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Allergic to E's

I was nominated by @theliontamer to attempt this challenge, I must admit it is pretty interesting and I love a good challenge. The rules are as follows: 279 more words

Allergic to 'E's.

Okay, so @everywordyousay tagged me in this challenge, and I think it’s pretty amusing; here are the rules:


Love/Hate Challenge

Just what I needed to get back in the saddle, having not posted in over a week!

4 Year Old Adult has nominated me for the Love/Hate Challenge. 140 more words

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The Kiss

Added this to my manuscript soundtrack after hearing it on Pandora yesterday. I hope you enjoy the clip. It’s from Last of the Mohicans, and I gotta say, though I saw the movie when it came out (twenty-some years ago, and no, I haven’t read the classic book), I honestly don’t remember the story, or this scene (I do remember being devastated when one of the characters dies). 53 more words

Blogger Challenges

More work in progress (slightly lavender prose)

“Kiss me.”

“What? but….” Robert was taken by surprise at her request. Demand. He’d taken care not to press her, or even let on that he was in love with her. 547 more words

Blogger Challenges

Work In Progress

I feel a little like I’m cheating at my daily challenge again, and it’s only the fourth day. But it’s not really. It’s a draft I’ve been working on for a while. 536 more words

Blogger Challenges