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Celebrating Life's Every Moment

Happiness is a relative thing. Some become happy seeing the smile of their near and dear ones, others seek happiness among expensive jewelry or cars. 524 more words


Sharing the Big Load

We have heard a lot that sharing is caring. But to what extent do we do that or rather put a limit on the same? The one place where we seem to think about that more than anything else is at those torrent sites! 631 more words


Things that Matter

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart” , one of my most beloved characters, the adorable “Winnie the Pooh”, said this in a contemplative mood. 630 more words


Inspiration to Happy Life...!!!

Prompt – Write about the things that make big occasions unnecessary, making you want to enjoy the moment you’re living in. Things that you feel should be present for you to be happy. 614 more words


Kal Ho Na Ho .

Yes ..Life is Unpredictable and Perishable too .. It’s gone soon enough before we realize what do we really want to do out of it . 480 more words

From Where I See: Book Review

Hi, Folks,

Open any newspaper and all you see is strife, conflict and humans making life hell for other humans. Doesn’t the question ‘Why is this happening?’ creep into your mind on seeing this? 558 more words