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Am I good enough

I always think to myself am I good enough for anyone to love me? It’s hard to believe that at times looking at myself when all I see looking back at me is fat and gross when I can’t even stand to look at myself how can someone love me for me when I don’t even love myself.



goodbye butterfly kisses

I see you’ve found a new misses

past remnants cease; alas they are late

goosebumps transposed

flesh exposed

once two turned to one… 6 more words

When your hobbies are travel and movies long flights can suck

I spent a lot of today debating what to write about and kept coming back to how long my direct flight from Paris to Denver was in part because I have watched Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows probably 7 times now. 108 more words


Second day of appointments

Hey everyone, how are you?

Yesterday was a busy, hectic day. But it is done and I got through it. Today is busy but not as bad. 329 more words

You are not alone.

Okay, this is going to be a lot of information and background story on me. I want to be as transparent as possible in hopes I can help you or anyone you know struggling with diabetes. 614 more words


Gemini Season

Hello all, and welcome back to averyjam.com, where I have once again returned after lying to you all about posting more. This blog is like your shit dad; full of false promises. 559 more words


Pirate Chronicles

So today I closed myself off into a corner of a bar and wrote more in my novel. Today I want to blog about how I plan to talk about the main character of my novel. 212 more words