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Singapore Group

This group is from Singapore.  We spend a good time together.  Jimmy made us laugh.  We were losing him of sight and it was necessary to look for him.

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Is Advertising Ethical?

In all honest, I don’t believe that a lot of brands have the intention to be falsely advertised. Because it’s too costly when they get caught. 116 more words


That one moment — وه ایک لمحه

وه ایک لمحه جس میں آپ اپنا سب کچھ کھو دیتے ہیں، دراصل وه آپ کو بہت کچھ دے جاتا هے ــ

Muhammad Rehan Qazi…

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My Diary

Is de 'Dutch Media Valley' de oplossing?

“Het is de hoogste tijd om de kracht van de Media Valley extra onder de aandacht te brengen en ervoor te zorgen dat dit vitale economische knooppunt zich in de toekomst kan versterken. 363 more words


Life. <3

I took this pic of my baby love this evening.  She is life.  Life is she. <3


I'm Not A Robot, I Swear

Self-presentation has been on my mind a lot. Maybe it’s because I need to re-read Goffman for my PhD, so discussing projected personalities vs “real” personalities is A Thing That I’m Doing. 851 more words