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"You Raise Me Up" by Arjun Hemmady - A book about hope and destiny !

“You Raise Me Up” by Arjun Hemmady is about Aalok Sharma, a 27 year old Chartered Accountant. Aalok is an introvert person who lives in Mumbai and leads a very simple life. 535 more words

A snuggery called Grandparents,

My mother is town, she is categorical that she is visiting her grand-babies and not me.

When I look at them somewhere I feel left out that I do not belong to this exclusive club. 510 more words

Points To Ponder

GRANDparent stories

“Grandparents” this word itself describes how prestigious and respectful this position is. All of  us have been having lovely childhood memories and experiences with our grandparents.They have been our constant shields from our parents angry bursts. 634 more words


An haunting affair

I saw myself roaming around in an abandoned warehouse which was burnt and  was full of dust. I could not see anything clearly but I am sure it was a warehouse. 2,336 more words


Spirit of the Warehouse

It was darkness all around. Rain had finally arrived to cool down the land and due to the same, darkness had intensified further. Vampire Bat and Vampire Owl slowly opened the door which was covered in spider webs. 726 more words


wisdom watching...

The drive was few hours from Nagathone, and it was a remote village. Rahul knew he needed to get away; the day began to prefer talking on the phone to actually getting together with someone, he preferred the bodilessness of it, and started to turn down social engagements. 932 more words

Write Over Weekend.

#MyMowgliMemory activity -(2)

I grew up in the nineties and I would love to tell you just how lovely The Jungle Book aired on Doordarshan every Sunday morning made my childhood. 566 more words