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Meh, chill, and the mix for 12-2-16

I’m not feeling it today, folks.

There has been a process update at work (and to save you the boring details!) which is good overall but now a lot of work happens at once that used to happen over a week or two. 153 more words


Texting, Lloyd, and the mix for 11-23-16

Let’s start with something fun, shall we?

Yesterday I had lunch in the lobby of my building. There are common areas there and in a moment somewhere between eating and reading I overheard this sentence from a young bro across the way: “I don’t have a phone right now so I have to text from my computer.”. 605 more words


Same, Snow, and the mix for 11-18-16

Following last week’s post: I’m not much better this week. I’ve been in conversation with a couple close friends. That has helped but also made me much more pugnacious. 249 more words


Two Songs and a Picture

I’m vastly disappointed, America, and for the first time in my life ashamed to be your citizen.

These three things are the best I can do to explain my feeling and mind this week. 63 more words


Monologue-ing, Tape, and the mix for 11-4-16

I guess I don’t have much to write about this week. I’ve had plenty of time to come up with an idea to write about but as you see the page is scant. 289 more words


Candy, Cosplay, and the mix for 10-28-16

Halloween is rapidly approaching. This is a holiday that I’ve had a traditionally mixed relationship with.

The biggest trouble was being diabetic. The Candy Holiday isn’t a happy one when you are 8 and have to surrender your candy so you don’t eat it all and go into a coma. 525 more words


Weekly Schedule for August 2016

Nominations now open for the weekly features schedule of weekly features from August 1st – August 31st. 705 more words