Agra, but before we leave it as a topic, I should go through the attractions it has to offer. has no shortage of beautiful palaces, forts and other wonders, including one of Asia’s oldest observatories to keep the curious visitor on their toes. 400 more words


Hello, I'm Looking for My Brain

This week was definitely a weird week for me–not weird in a look-there’s-a-tiny-elephant-inside-my-ear kind of way, but more like a sitting-on-my-bed-staring-blankly-ahead-trying-not-to-break-down kind of weird. I honestly don’t know why I felt that way; maybe it was the cold weather, maybe it was the heavy school workload, or maybe it was just the lack of food in my fridge. 224 more words