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Who is a Soulmate?

After I read the Wow prompt, I did a little online research about the word ‘Soulmate’. I know what you are thinking, “You don’t know what Soulmate is?” That’s unthinkable! 555 more words


Has Cinema Made Us More Insensitive?

I do not remember the exact title and date when that article was published; the only detail I can recall is that it appeared in The Hindu, and that it examined the role of cinema in violence and other crimes. 785 more words


My Jug: The Person Behind My Smiling Face

Me: Dear Jug, don’t you have any expectations from me?

My Jug: My sole expectation from you is that you always have that bright smile on your face. 749 more words


My JUG! #Dear Zindagi

Till I didn’t meet Alia on Dear Zindagi, I knew the simple literal meaning of Jug, the vessel which could hold drinking water. 541 more words


My Jug - #DearZindagi

“Life is an awful, ugly place to not have a best friend.” ― Sarah Dessen

459 friends on Facebook.

344 followers on twitter.

185 followers on Instagram.

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#DearZindagi, gratitude for filling my JUG!

I have been constantly stressing my mind since I have read about #DearZindagi contest on @BlogAdda, so question to myself…Who is the JUG of my life? 587 more words


For You- Bae

This Post has won the First Prize at Blogadda – Look HERE

Is it absolutely mandatory to have a Single BFF because I have more than one?

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