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I am happy when

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Inter Continental Chennai Mahabalipuram Resort

Mu son and me were returning from my farm-house near Thenpattinam on a Saturday afternoon, during last week. It took us an hour to reach this place from our farm which is near Kalpakkam. 667 more words

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Left with half a heart - #HalfGirlfriend

This is the story of a beloved friend of mine who knowingly lost the most precious man she ever knew. Her name is withheld for obvious reasons and the other two characters in her life have been given fake names. 434 more words

Half Girlfriend - Two in One

He was the naughtiest kid in class. A permanent smirk played on his lips – almost like his mind was constantly thinking up pranks to play on ‘innocent’ people like the rude teacher, the surly watchman, or the class bullies. 1,266 more words


500 days!

She sipped the coffee and looked into his eyes. He still doesn’t show any hesitation in talking to her. He is waiting for her reply as he asked a normal question. 519 more words

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Old Monk and a Half Soul

Here I am sharing a half relationship story at BlogAdda in association with #HalfGirlfriend.

Suddenly, one day Sonali’s office cab route changed to accommodate Jatin’s pick up. 549 more words


My Half relationship with my dreams

When did you dream first? Did it come true? Hey wait. I am not asking about the dream of receiving a chocolate from a fairy or a travel to a distance land but I am asking about the dream of achieving something. 560 more words

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