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You are a girl!

This title can be interpreted in two ways – positively,  negatively. Sadly the first thing that comes to me is negative.

Yes , this is so often used to insult that this particular sentence is something that no girl wants to hear anymore. 461 more words

My Talk

Cheesy Tomato Basil Pasta Recipe

Hi Everyone. Here is a quick and simple recipe of this yummy pasta with pictures. Hope you enjoy making and eating it.

Ingredients :


The sunflower

Despite yet another sleepless night she had punched in her attendance right as the clock struck 9 am. She had then gone through her day on an autopilot. 334 more words


Fill In the Blank

She opened a blank page, in her note book, if she had to be honest Narmada would confess, the entire book was blank. Each day for the past two months she has been sitting to think of what to write, there were things that set her arse on fire, but putting them on paper gave her headache, she reckoned somewhere she twisted her face, with an attempt to think, but only landed up feeling stupid, instead she walked around with a blank mind hoping something from somewhere would fill it up. 520 more words


When Flowers Shower Their Fragrance

He would be gone this time for a hundred days. It wasn’t the first time he was doing this; however, I sure was an emotional wreck. 508 more words

Views & Mews

She opened a blank notebook

Her thoughts came and went.

Her memory just couldn’t be depended on anymore. Depression had eaten away her cognition and the void glared at her all the time, threatening to engulf her into nothingness. 56 more words

A Story Yet Unwritten...

Always wanted to share a story of a boy and a girl,who were my classmates in school and who were destined to be with each other in many ways, but still had so many problems in their path which they have to rectify before being with each other. 262 more words