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BlogCast: A.M. Music For All Our Tomorrows

If deep within you beats the heart and resides the soul of a poet…

If you harbor a mind which freely embraces trippy imagery…

If your eyes are drawn to worldly and otherworldly scenes… 245 more words


I'm baaaaaack.

Guys. I’m really excited to start blogging again. Mainly because writing is the best way for me to process/get things out of my cluttered mind. Also I find that even in my post-grad life I still crave deadlines. 603 more words


PlayStation Official Blogcast 

PlayStation Blogcast update: you can now listen to the show on @Spotify — yes, even on your PS4! Follow here: play.st/BlogcastSpotify


June Blogcast ~ “Horny” Music

A key element in the success of any recording artist is in the divining and defining of one’s “sound”… i.e. developing a “sound”, which is so distinctive that, even if… oh… say… an on-the-air or club DJ were to fail to announce a band by name, nearly everyone could instantly identify it upon hearing only the song’s opening notes. 266 more words


May BlogCast ~ Swan Songs(?) For a Troubled World

Welcome to my BlogCast… this installment is focused on May themed lyrics and song titles.

Admittedly, I’m posting this content a day later than originally intended… my excuse for this tardiness being the difficulty in getting motivated to blog much of anything here @WordPress… not while we’re all standing by, helplessly, eye witnessing Tweetie so thoughtlessly… so gleefully… bullying other likeminded, mindless “leaders”… and then… to add injury to insult… punctuating his 140 characters by casually and callously firing off missiles and dropping the MOAB (Mother of all Bombs). 378 more words


Musical BlogCast ~ No Foolin’... April Or Otherwise

My greetings go out to music lovers everywhere and my thanks go out to GWB… the biggest fool to ever hit the big time… for his so “adeptly” setting up this month’s BlogCast theme. 192 more words