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The real life love is under the mirror of the surface
So cut my cord I want to know how deep we can take it…

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Hoping for rain.

It’s just another change in the weather,

Held back by the curtains we’ve closed.

Thankful of light from this fire,

That’s slowly consuming our home. 352 more words


I think one of the hardest lessons Experience taught me was that no matter how much you think you’re meant to be with someone, that doesn’t always mean you get to be. 31 more words


Never Underestimate a Determined Woman

All afternoon I slacked and hemmed and hawed with my computer on my lap, trying to think of a simple, quick post to submit today. I was frustrated, and at one point even thought, “What if I just don’t write one today?” 539 more words


What's a Cloud Philosopher?

A Cloud Philosopher is someone who shares content online that is helpful, insightful, uplifting or thought provoking. From twitter to tumblr, just about anyone and everyone is, or can be, a Cloud Philosopher. 252 more words

Australian Youtuber

Me, everyone!

I don’t get myself sometimes. I’m the type of person who would rather follow than lead ‘coz I know I don’t have leadership skills whatsoever but I hate being told what to do. 19 more words