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The journey from author to blogger has been successfully achieved with the help of family, blogger friends and of course blog chatter. However, after being an author is what I realize that its important for an author to be read, reviewed and appreciated by the readers, it motivates and gives confidence. 464 more words


Brain, Blogging and Blogchatter

Blogging is the living passion; but then, even passion demands dedication. The last one month has been heck of (30-4) days, where even those -4 nights have been like just hatched birds nest, way too warbling. 304 more words



In my childhood days, I don’t like to write much.. Which my mother has reminded me so often enough, until very recently..

The reason I don’t like to write, is not because I don’t like to write, but I don’t like to repeat.. 125 more words

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Visual appeal..

Though I have never displayed my photo on my blog, please do believe me when I say that, I do have a very photogenic face and I do have some great pictures taken. 263 more words



I’ve an undying love for electronics. It all started with a video game named UFO.

I was about seven years, when I went for a walk with my father, spotted an interesting-looking-odd-shaped-violet-colored object across the counter of a shop. 198 more words

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Travel Zeal

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‘Then an air-ticket to Port Blair used to cost 600 Rs, and If I am going with a close family member, more specifically someone of my bloodline, then there would have been a concession of 100 rs. 960 more words


Quit, should I?

When life gets tough, it is easy to consider quitting. And there are so many motivators to push me ahead. I’ve also written few posts on those. 352 more words

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