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A Story Yet Unwritten...

Always wanted to share a story of a boy and a girl,who were my classmates in school and who were destined to be with each other in many ways, but still had so many problems in their path which they have to rectify before being with each other. 262 more words


Never have I Ever...!

Hola guys!

This was a Story yet Unwritten, until Now! I was supposed to post this weeks back but well, fell behind schedule due to various personal and professional interruptions. 1,342 more words


An Unfinished Story

I am listening to this tape on decluttering by Cheryl Richardson, about this woman who wanted to clean up place but each time she did so, the stuff came right back. 612 more words

Pumpkin : A Story yet unwritten.

An unwritten story.

This file has been in my draft long back.

Knock knock. The door opens. A beautiful lady in mid twenties opens it. She had an Occult smile with curvacious appearance. 721 more words


Standing out..

Aperture: f/5.6 | Shutter speed: 1/200 |  ISO: 200 8 more words


PenT You!

It was 00:00 hrs on my digital watch.

I thought Monday is over. Tuesday has came. Suddenly a ping appeared on my mail. What’s that I said ? 383 more words


Zapstore: best shopping experience online

Shopping is a basic human need which serves in acquiring things that are needed for optimum chances of survival and existence. Generally, we tend to equate buying stuff with positive emotions. 970 more words